It is precisely because of Qiao Yun’s personality that he will feel more relaxed.

Nothing can’t be solved. If you can’t solve the door, you can definitely solve it.
But it was several minutes before he realized that he was wrong.
Because my wife didn’t intend to let him in-
Aunt Ji said, "The small courtyard and four rooms are all newly changed bedding. I’ll take you there later."
Mo Ran replied, "Aunt Ji, we need three rooms."
Then his wife hit him in the face coldly. Qiao Yun said, "Three rooms are too crowded, so it’s better to have one person and one person."
The scene froze
Fu Yitian react pulling Qiao Yun asked, "What are you doing? You and stranger ran …"
"Avoid misunderstanding" Qiao Yun quickly interrupted Fu Yitian.
Then master Joe took out a stack of hundred-dollar bills and gently put them on the cashier’s desk. "What floor is the fourth room of Ji Aunt, please?"
See, that’s it. The wife is angry.
A few minutes ago, he was affectionate, and the next few minutes, his face was strange and his face hurt.
But he can solve the small problem
Strangely, he muttered a few words with Ji Auntie and took Qiao Yun to the guest room on the second floor.
Qiao Yun snorted heavily when passing by Mo Ran.
Mo ran almost laughed.
Said Qiao Yun twenty-two years old is buried twenty-two years old age.
Master Joe is probably ten years old when he gets angry, and he can’t be any more.
"Take a good walk on the second floor and don’t fall." This sentence is told with a smile
I was so angry that Qiao Yun glanced at his face and spit out a wisp of gas "roll"
On the second floor, there are many corners in the corridor, and the corridor is narrow. Aunt Ji took several people around the corner and entered a thin glass corridor.
It turns out that this B&B is quite Da Qiao Cloud. While casually walking, the line of sight glanced over the corridor.
The building is a garden faintly visible in the weak corridor light.
While walking, Aunt Ji introduced to several people that "it’s the backyard and the front yard. Most of the guests staying in the front yard are the quietest here."
Lu Xiaoman walked behind Ji Auntie, and she talked happily with Ji Auntie. "I didn’t expect there to be such a chic homestay in this small village. This design is great."
Ji Yan is also very happy to smile. "It’s very good, but we are all fellow villagers. How can we understand the design? The design here is all made by Xiao Ran and he hired someone to build it."
"No wonder it’s so beautiful. It turned out to be Shi Jiejie." Lu Xiaoman marveled. "Look, this homestay is very new. It should be built soon. Why do you want to build a people’s house here?"
"Well, it was only built for about two years." Aunt Ji nodded and said that she suddenly felt a little sad. "Two years ago, our landslide housing department collapsed. Han Bing’s father left me and Han Bing orphans in that disaster."
"I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to." Lu Xiaoman apologized again and again
Aunt Ji sighed lightly and then smiled again. "Later, fortunately, there was Xiao Ran. He thought we were poor, so he paid and contributed to build this homestay, hoping that our mother would have a life day."
"wow! How great! " Lu Xiaoman applauded.
Surprised, she and Fu Yitian looked back and followed the stranger.
"exemptions this person really have no words, right, brother Tian?" Lu Xiaoman winked at Fu Yitian.
Fu Yitian understands "Yes, it’s strange that someone is so good, how can someone be so cruel that they have to show their faces to others?" Said his eyes and drifted to Qiao Yun.
Qiao Yun malicious widowed Fu Yitian one eye.
Is Mo Ran good or not? Will Qiao Yun not know?
But what if it’s good? He’s either upset, sour or jealous.
Aunt Ji brought them here, and the four rooms are connected, saying that they are the best rooms in the hotel, and they will not be rented out except during the peak tourist season.
Lu Xiaoman and Fu Yitian each chose a room with two left.
Aunt Ji pulled Qiao Yun and handed him a room card. "Little Joe’s innermost room is Xiao Ran’s room. No one has ever lived there except Xiao Ran. Do you live there?"
"Why should I live in his room?" Qiao Yun asked consciously.
Aunt Ji was stuck and couldn’t answer the words at the moment.
Qiao Yun took the room card and changed her mind to say, "I live thanks to Ji Auntie."
Living in a man’s room makes men have no room to live in.
Qiao Yun shut the door after Aunt Suoji left.
"Bang" by the way, I left the man who followed me outside the door.
"Baby, deliberately."
Come from the door through the door.