Xiao Lingyu has a headache. He doesn’t know whether the site of Heaven of Science will be opened. If it is, gathering so many strong people here will bring him a lot of trouble.

The key is that Leige is too close here, and Leige will definitely organize a large number of experts to come over.
After waiting for nearly three months, the vortex has risen until it touches the coast before it stops expanding. To everyone’s shock, an island-like continent slowly emerges from the vortex with a diameter of more than 10 million miles.
The ground of the island is more than 100 thousand feet thick. At the bottom of the island is a small stone tablet, and the word "Haotian" engraved on the stone tablet is extremely dazzling.
If you look closely again, you can clearly see that there are large and magnificent buildings on the island, and many of them exude miraculous brilliance.
Many knowledgeable experts in the realm of the stars know some legends of heaven, and now they have realized that there should be a big chance.
After the island was out of the sea, it was still climbing, and the speed was not slow. The monks who reacted rushed toward the continent.
Xiao Lingyu and Shine are the key figures to get out the site of Heaven of Science. Although they are not satisfied with the complicated situation today, they still rushed to the site of Heaven of Science.
Numerous monks rushed into the sky from all directions and soon landed on the island.
The island is still flying to the sky, as if it will stop until it flies into the starry sky, so there should not be much time left for everyone.
When we entered the island, we discovered that the space on the island was huge, and it was still increasing with the rising of the island.
The island is thousands of miles across, and the area is vast. In addition, there is great pressure in it. It is difficult for a master of the celestial pole to check it in a short time. What’s more, there are obviously many dangers here, and everyone dare not fly around here.
"Linger, feel it, where should we go?"
Hongjun’s bodhi old zu just asked Xiao Lingyu to come to the site of Heaven of Science immediately after he reached the star pole, but he didn’t explain what he was doing here or what he wanted to get here. So after boarding, Xiao Lingyu also seemed a bit at a loss.
Linger closed her eyes and realized it carefully, then said, "Come with me!"
Shine flew to the north, followed by Xiao Lingyu.
Other monks are flying to places with tall buildings, or to places with miraculous brilliance, but the north where Linger flies is a desert with undulating sand dunes and flying sand.
Flying to the middle of this desert, Xiao Lingyu saw a temple surrounded by undulating sand dunes.
The temple is made of stones, only more than ten feet high, which is unremarkable compared with other buildings in Haotian site.
There is only one stone house in the temple, and the door is closed, so people can’t see what’s inside.
On both sides of the gate, however, there are two stone carvings with the same height of more than ten feet.
Stone carvings are humanoid, and they all look like they are wearing armor and holding broadswords.
Xiao Lingyu felt that the two stone carvings were by no means simple, and it was certainly not easy to enter this stone temple. So let Shine first cover all the surrounding areas with nebula fog, and then let Shine become invisible again. He bombarded the stone temple gate with a chaotic seal.
Bang! !
The explosion came from Shimen, which was directly blown away, but as Xiao Lingyu expected, the two affected stone carvings immediately changed from dead to alive, waving broadsword at the door of Shimen.
Fortunately, Xiao Lingyu was not at the gate of the stone temple, otherwise the stone carving suddenly attacked quickly, and the two of them would inevitably be hit.
Strike two misses, and the two stone carvings moved a step from their original positions. First, they were stuck side by side at the gate of the stone temple, and then they killed Xiao Lingyu together.
Xiao Lingyu can see that these two stone carvings are very powerful, and now they fly away with them.
If there is any treasure in the stone temple, Xiao Lingyu thinks that Shine can get it after going in, and he only needs to distract these two stone carvings.
The two stone carvings seem bulky, but in fact they are extremely flexible and fast.
Xiao Lingyu even used the wings of speed, but between two breaths, he was caught up by two stone carvings.
The two broadswords were chopped from the back with strong momentum, and Xiao Lingyu, who had put a black-and-white screen on Tai Chi map to protect his whole body, struggled to parry with Xuanyuan sword.
But XuanYuanJian is blocked the attack of the two broadswords, but Xiao Lingyu’s body was pushed backwards by Juli and flew far away.
Do you want it or not? !
Is there a gold medal? !
Is there a red envelope? !
Chapter 1094 Take my name as Heaven of Science