He can be the main player in Palermo. Although he may not win the championship, nocerino doesn’t care about it. What’s the point of winning a mixed championship? Nocerino is ambitious.

With regard to the introduction of Gotze, the results have finally been achieved.
Of course, Dortmund doesn’t want to always win and take away their star of hope, but Gotze didn’t sign a professional contract with Dortmund. In principle, he can go anywhere as long as he wants.
Therefore, Chang Sheng had a showdown with Dortmund from the beginning. If Dortmund didn’t accept his offer, everyone would split up. He forcibly took Gotze away, and Dortmund wouldn’t get a penny.
Now at least they can get a sum of compensation.
After weighing the pros and cons, Dortmund finally agreed to the plan put forward by Changsheng. Lazio paid 800,000 euros in compensation and took mario gotze, a talented player from Dortmund.
Klopp, the head coach of Dortmund, was very dissatisfied after learning about this.
"If I have the right to decide, I’m sure I won’t let Gezer leave! Often a thief! He stole our best player! "
In this regard, Changsheng paid no attention.
He doesn’t have the leisure to fight with others.
Now, he is so busy that he doesn’t touch the ground every day. He wishes a day was seventy-two hours …
Klopp wants to say, let him say it. Anyway, he paid compensation according to the regulations, so Dortmund can’t go back on his word. It is Lazio’s right to get this matter to FIFA and even the Olympic Committee’s sports arbitration court.
Of course, if Chang Sheng refuses to give money and forcibly takes Gotze away, there will be a lawsuit.
This is why Changsheng should take the initiative to send money to Dortmund to avoid future troubles.
Accepting Lazio’s money means that Dortmund voluntarily gave up the ownership of Gotze.
Even if I see Gotze develop in the future, I can’t go back on my word.
The news that Lazio won Gotze didn’t cause any shock. The Lazio club just posted it on the official website, and the next day it was squeezed by the news that nocerino had left.
However, there are some discussions in Germany. Gotze is still famous in Germany, but not in European football.
But in another year, things will be different. In the U17 European Championship in Germany in 2009, Gotze will shine …
The main discussion in German media is to ask the German judicial department to amend the law that professional contracts cannot be signed in Germany before eighteen weeks.
The current law is not conducive to protecting the outstanding young talents of German football …
Matthias sammer, the head of the youth training of the German Football Association, bombarded this decree: "The outstanding young people trained by the Millennium Project of the German Football Association are not stolen by such despicable thieves!"
After Gotze is done, Changsheng has to continue to buy strikers, this time it is the center.
As for the center, there are only two people in Lazio, cavani and Rocchi. If anyone is injured, there will be no substitute.
Therefore, Changsheng still needs a substitute.
At present, there are three strikers, but there are only five strikers who always win, at least one more.
This backup center is exquisite, and can’t be just popular. Such a person won’t come and Lazio can’t buy it.
You can’t be a veteran. If you are a veteran, you already have one, and that is Rocchi.
It’s better to be young, the kind that can last two more years.
Lewandowski, the center of Dortmund, was very popular before winning the race. Now it should cost nothing to dig him. However, lewandowski and cavani’s time of fame and fortune overlap, and they must abandon one, so it is better not to.
Always winning and choosing, finally there was French center Gill.
The French striker, who later went to Arsenal, is very suitable for the requirement of constant victory.
Not famous, young. At this time, Gill was loaned by Grenoble to play in easter, which belongs to the French second division. He was able to go to Lazio one step at a time, even if he was a substitute. What’s his dissatisfaction?
Gill is easy to handle, just as Chang Sheng thought, being able to move from the French second-division team to the Champions League team, even as a substitute, is wonderful for Gill.
In the end, Lazio only spent 600,000 euros to get the record from Grenoble, the center of the French national team.
It’s really not attractive for Lazio to buy people, because look at the people he buys, they are all young people, although everyone knows that these people may become the second Fa Erkao and Benzema in the future.
But now they are all nobody, which is really a lack of hype. Readers don’t care either.
It’s better to have a tearful jump and vomiting blood sale in Lazio supermarket.
Stendardo, Campagnaro and nocerino, Lazio is almost a departure rhythm every day.
Lazio’s official website announces every day who has left the team.
If you only look at this, you will really have the idea of panic and think that Lazio is going to die …
Two days later, the heavy news came again.
AC Milan announced the signing of Lazio’s main right-back abate for 10 million yuan!
I sold three people in a row before, but they were all substitutes. For Lazio, it is not a bone injury. And these three people were originally on the transfer list. To put it bluntly, it is not surprising that everyone knows that they are leaving.
But abate is different!
Abate was not on the transfer list before!
What does this mean? It shows that Lazio does not sell only the players on the transfer list, as some people say. Their other players can also be sold!
As long as you are willing to pay!
AC Milan paid 10 million yuan and took abate away. Where are the others?
They all have their own value, as long as they can drive to the point of satisfying Lazio, anyone can leave!
Abate’s departure is a signal, which is full of various symbolic meanings in the eyes of the media.
For example, it symbolizes the official demise of Lazio and the real opening of Lazio supermarkets.
"Not only can be put on the shelf for sale, but those put in the warehouse can also be sold! Lazio has entered a real sale! "
The media said so.