"Remember! You must be in trouble in the future! "

"Good talk!"
The two men were too familiar with each other to be polite, and the supervisor also weighed the package in his hand, which was quite heavy, so he showed enthusiasm.
Yang Yi hide the two men shuffle when couples spend touch kind of affection for the prison also what went straight into the car, don’t come out to see the two men wrangling.
The goods were finally here, and dozens of carts were invited to set off for Hangzhou.
It was chosen in the suburbs, but Yang Yi was afraid of strangers, which forced Zhao Zhifu to change the location to Hangzhou. An abandoned printing house was demolished nearby, which can meet the conditions for building a large-scale workshop.
At this time, there is no reason to demolish the house. As soon as the government "demolished", it collapsed and it was not good to cry. In Zhao Magistrate, it was also an official who paid much compensation, so it didn’t make any big deal.
That night, Zhao Zhifu settled in Jane and Yang Yi rested in Hangzhou, and Wu Dabai led the guards to guard the square.
"Come on, let me propose a toast to you!"
Yang Yi didn’t come to attend, but she couldn’t beat the kindness of Zhao Zhifu to facilitate Jane’s attendance.
Shallow took a sip of Yang Yi and sat quietly listening to Jane and Zhao Zhifu blowing the atmosphere from paper printing workshops to cotton planting and textile workshops.
"If these workshops are established, it will greatly benefit manpower, reduce refugees, maintain social stability and unity, and contribute a lot to taxation. It’s really a good deed to do more than one thing!"
Zhao magistrate stopped the glass and could not help but sigh.
"It’s far more than that. The prosperity of this workshop will also drive all walks of life to innovate technology to drive the rapid development of productive forces, and the development of productive forces will drive the people to become richer. Take weaving as an example. The original weaving efficiency is low, but businessmen are pursuing profit maximization. Advanced and good machines can save manpower and high efficiency. Now I have developed a textile machine with a top ten fabrics, which is much better than before …"
Jane’s nonsense was mixed with words that even Yang Yi didn’t understand, which scared the magistrate of Zhao to wipe the sweat and sigh when he was old. When did these new terms appear? How come I’ve never heard of it?
"Cheng Shilang is relieved. Since it is beneficial to the country and the people, the official naturally supports it!" This is the final conclusion of Zhao Zhifu!
Chapter one hundred and ten Blackmail get fresh
It’s Jane who works in the workshop and has the design drawings. Of course, it’s also Jane who is personally in charge. These days, she’s so busy that she can’t touch the ground.
Yang Yi didn’t bother Jane, but often found Er Ya to talk to.
I have been busy for a month, and the weather is getting hotter. The construction of the workshop has also been on the right track. The craftsmen can build Jane according to the design, and she also visits the construction site every other day.
"Take a break, officer!"
Er Ya is carrying a bowl of iced plum wine in a temporary arbor on the construction site. It looks a little glittering and translucent yellow. At this time, Mei is ripe. Er Ya bought a lot of Jane’s, and they all came to soak wine and make soup plum wine. It tastes good, especially iced plum wine.
Jane came in from the hot sun with her tongue sticking out like a dog, took the wine bowl and drank it in one breath. Only then did she give a long sigh as if she were going to spit out all her body heat.
"Two ya told the old ladies to let them cook more plum soup and ice it for these workers to drink." Jane waved and lay down comfortably.
"I’ve already prepared it. The officer ordered my concubine to remember it at all times some time ago!"
Two ya smile officer person heart is good.
"Let’s all rest!"
Jane ordered Wu Dahe, the supervisor outside, and all the guards.
"Come and drink a bowl of iced plum wine. I’ll cook it myself, drink a bowl of summer heat, drink two bowls of wool washing and pulp cutting, and drink three bowls of soaring in the daytime!"
As soon as Jane shouted, Wu Da and others flocked to see Er Ya, who stood in line with bowls after handing over their gifts, and watched Er Ya scoop out wine from the wine jar to get a sigh of relief earlier and then watched Er Ya lick her tongue with a spoon in her hand.
"Wu Da, let the craftsmen have a rest. Later, the second lady will send some iced Yangmei soup to relieve fatigue and thirst! I’ll reward you with a bowl of wine when you come back. "
"Make it!"
Wu Daxing rushed to the dusty road and almost flew away!
In twos and threes, the workers scattered and walked into the arbor they built, and looked up at the poisonous sun with an open fan.
"My landlord, Ren Xin Zhai Hou, specially asked the second lady to send iced Yangmei soup and have a good rest. After lunch, the sun will converge and work again!"
Wu Da’s "Xuan Wei Shi" commanded several guards to carry vats of Yangmei soup to Er Ya to command the old ladies and craftsmen to distribute Yangmei soup.
"Sure enough, it is Yangmei soup or iced!"
Craftsmen are surprised that Yangmei soup is not a rare thing, but it is very rare when it is frozen on a hot day. Usually, there are people who are rich and expensive, so it is extravagant only occasionally. At this time, the ice is stored in the cellar in winter and buried until summer, but it is not so pure!
"The owner is really kind!"
"Is it the reincarnation of a bodhisattva?"
"Don’t say anything, please ask this escort brother to tell the owner that we will do our best and won’t miss the construction period of the owner!"
"I’ll do whatever my former employer tells me to do except kill people!"
"The guard eldest brother escort you still hiring? Look at my body, okay? Give a word, I will be the first to sign up when the construction period is over! "
"Grandma even cold heart frank! I really want to drink a bowl! "
Er ya is smiling, listening to the words of adding bowls and tubes, it’s comforting to hear that the officer can win the hearts of the people and make Er ya feel very proud.
Wu Daxiong held his head high as if I were the guard boss of Jianjiazhuang, enjoying the envious eyes of everyone.
After the assignment is completed, all the people are lying in the arbor to rest. Jane has the arbor, which is special for him and senior leaders such as Er Ya to stay in Wu Dahe and a group of guards next to it.
"Why aren’t you with Mrs. Yang these days?"
Jane has her head resting on her legs, and she holds a comb for Jane, combs her hair and gently massages her head.
"My body and Mrs. Yang have nothing to talk about. She said that my body can’t hear anything, can’t play chess and can’t see it. It’s meaningless to come here. It’s better to do something with the official!"
Different cultural levels and different status determine that these two women are doomed to be unable to talk together unless they have a common topic-Jane!