Leo also gave a good performance when he played for Lazio, but everyone knows that a player like Leo, even in Lazio, is at best a semi-first-class player in Europe, far from the top.

His success is mainly due to the role of Lazio as a team. Relying on this powerful team, he will naturally have many honors.
And Ji Ming?
Everyone watches him play football, even if he only watches it for more than ten minutes, he can say with certainty that the child will have great achievements in the future.
This is Ji Ming’s ability.
He dreams that in the future, there will be a world-class star in China who can stand at the awarding ceremony of the Golden Globe Award in the World and the Golden Globe Award in Europe and take over the glittering trophy to announce to the world that China, as a populous country, can also produce world-class players!
After Ji Ming scored, the game resumed.
Lazio started their controlled play again, while Madrid was eager to attack and played more and more easily-they also realized that the team had problems in midfield, and Lazio forced them to organize the attack easily and made too many mistakes.
So they spontaneously made it easier.
This is not the arrangement and adjustment of Benitez, but the players themselves.
Of course, it won’t be Benitez’s idea, because how can Benitez do such a stupid arrangement?
Benitez’s Real Madrid is not the kind of team that is good at long passing and hanging. They will cooperate with the ground and emphasize two flanks.
And the organization of the midfield is very important.
Just bypass the midfield organization and pass the ball forward, which is not what this Real Madrid team is good at at at all.
Benitez frowned even more when he saw the team kicking like this below.
Playing against Lazio like this is totally suicidal!
Chapter 27 What to do
The most painful thing for Benitez is that the team’s self-righteous adjustment, even if it is reversed by him, is meaningless.
Because we don’t play this set of tactics, it’s useless to play the tactics he arranged before the game.
Lazio’s tactics are just to restrain him.
That kind of high-level rush, that kind of strong personal defense, so that Real Madrid players can’t even turn around, how can they pass the ball forward?
If Real Madrid’s strength is much stronger than Lazio’s, then Lazio can still hope to win it, because it takes a lot of effort.
But the strength of the two teams can’t say who is stronger or weaker. Maybe Lazio is even stronger.
In addition, Lazio’s physical fitness is the biggest magic weapon for their success in the past ten years. Good physical fitness has almost become a tradition of Lazio …
So let’s hope Lazio’s physical fitness drops, and then let Real Madrid take advantage of it. Maybe Real Madrid will have lost more goals before this …
What the players are playing now doesn’t work, but the problem is that neither does his set.
Lazio’s high position really surprised Benitez.
He thought Lazio wanted to defend, and it was also a defensive counterattack.
Lazio fought back defensively, but only when Real Madrid pressed on.
In normal times, Lazio’s defense is close to the body, making it difficult for Real Madrid to move forward.
Benitez glanced at the winning streak next door.
The best coach in Europe who became famous at a young age is really amazing!
After playing for a while, Real Madrid found that they made a lot of mistakes, because there was no player in their frontcourt who could control the high ball, so this long pass was just a chance for Jose Passareira and other Lazio players to clear the gap.
For their attack, it is not good at all.
Although Benitez didn’t say a word, the players realized that they had made a mistake.
So they gave up this simple and rude style of play and returned to their tradition, attacking on the ground and using two wings to Qi Fei.
In the face of Real Madrid’s style of play, Lazio continued to press for it, forcing their midfield to make mistakes in passing and catching the ball.
The scenes on both sides are glued together again.
But the stalemate at this time is somewhat different from the previous stalemate, because Lazio already has a goal in hand.
They are more calm and calm, and constantly use the pass to mobilize the players in Real Madrid.
Real Madrid players are now more anxious. They chased the football on the court and kept flying.
This is of course the performance of the players’ high morale, but in the long run, the players’ physical fitness will be consumed quickly, which is not good for their second half of the game.
Real Madrid know this truth, but they don’t care so much now.