However, there was another problem when driving.

Xiao Feng’s family is sitting in a car, but there is no doubt that it is not good for people to arrange tenderness and warmth together. Xiao Zeng and Fu Bohan want to talk with longing. So many people sit in a car and can’t squeeze in the end. Xiao Liujing came forward to compromise his longing and accompany Xiao Zeng and Fu Bohan in a car. He and Fu Yunyi are warm and gentle, so everyone is happy.
Others have no objection. A Dai kept pouting when he came from the warm car to transfer to another car. Why should he arrange the second husband and the young lady separately? My cousin really competed for favor as soon as he came.
It’s a pity that Dagong and Sangong are not here, otherwise it will be more exciting!
The car left the airport in turn for Wen’s mansion.
Lu Xiao flows with a warm car, and the co-pilot sits with Fu Yunyi, holding warm hands gently, sitting in the back row, saying intimate words, and the atmosphere is also harmonious.
"Warm son, I heard your grandmother say that the hospital’s recent performance has been very good, and it has also saved the hard work. How old are you to let you provoke such a burden …" Gently looked at her eyes shining with love and love.
At Fu Yunyi with a warm smile, he didn’t look back with a thoughtful look. "I didn’t actually do anything. My ex-brother helped me pave the way, and grandma chose someone for me. I just enjoyed it."
Gentle Chen said, "I’m still modest with my aunt. It’s your credit that your brother helped you in the hospital for those two months. I didn’t see what he had to do to make trouble."
"That’s not elder brother fault is someone deliberately to find fault, if it weren’t for elder brother there with don’t know how much loss will bring to the hospital? For me, I have no good way to deal with …"
"Why not?" Warm smile and tease her with a wink "Isn’t there a sacred place? I’ve heard your grandmother say it many times since he went to the hospital class, but whenever there is trouble, send it to him for safekeeping and treat it. Hehehe …"
Warmly aware of Fu Yunyi’s stiff back, she also smoked noodles in her heart, but she didn’t show a gentle smile. "He didn’t speak as well as you did, but it was just a little skin damage …"
"Ha ha ha, you praised him, and you are humble for others. I am still boasting implicitly. You didn’t listen to your grandmother’s praise. He simply said that heaven is there, earth is there, and your grandmother is satisfied with this granddaughter’s husband …" Warm smiled happily, and she was really happy for warm. Sacred is not only a good companion in life but also a career to rely on.
"Aunt …" Warm pretend to be shy but nervous because she felt Fu Yunyi’s breath sank inexplicably, and something seemed to be restrained.
She was really afraid that he would be desperate to explode.
Can be gentle, I don’t know whether it is deliberately ignored or deliberately stimulated, but I still laugh very heartlessly.
Xiao Liujing sighed in his heart and smiled to resolve the atmosphere. "My cousin doesn’t take this. Yunyi and I are here. How can we praise our son-in-law so hard in front of our own children and nephews? Will we be jealous?"
Gentle this just stopped laughing at him. "I’d also like to praise you two, but which one of you makes me worry? You have to let me boast. I can’t do anything without conscience …"
Xiao Liu Jing exaggerates and opens his eyes. "Cousin, I’m full of bright spots. You didn’t even notice?"
Gentle criticise "you that is an advantage? It’s worse. Find me a niece. Is it a serious single dog? How dare you let me praise you? Your mother and I don’t pick up your hand … "
Xiao Liujing touched his nose for a quick laugh. "Well, cousin, don’t be a common enemy with my mother. My mother recently went to Beicheng’s grandfather’s house without touching her feet. Now she doesn’t care about me. I’m stealing happiness …"
Smell speech gently asked a sentence "is your grandfather still very ill?"
Xiao Liu Jing shook his head. "It’s not that I have to toss and turn for a long time when I’m old. Does my mother have any brothers and sisters who can take turns to wait on them, or else I’ll come to Huadu this time?"
Gently nodded. "It’s okay. Your aunt knows she won’t blame your mother."
"Well, aunt is the most reasonable, hehehe …" Xiao Liu Jing is not very serious, laughing and playing around like a flower, but her eyes are clear without any evil.
Warmth reminds me that I just saw Xiao Xuan wearing a serious face and pretending to be very stable. At that time, I was decent and not glib, but my eyes couldn’t hide the slutty spirit.
It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but at the moment, she dare not go to see Fu Yunyi. From the moment they met at the airport, they never looked him in the eye and looked at her. She always dodged consciously.
The car was silent again.
Fu Yunyi hasn’t spoken. It’s not like his flute, flowing scenery and gentleness. It seems that something is wrong with him and warmth. They don’t know what happened, but they can’t ask.
Some things can be played dumb if you don’t say them, and once they are discovered, you can get along with each other freely.
I don’t want the atmosphere to be stiff and gentle, and I look at her wearing a cheongsam to find out, "Where did you make this dress, Wener?"
"Aunt Yue Xuan feels good-looking?" The warmth followed her words, and with her eyes, she opened her coat a little bit so that she could see the more amazing embroidery.
Gentle eyes a bright "is more than good-looking is so beautiful on the porch? Did lizhen do it? No, I don’t remember her having this kind of classic style clothes, and the workmanship and embroidery are too exquisite … "
Warm chuckled, "This is a double job as her embroiderer, but only one or two."
Section 221
"Well, the holy cousin came out from the tribe together, and now she goes to Yuexuan to work with Aunt Lizhen."
"Are you? A few days ago, she told me that she couldn’t hold on. So you hired a master to help her. Hehehe, that’s a great feeling. It’s really not easy for her to work alone for Yuexuan for so many years. I’m really afraid that she will be hurt this time. Now I can see that Yuexuan will definitely have a fire when you wear this dress. Hehehe … "
"Well, that’s what I thought. When I accompany you, I’ll ask Shuang to do it for you."
"Yeah, this dress is afraid to compare with the original one. I still think I’m wearing this dress very exquisitely. Gee, compared with you, it’s the shoddy hahahashuang. That girl is a ingenuity …"