Yes, he disdains Rome as his sworn enemy …

Has anyone seen the "sworn enemy" who was scored three goals by the other side in the first half?
Don’t insult the word "sworn enemy", okay!
In fact, Sensi had left early in the same city derby, but his early departure will only make Lazio fans laugh at Rome louder and feel happy, and will not feel offended at all.
Because Sensi’s team was falling behind.
Now that Lazio are leading by three goals, it is a good irony to leave early and always win this game.
Then, when the game continued, the Roman fans were even more embarrassed. Even the Roman fans in front of the TV were embarrassed.
Because the other side’s coach’s seat is empty.
It seems that all the members of Lazio’s coaching staff, from assistant coaches to team doctors, are honestly sitting in their positions, leaving the command area in front of the coach’s seat empty.
People can see at a glance that it is empty here.
Television broadcasts have also given footage here many times.
Many Roman fans couldn’t stand the excitement and even smashed their own TV sets …
And the Roman players on the court also feel strange and awkward.
The opponent has no head coach, leading himself by three goals …
This game is … It’s fucking shit!
Fifteen minutes at halftime, no one knows what happened in Lazio’s dressing room.
Anyway, Changsheng finally came out this time. He didn’t drive home to take a shower and go to bed as those TV guests said at halftime.
Lazio players on the pitch are still very motivated. They did not choose to be conservative after leading by three goals, but continued to bombard Rome’s goal in the second half.
Rome is listless.
A three-goal lead in the first half was a real blow to their morale.
Especially when everyone was so high in morale and confidence before the game, everyone thought that they could really beat Lazio away this time and get revenge successfully.
Sensi and Corriere dello Sport succeeded in raising everyone’s expectation.
And the result?
The result was that Lazio scored three goals in the first half!
Three balls! Damn it!
Of course, this is not the biggest blow.
Everyone is a professional player, and losing three goals is not a big deal.
However, Chang Sheng’s next move to leave early struck a heavy blow on the hearts of all Roman players, making them want to vomit blood, but they still couldn’t vent it. One mouthful of blood rushed up and they had to hold it back abruptly.
The continuous blows made them all silent in the dressing room.
After coming out in the second half, as soon as they saw the constant victory with a cold face on the sidelines, they had the urge to vomit blood again.
In this way, how can we play this game well?
Finally, Lazio scored another goal in the second half.
Defeated Rome with a score of 4: 0 and won the first derby in the same city in the new season.
This score is not the biggest score in the history of the Roman Derby, but it is the most shameful one for the Romans.
Because they were so proud and confident before the game, they gave a strong hint to others, including themselves-Rome is sure to win this game!
I didn’t expect such a result in the end.
As soon as the whistle sounded at the end of the whole game, they quickly left the stadium and fled the sad building like flying.
At the post-match press conference, Chang Sheng sat in the same position, with a faint smile on his face, looking at the same interview lineup as the pre-match press conference.
He said: "Now, we can talk about Inter Milan."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five This is psychological warfare!
Lazio’s home game against Rome is the first game of this round of league.
This kind of important competition is usually either at the beginning or at the end.
So after the match between Lazio and Rome, two-thirds of the teams in Serie A haven’t played.
This includes the match between Inter Milan and Palermo.
The match between Inter Milan and Palermo is the last match of this round, and the match against Lazio is just one end.
Mancini’s game will wait until the next night.
On the second day of the Lazio match, there were reports in the media about the match between Lazio and Rome.
And the space is not small.
Among them, Chang Sheng’s answers at the press conference before and after the game were repeatedly spread by the media.
Because these are gimmicks.
Before the game, everyone scolded Lazio like a pig.
As a result, a derby in the same city made Lazio complete the turnaround. Now, after one more game, Lazio are catching up, and they are only one point away from Inter Milan.
Rome, whose morale was like a rainbow, failed to stop Lazio, which many people didn’t expect.
Before the game, the state of the two sides was completely different. Lazio seemed to be in a bad situation, while Rome played well.
Unexpectedly, the result was completely opposite to the performance of both sides before the game.
I don’t know how many glasses Dong Qiudi broke in this game.
At the pre-match press conference, when a reporter asked him about Inter Milan, his uncooperative attitude made people think that he was afraid of Inter Milan.
Unexpectedly, after the game, the press conference beat Rome with four goals, and he calmly said that he could start talking about Inter Milan now.
If we don’t talk about Inter Milan before the game because we always win and don’t know whether we can win Rome, it is untenable. Because from the beginning of the game, Chang Sheng sat on the coach’s seat, which was particularly calm. Except when he left early, he never got up from his seat during the game.
Although his expression is cold, it is not serious. It is very relaxed from expression to mood.
Obviously, he never doubted that his team would lose to Rome …
Perhaps the reason why I don’t talk about Inter Milan is just because this game is Rome. Out of basic respect for my opponent, I don’t talk about the latter opponent before this game is played.
This was originally a practice with professional ethics and sportsmanship, but in the eyes of some people who distorted the facts, it became evidence of the constant victory and fear of avoiding the war. It was ridiculous …