Lazio came to play the Asian Tour this time, and Changsheng also had some personal business activities.

He wants to sign endorsement contracts with many enterprises to make advertisements for them.
In addition to local companies in China, some international brands also value Changsheng’s influence and fame in the China market, and ask him to speak for China market. While some local companies in China value his influence and fame in Europe, and ask him to speak for them, intending to enter the European market.
He speaks for a powerful real estate company and earns 10 million RMB every year.
But also directly received a set of villas located in a high-end residential area in Shanghai.
In addition, Weibo, a famous portal website of a certain country, also invited Changsheng to settle in, with an annual income of 5 million RMB.
What other endorsements are there? The endorsements of banks, insurance companies, an international brand of health care products in China, the endorsements of suits, watches, cars and mobile phone advertisements …
Changsheng has a series of endorsement contracts.
This has made him earn a lot of money.
Enterprises in China lined up to send him money.
Changsheng adheres to the principle that the more money, the better. As long as it is a reputable big brand, it will come to the net.
Here again can reflect his advantages as a traveler.
He knows which brands will publish some influential negative news in the future, which is also a damage to his image. No matter how much money this brand gives, it will never win.
Soon, you can see the advertisements of brand goods with winning endorsements in every corner of the city.
The products he speaks for are everywhere in life, almost everywhere.
On outdoor billboards in busy commercial areas, advertising walls in big shopping malls, advertising pages in fashion magazines, advertisements in prime-time TV, billboards on bus stops, and on the Internet, his figure is everywhere.
In the family area where the Changsheng family used to live, you can even see the advertising posters of Changsheng.
It’s almost like a legend for everyone to talk about the story of winning.
Except envy, it can only make people jealous.
For today’s Changsheng, he no longer needs to rack his brains to make money. At the beginning, he even had to advance his salary in the club for one year in order to take money to fight in the securities market.
Now, for him, money is simply not money, but numbers.
And these incomes, Changsheng will give a large part to Kate Gracie to invest in the securities market and futures market in the United States, and some of them will be invested in their own investment companies, earning high returns by investing in various optimistic projects.
Because of Kate Gracie’s professional knowledge, plus the winning crossing advantage, and the vision of other professionals.
Ever-victorious money is like snowballing, rolling more and more.
Changsheng has never specifically calculated how much money he has.
He just knows in general that he can’t spend all his life in this extravagant way.
Now he is paid the highest salary in Lazio, and he really doesn’t care about the salary of 4.1 million years.
For him, getting the top salary is more a kind of respect from the club, which shows that he is the number one important person in the team. No one can be without him because he is unique, so he has prepared such a unique salary standard for him.
None of the other players can earn as much as him.
There is no one like him.
There is such a special agreement in his contract with the club that his salary must be the highest in the team.
Now the winning job is not for money.
But to constantly challenge and surpass ourselves.
After a long flight, the Lazio team landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
There, they were given a grand welcome.
Of course, in terms of scale, it is still not as good as the battle when Real Madrid visited China in 2003 … That time, Real Madrid’s visit to China was a commercial activity that could go down in history.
Lazio still can’t compete with Real Madrid at that time.
Real Madrid, with seven superstars, is the pinnacle of business.
Lazio might not be as popular in China as Liverpool, even if they were triple champions, if it weren’t for a winning streak.
Lazio’s training place in Shanghai is far away from Chongming Island in Shanghai, where there is a football base, which was invested and built by former China football man Xu Genbao.
Choosing there is also the result of multi-party consultation and cooperation.
Because this is also related to a cooperation between Lazio Club and Shanghai East Asia Club.