This rhythm can be seen by everyone at a glance-Lazio has absolutely no intention of giving up the game!

"Lazio intends to knock Juventus to death in the league! Perhaps in their eyes, winning the league is more important than defending the Champions League! " A commentator said.
"Often must be crazy, who is more important, the Champions League or the League? This discerning person can see at a glance, and I don’t know what there is to hesitate and dispute …"
"Try your best to fight Juventus and then lose to Manchester United heroically away?"
Everyone is puzzled by this arrangement of Lazio.
"Of course, it is also possible, and he is always confident that his team can solve Juventus in the league and Manchester United in the semi-final of the Champions League. But … Is that possible? You know, neither team is a tough nut to crack … They both have the belief and reason to win. If you want both victories, it is very likely that you will not get both victories. "
The commentator’s analysis is correct, and winning always means winning both games.
However, he thinks that Lazio may draw water with a sieve, which is not necessarily the case …
Juventus started the game with the belief that they were dead against Lazio. During the game, their actions were quite rude, and they made the action of flying shovels many times, which caused the Lazio players in the stands to boo again and again.
The referee also had to whistle regularly to suspend the game and warn Juventus players.
However, after 15 minutes of the game, no Juventus players have been booked for foul.
On the whole, the referee today is gentle.
Of course, he is a gentle referee himself, and the rate of playing cards in Serie A law enforcement is very low.
If the previous winners always win, they will be entangled in this during and after the game, seize this matter and make a big fuss.
But now, when the referee doesn’t give a yellow card, Chang Sheng is sitting in the chair of the coach’s seat, and there is no response at all.
It looks as if this person has nothing to do with him.
This, of course, is not because it has nothing to do with him, but because he always knows that he has defeated Juventus, and this kind of thing is not a thing.
He is too lazy to quarrel with the other side. As long as he can beat Juventus, he is a winner, and the winner doesn’t care about the loser’s mood.
Juventus are tough, and they think this will stop Lazio’s attack.
That’s naive
Changsheng fully considered this point before the game, so the whole team made corresponding countermeasures.
Naturally, he will not let his players be shoveled by the other side at will.
To deal with Juventus’ foul, it is necessary to make the football stay at the foot as little as possible.
When the football is not at your feet, Juventus’ foul is meaningless, and the foul on players without the ball is very serious, so it can’t be solved by a verbal warning.
I believe that Juventus players dare not do this and will try to avoid it.
Moreover, if the snatching doesn’t cause the ball to be broken or fouled, it will bring danger to its own defense, so when Juventus find that their snatching speed can’t keep up with Lazio’s passing speed, they may be afraid of the boat.
Therefore, as long as the speed is raised, Juventus’ foul tactics will lose their effect.
The so-called martial arts in the world are fast and unbreakable. As long as they are fast, they are almost invincible in the world.
From the beginning of the game, Lazio was speeding up and accelerating.
Juventus players did use foul tactics to stop Lazio’s advance at first.
But soon they found that they had a problem.
When the football was passed to ledesma, he didn’t stop the ball or turn around, but directly returned it to meireles.
Seeing that football was immediately spread by ledesma, Juventus player marchisio, who had intended to come up and rob him, immediately changed his mind. Instead of going forward, he retreated to his position.
What he is afraid of is that if he comes up and grabs the football, but he doesn’t grab it, he will form a space behind him and be caught by Lazio … You know Lazio’s ability to seize opportunities is quite strong.
Their coach Delneri repeatedly stressed to them before the game that Lazio must not be given the opportunity to do so.
If you want to beat Lazio, you must first ensure that you don’t lose the ball first in the game.
Once you lose the ball first, everything is over.
If you don’t concede a goal, even if you can’t score, you can still get a draw in this game.
Once you lose the ball, you will lose!
Anyway, other teammates are responsible for the ball passed back by Lazio.
Seeing the football passing to Meireles, sure enough, another Juventus player rushed up immediately, intending to steal the ball or interfere with meireles.
According to his speed, he can almost reach meireles with the football, so as long as meireles stops the ball or makes a slight adjustment, he will be stuck by the other side. At that time, it will be very difficult to get rid of or pass the ball.
So meireles can’t stop the ball.
Meireles didn’t stop the ball, he still kicked it!
In this way, Lazio kicked the ball one by one.
The football keeps spinning at their feet.
Juventus, on the other hand, did not give up their tactics and strategies, and they still pressed Lazio players.