Orochimaru laughed. "That’s right. For the old man, an unknown genius boy is hostile to Konoha and wants to destroy it. This boy is much more harmful than me in the eyes of the old man. Even if I let him go, I won’t let him go."

Yakushi Kabuto said, "So what should we do next, Lord orochimaru?"
Orochimaru laughed. "Just stick to the plan. You continue to take the exam and monitor Sasuke’s every move."
Yakushi Kabuto replied, "I know how to do it, orochimaru’s adult. Don’t worry." Then Yakushi Kabuto returned to Konoha in a blink.
Orochimaru looked at konoha village and smiled. "We will meet soon. Teacher Yuan Fei hopes you won’t let me down." Then orochimaru left, too.
Chapter 42 Guild Wars
Naruto, Sasuke and KINOMOTO SAKURA came to Konoha Death Forest the next morning, and many candidates were already present.
Red beans said, "Is everyone here? Here, come and get a life-and-death form. "Red beans took out a pile of life-and-death forms and put them in front of everyone.
Some candidates said, "We’re here for the exam. Why do we have to sign the certificate of life and death?"
Red beans laughed coldly. "Ha ha, because this exam will kill people." Red beans appeared behind the examinee with a dagger in their hands.
Red bean smiled coldly. "Do you have any comments now?" The examinee has been so scared by red beans that he can’t speak
Red bean scolded "rubbish" and returned to the podium and said, "Sign the exam quickly and stop talking nonsense."
Naruto came to Hongdou with a smile and said, "Teacher Hongdou, please give me a life and death statement."
Red beans looked at Naruto and laughed. "How come a daredevil thought clearly? Once you sign it, you can’t back down."
Naruto laughed. "Red bean teacher, people are dying every day in this world, and I’m still a ninja. It’s normal for ninjas to die. Do you think I’m afraid?"
Red bean appreciation looked at Naruto and said, "You are a qualified ninja." Red bean gave Naruto a life and death certificate, and Naruto signed it and gave it to Red Bean.
Sasuke also asked for a certificate of life and death, and all the candidates signed the certificate of life and death one after another.
Red beans took out a lot of scrolls and said, "Here are six scrolls, one for each class is heaven and earth. You have to grab another scroll different from yours in five days. The location is the dead forest behind me. After grabbing it, you have to get to the central tower in these five days."
In this way, even if you passed the second exam, the exam will officially begin now. "Red beans opened the door to the forest of death after finishing."
After all the candidates rushed into the forest of death, Sasuke said to Naruto, "We should agree on a secret code so as to prevent others from cheating from us like us."
Naruto turned to KINOMOTO SAKURA and asked, "KINOMOTO SAKURA, what do you think of Sasuke’s proposal?"
KINOMOTO SAKURA replied, well, I think this discussion is good. "After the three agreed on the code,
Sasuke said to Naruto, "Naruto’s eyes look around and see who has a day."
Naruto just opened his eyes and said to Sasuke, "Be careful with Sasuke." Then he stretched out his hand and quickly dragged Sasuke aside.
A few bitter nails were in Sasuke’s original place, and the bitter tail was still carrying the detonator. When they saw the detonator, the three men hurriedly stepped aside.
After the explosion, Naruto said to the Woods, "Who will get out?" At the same time, several chains were sent from celebrities to shoot into the Woods.
A figure flashed out of the Woods to avoid Naruto’s attack. The three men looked at the man and saw that it was a man who wanted snakes very much. Naruto knew that it was orochimaru.
Orochimaru was surprised. "I didn’t expect you to have a supercilious look at the family. After all, it’s not strange that you are Hyuga Hiashi’s future son-in-law. It’s a pity that my goal is not you this time."
Naruto replied, "I didn’t expect orochimaru to be a secretive generation."
Orochimaru was surprised. "Oh, it’s strange that you should know me. It seems that I underestimated you."
Naruto laughed. "It’s nothing to do with you. I’ve listened to the horny fairy several times. It’s hard to know!" After listening to Naruto, orochimaru realized that it was Jiraiya who told him.
Sasuke asked, "Naruto, do you know this disgusting guy?"
Naruto nodded. "He means that orochimaru is as famous as my master Jiraiya."
KINOMOTO SAKURA was surprised. "Why should such a powerful person attack us?"
Orochimaru laughed. "Nothing just wants to play a game with you."
Orochimaru took out the sky and said to Naruto’s three people, "All right, the game of fighting for scrolls begins now."
KINOMOTO SAKURA surprised, "Naruto, Sasuke, he is a candidate one day." At this time, everyone finally knows what orochimaru will appear here.
Naruto said to Sasuke, "Sasuke, I’ll stall him. You should take KINOMOTO SAKURA away quickly." Sasuke also realized their strength gap in orochimaru.
Sasuke said to Naruto, "Why don’t Naruto go with you and fly to Raytheon? He can’t catch us."
Naruto replied that I want to meet him if I don’t help him, so I can know that my strength has reached that point. "
Sasuke replied, "Then I’ll stay and I want to try."
Naruto replied, "No, I’ll let you try if it’s normal, but now the three of us have exams. I don’t think we should take any risks."
Sasuke refused to answer, "Well, I’ll listen to you this time." Sasuke took KINOMOTO SAKURA and ran back.
Orochimaru sneered. "Did I say you can go?" With a wink, he came to Sasuke and stopped him. orochimaru released a snake shadow and tried to catch Sasuke.
Sasuke suddenly bowed his head and flew over Sasuke’s head and shot at orochimaru. orochimaru hurriedly tilted his head to avoid the bitter "spiral pill". Naruto flew Raytheon behind orochimaru and a spiral pill severely hit orochimaru to the ground.
Naruto was surprised that Naruto found that knocking down orochimaru immediately opened his eyes to search for traces of orochimaru.