It didn’t take much time for Li Yueling to get a thorough understanding of the magic shadow clan from his mouth, but at the same time, he secretly said that this magic shadow clan is Jin Yongjin’s old pen and the stars sent something similar. It is the first important thing. It is no wonder that this evil shadow will be so greedy.

At this time, the poisonous shadow looked piteously at Li Yueling’s tongue licking her lips that were slightly dry because of too detailed generation.
Then it was a little secretive, wondering what the atmosphere was. After a long silence, Li Yueling finally said that you said it was good and I was very satisfied.
I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when I smell this poison. Li Yueling suddenly added, but I want to know that things are not your previous generation. Now I’ll ask you. You have to answer my questions and don’t say anything.
Li Yueling this but make poison shadow heart hung up again and rushed to nod to show an absolute gesture.
Recently, no outsiders have come to your magic shadow Sect.
Ah, not long ago, the skeleton people in Beimangshan paid a visit to my master, that is, the deputy patriarch of Xianjianzong came here six months ago and was driven away by my ancestor.
That’s enough. Li Yueling didn’t learn the news of Jiang Shishi from the poison shadow mouth and immediately interrupted the poison shadow’s reply.
Poison shadow can be mixed up in such a wicked cave of the Magic Shadow Sect for so many years, but he has already learned a copy of Li Yueling’s face, and immediately please the fairy long novel, but every sentence is true and his younger brother is also ranked seventh. I always report it to you with my own eyes before I know a lot.
Li Yueling didn’t pay attention to him, but turned his attention to the side of Tuode Tuode Ran Bai Li Yueling’s meaning. Immediately after a pinch, he nodded seriously and said that the boss was not lying.
Li Yueling, anxious in his heart, shot a pair of Kurome’s deep eyes at the poisonous shadow road. I’ll ask you again whether you have been in the magic shadow clan for the past six months, and whether you can guarantee that you can completely understand what happened to the magic shadow clan in the past six months.
Poisonous shadow seems to have been stared at by Li Yueling’s deep eyes, and then he ducked his eyes a little, and then he trembled and said that he had never been away from Wuyueling for more than ten years. Coco was not the most clear about what happened to Zong, after all, his small identity was not high, and he was also able to make do with something. At most, he could not understand what the specific situation was.
Have you ever heard that the bodhi old zu in black robe recently competed with a woman? Li Yueling stepped on the front of Bu Tian Daozhen Yuan and inadvertently released the poison shadow, forcing him to take three steps back before stabilizing his figure.
A look at Li Yueling’s driving situation shows that he must ask a woman in his mouth to answer badly with him. This life is even here.
In my mind, I remembered the poison shadow for a moment, and suddenly I patted my forehead and remembered it. It was probably five months ago that the bodhi old zu once took a trip with his master elder brother. At that time, it was said that he had gone to the highest peak of the mountain to carve the moon and write about refining materials. It took about a day for the bodhi old zu to return alone, but even the bodhi old zu’s old man’s house was a little weakened. At that time, the bodhi old zu didn’t say anything, but no one dared to ask, and the master elder brother also came back three days later. Gradually, everyone gave it to everyone
Five months ago, after listening to the poison shadow, Li Yueling’s eyes flashed with a flash of dark passages, which from time to time conformed to the poem’s elder sister Yu Pupil Jane’s message. It is very likely that this is the clue of Yu Poetry’s elder sister today.
Reading this, Li Yueling suddenly had an idea in his mind. He immediately dragged the poisonous shadow to the front and said, "You are still honest. Now I will give you a chance to live."
The poison shadow can be heard most like a chicken pecking rice and nodding its head, and it seems that he was forced to squeeze a few drops of glistening tears as if he was moved in a big mess.
Tuode aside is also a great performance skill of this poisonous shadow, which laments that people are shameful, but it is absolutely a realm to be ashamed to the extent of poisonous shadow.
Xianchangguan ordered Xiaozhi to go through fire and water without words.
I hope you can do better than what you say. Li Yueling hung up his lazy smile again after a cold hum. In fact, it’s not a complicated matter. First of all, you need to lead us to the residence of the Magic Shadow Sect. Secondly, you must tell me that your big brother will take a route after leaving the Sect every three days. Just wait until I’m done with my work, and I’ll certainly solve your problem.
Li Yueling didn’t worry about what tricks he would play after the heart-eating method lurked in the poison shadow, or he promised first and then went back on his word. Even if he wanted to take the opportunity to go back for help, he could clearly understand his every move through the induction of gods after Tuode, which means that once the poison shadow moves, the heart-eating method will be immediately prompted by Tuode’s hand, and even pick Jin Xian can’t save him.
You know, once the heart-eating method is realized, it will quickly secrete special body fluids in people’s blood. If the control method is not started, nothing will happen, but once it is started, the whole body blood of the person who is being planted with the method will be immediately sucked into a dry body by this secreted body fluid, unless it is supported by Yuan’s infant training strength, it may be destroyed to a physical body, otherwise it will surely be born to die.
Li Yueling said it’s another thing to listen to the poison shadow easily, but it didn’t work until he took a few breaths. Xian Chang, you always want me to do the first thing. That’s no problem, but I can’t help it. In fact, I was curious about what I wanted to ask from the master elder brother, but it didn’t work once. Moreover, every time the master elder brother left the family, he quietly did it. How can I track down my ability to repair the master elder brother in the early days of the ghost?
Oh, really? Li Yueling’s smile became more and more brilliant, but it made the poison shadow shudder.
Old Rio Tinto also it’s time for you to show a few hands. I think he is not very clear about his present situation. Li Yueling suddenly turned back and stretched out his left hand, gently swinging leisurely way
Smell Li Yueling told Tuo Deran not to mention it. Almost at the same time, the hand-controlled method was already pinched at the same time. What happened when the blood of the toxic shadow sensation body was heated by high temperature in an instant? Generally, the blood-shaped burning horror was accompanied by a burst of extreme pain to stimulate his body and nerves.
According to the poison shadow, the true villain’s personality will be soft and beg for mercy at the first time, but at this moment he is so painful that he has no strength to beg for mercy. He curled up like a shrimp and kept shaking violently, and his skin was suddenly red with blood.
Li Yueling has always been generous to his relatives and friends, but this doesn’t mean that he is a good-tempered person or a nice guy. He is like a poisonous shadow to the enemy guy. In Li Yueling’s view, even if he pretends to be pitiful, he has nothing to sympathize with, especially after judging that the poisonous shadow is a real villain. Li Yueling’s heart is even deeper. No matter how nice the guy talks, he can’t believe that it is the best way to ask him to obey orders and inflict pain on him.
A moment later, Li Yueling looked at this lesson and the temperature was almost the same. He motioned Tuode to stop suggesting that he would eat his heart. He almost didn’t breathe in, and he laughed. Surely now you should want to find out the whereabouts of your big brother.
After being tortured, the poison shadow seemed overwhelmed. When I heard Li Yueling’s faint inquiry, it seemed as if I heard the demon calling. I turned over and bowed down and nodded. I thought about it a little. Generally, the elder brothers leave the clan at noon, and the sun will fall every three days. When the time comes, the two immortals will wait outside my residence, and the gods will be able to track his whereabouts.
But don’t always speak hesitatingly. Do you want to enjoy the wonderful taste of blood boiling again?
I’m afraid I’m thinking that my master elder brother’s best skill is the Five Elements Evasion. If you two can’t talk, no, that’s not what I meant. I’m worried about whether my master elder brother can still get a solution if he takes off his two gods and locks him up.
What do you think? Li Yueling got the effect information. A secret way in my heart is that even if the shadow and five elements are fast, I’m afraid it’s better than the golden silkworm method. When the time comes, I won’t be in a hurry to track down and release a few golden silkworm methods.
After Li Yueling’s rhetorical question, Tuode seems to be conscious that his hands have formed a gesture of course and determination. Suddenly, the poisonous shadow is scared to face blood and waved his hand again and again. I didn’t mean that. Just now, you two thought I farted. How can you two be miraculous and can’t keep up with that waste shadow? Why don’t you take two to the magic shadow residence when you are young?
There’s no hurry. I haven’t asked you clearly. Li Yueling suddenly touched the pool and asked, "How did you come here? What is it?"