Seeing Chen Han passing by here, the French god headed by Chen Han flew into a rage, and immediately a group of people with more quantity and stronger cultivation chased after him.

As a result, of course, there will be no change. More than a dozen masters were quickly killed, and three of them made blood vows of loyalty under the threat of violence.
People who died with the past can be understood as blood soul guards, but now that these people are dead, those guys in blood soul guards will be suspicious. If there is no master, even if Chen Han is a master, it is difficult to fight against more than a dozen fighting kings, so we must find a way to eliminate the suspicion of the Blood Soul Guard.
Chen Han once again rushed into the space where Longyuan Temple was located, but this time he released Xiao Dou Huang in advance. He pretended to pass by here again, as if he was being chased by someone, and he immediately turned into another enchantment space, which made people have no time to start.
"Mom listed a B, you bastards actually sent someone to chase me, and Lao Tzu never stopped talking to you, which angered me to return the dragon eggs to the magic feather Teng dragon!"
Just after Chen’s cold head disappeared, Xiao Dou Huang rushed out of an enchantment space and yelled at the top dharma god across the distance.
It can be heard from his voice that the people sent before clashed with him again, so that he mistakenly thought that those people were sent by the French God to rob the dragon eggs. The baby in his hand can’t spit it out naturally, so he can only choose threats. If he dares to send someone to kill him again, he will simply return the dragon eggs to the magic feather Teng dragon.
Originally, the French god didn’t intend to rob the dragon eggs at all. No matter what he did with these dragon eggs, all he had to do was deal a blow to the magic feather Teng dragon.
However, he knows very well that these people are originally from the grass. Who can’t be greedy when they see the baby?
First, more than 10 people chased him to grab the dragon eggs, then Chen Han caught up with him, and then several French gods sent after Chen Han. These people marched in the same direction, which caused some misunderstandings. It is very likely that the person who chased Chen Han later gave up his goal and in turn robbed him of the dragon eggs.
In short, the priceless dragon eggs made a mess of the situation, and the dharma god didn’t want to pay attention to them any more. However, he saw the pike that the emperor was carrying in his hand, which was beautiful:
Hallows … Hallows? !
He’s a nobody. Where did he get the sacristy?
What the Dharma God can’t know is that Xiao Dou Huang is a chess set by Chen Han. In order to attract more people, he was taken to other uninhabited enchantment spaces to nibble away. The key is that these people were led by Xiao Dou Huang. Even if all of them died inexplicably, it is impossible to do it with Xiao Dou Huang’s strength in theory. It is also an unsolved case that has nothing to do with him, isn’t it?
Sure enough, those wild practitioners who didn’t belong to the Kanpa Empire were all red-eyed when they saw the sacristy, and they couldn’t wait to rush to rob them.
However, they are not carefree, and their blood and soul are powerful. They are not laymen who are greedy, but a group of robots or beasts who have been brutally trained. They will not covet the baby, as long as they receive the order, they will carry it out rain or shine, so many people want to rob the baby but can’t get away.
A total of more than 1000 people, except for more than 400 people who entered the Longyuan Temple, there are still 7800 people left.
The strength of these people is complicated, and they are United with the strongest 20 fighting emperors and gods, but they have a slight advantage over the Blood Soul Guard. After all, the Blood Soul Guards are all top imperial ranks. In the face of absolute strength, the number of people does not play a repressive role.
The highest combat power of the same imperial rank is hundreds or even thousands of times, not to mention the opponents are all fighting kings and demons. It is not bad to have this kind of war situation.
However, after all, there are only twenty-four of them, and they can resist seven or eight hundred people. That doesn’t mean they can live in C. Most people can’t do anything to run away.
On the other hand, when they managed to keep most people, especially the strongest 20 fighting emperors and Fashen, and let more people leave, the war situation that had fallen slightly behind was immediately reversed, and the Blood Soul Guard gradually gained the upper hand, only to anger the Fashen.
Hundreds of people rushed to the small bucket emperor. Even if he had the sacristy in his hand, it was rubbish in the bucket emperor after all. How could so many bucket kings be rivals?
Run, nice:
Ran to an empty enchantment space, and then saw Chen Han just coming from other enchantment spaces, and gave him a very crying smile.
Hula …
More than 30 figures appeared out of thin air, more than the number of people who scared him half to death before, and all 38 people were immortals.
Yes, the immortal statue is similar to him in the realm, but he can feel the gap.
These guys actually all have special physique, and the lowest growth rate also has two products. With the operation of fairy power, they can really feel the experience they practice, which is much stronger than themselves. Otherwise, how can they have such strong energy?
Same order … Why is the gap so big?
Hundreds of King Dou got into this enchanted space, and their purpose was only one, that is, to kill the King Dou together and rob the dragon eggs to make a fortune.
Unfortunately, the light of the sword is like water in conan the destroyer. In the face of 38 top strong people, one comes in and one dies, but he doesn’t reply.
In a blink of an eye, hundreds of people were killed, and Xiao Dou Huang ran out and shouted again, which made people mistakenly think that those who robbed the treasure were fighting among themselves without killing him. In the end, he survived and those people died instead.
How did this happen?
Isn’t it unreasonable for the target to be killed and fight among themselves first?
But that’s what I heard from his tone. No one thought that he was related to Chen Han. In short, Chen Han was completely separated from it.
In this way, under the efforts of the Blood Soul Guard, some people left the battle and rushed to the emperor, and were eventually led to other enchantment spaces to kill them.
Emperor Xiao Dou disappeared, just like into thin air. Chen Han, who was seriously injured, came out of nowhere and shouted a voice and ran with the Blood Soul Guard.
He didn’t want that desperate dharma god to blow himself up again and destroy these 24 thugs, and the next target became the nearest Green Garden.
Longyuan Temple, Tianwenlou, Juzhen Pavilion and Lvyuan are the four most important secret places in the palace, among which Longyuan Temple is the most important part of the enemy’s main attack. As the most important target, it naturally invested the strongest troops and was the first to be breached.
The other three places, to a greater extent, are for containment. There are not many troops placed, but they have a slight advantage, and the enemy does not have the strength to break through the defense.
When those guys saw the Blood Soul Guard appear, they all ran faster than rabbits and scattered thousands of people like birds and beasts.
Because of the collusion with the king’s son earlier, the other party has complete preparedness, including the whole route of safe evacuation after any end or failure. Therefore, the enemy on the ground in the next three confidential places, seeing the appearance of the Blood Soul Guard, probably received the message from the French God and ran away in a blink of an eye.
In order to prevent the enemy from having other plots, we diverted the tiger from the mountain or something, and everyone did not continue to pursue it. After leaving some bodies, these enemies disappeared.
Of course, those cannon fodder that attract fire outside the palace are not so lucky.
There is no doubt that they have fulfilled their mission. Sadly, these guys don’t know that their fate was decided from the beginning. When Flocculant ordered the only remaining elite of the palace to be transferred out, the Yugoslav capital army, which had some upper hand, joined forces with the elite of the palace to start a unilateral massacre …
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Chapter 768 Losses
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