Then find a folder named "rocker driver" from E disk, open it, select a movie at random and play it.

Watching, he felt a heat flow rising from his lower abdomen!
That thing is like an anti-aircraft gun, and it is slowly lifted!
At this moment, Chang Sheng has tears in his eyes and tears streaming down his face!
Lao tze everything is normal!
Although Chang Sheng saved a person, he didn’t take it to heart. Although sometimes I think about it, I am quite proud. But no matter how proud it is, it can’t be eaten.
His job is not a negotiator who fights fires everywhere, but a football coach by profession.
So the team’s work is important.
As for saving a stranger who doesn’t even know his name, it’s considered as saving character for his team.
The next day, he went to work in Las Margarita Sports City across the street.
But there, he still felt the strange eyes of everyone.
Carlos Campo simply asked him: "Boss, I admire you so much! How did you do it at that time! "
The other players looked at him with reverence and admiration.
Even Rudy Gonzá lez seriously praised his winning streak: "You make me admire you. I am not being sarcastic this time. "
Ever-victorious hurriedly brought up the reputation system, and found himself in getafe’s reputation has "reverence"!
Now it is [reverence] 300/24000.
He remembered that the reputation he saw only after playing the 14th round of the League two days ago was [respect] 10740, which was still a long way from upgrading his respect.
Why do you look at the prestige today and admire it directly?
During this period, there was no competition and no task was completed.
How did this reputation come about?
Ever-victorious hurriedly exhaled Lin Mo and asked.
"Some unexpected events that have nothing to do with football may also increase the prestige, but the magnitude is not large and it is very unstable. This prestige will decrease at a rate of 10 o’clock every day."
After Lin Mo’s introduction, Chang Sheng understood that it turned out to be a temporary reputation …
But this is also good.
Because there is welfare after prestige reaches [reverence]!
In addition to improving the team’s training effect by 4%, he will also get an extra permanent passive talent.
He ran to the skill book and found a new icon.
[Encouragement], the icon shows what an individual is saying impassioned with his fist.
The specific description of this talent is: increase your ability to improve the morale of players, and the primary level can increase morale by 15%.
Football game, a lot of time is about morale!
And this talent of constant victory is equal to making him a psychological master who is good at boosting morale.
Changsheng is good at encouraging people, but now it is even more powerful.
Although this reputation is known to be declining at the rate of ten o’clock every day.
However, Changsheng is not worried.
The weekend game is coming soon. As long as you win this game, you can gain a hundred points of prestige, which can completely make up for the lost prestige these days.
Anyway, since he has gained the prestige of "reverence", you can’t expect him to return to respect!
Chapter one hundred and forty Brokers
Changsheng didn’t expect to learn from Lei Feng to save people, so he immediately felt that good people were rewarded.
After the training, he was quickly surrounded by the media. Everyone didn’t ask him about the team training this time, but asked him about saving people last night.
"What’s there to ask? Didn’t you all see it yesterday?" Always win the rhetorical question.
"But we didn’t hear, often! We want to know what you said to him, so that he finally put down his plan to kill himself? "
"It’s a long story … anyway, I just told him that even getafe has been relegated under impossible circumstances. What obstacles do you have to overcome?" Changsheng spread out his hand and said.
The reporters all laughed.
They are all local media in getafe, so they are so interested in this matter, and the media in other places don’t care about it. There are so many people who commit suicide that they can’t care.
Therefore, these journalists can say that they all have a good impression of Changsheng. Hearing Changsheng actually persuaded a suicide with getafe’s inspirational performance last season. These local journalists in getafe are proud, and they will not doubt the truth of Changsheng’s words.
In their view, getafe’s performance in the last ten rounds of the league last season was indeed inspiring enough, but they were all proud that he could bring a man who was bent on dying back to life.
Although this is the credit of constant victory, they have a sense of honor.
This is the pride of getafe football!
When Chang Sheng finished dealing with these local journalists who had a good relationship, he returned to his home. However, before entering the apartment gate, as usual, he signed a photo for the fans waiting outside the apartment, and after fully meeting the requirements of every fan, he was able to step into the apartment hall.
However, as soon as I entered the apartment gate, I was stopped by Lemon: "Chang! You can come back, someone is looking for you … "
After saying his word, a man came out from behind Lemmon, carrying a suitcase and smiling at Chang Sheng.
Changsheng was taken aback. Isn’t this the man he saved from the rooftop yesterday? !
I know the clothes on him.
"Hey? Why are you here? " Always surprised to ask.
"I’ll sell myself, often. I think you need a professional to help you with some business contracts. In other words, you need a broker, Chang. " Kate Gracie said with a smile, restoring his politeness. It seems to have nothing to do with that poor wretch who came to the end of the road last night.
"Me? Broker? Ha! " Changsheng laughed.
"Don’t you realize your commercial value, Chang?" Kate Gracie was not annoyed or discouraged, but continued to persuade.
"What commercial value do I have?" Always win the rhetorical question.
"I just chatted with Lemmon here for a while, and he told you that he is very popular, probably the most popular figure in the whole getafe area."
Lemmon next to him said with a bitter face, "I just praised you to him, Chang." I promise I never revealed any of your privacy … "
"Of course, Lemon doesn’t have to disclose it, because many of your things have been reported in the media, and you can always find them if you have a heart." Kate Gracie took out some newspapers from her suitcase. "This is a few newspapers I bought casually on my way here today. Most of them are local newspapers in getafe, and there are two newspapers in Madrid, but without exception, they all talk about you. The newspapers in getafe are relishing the story that you saved my life, while the newspapers in Madrid are paying attention to you and your team. "
"The investigation is very full." Winning nodded, tone say not to come out is appreciated or doesn’t matter.
"Then I noticed a lot of fans outside the apartment building just now. These people have been here since very early, and then you appeared, signed them and took photos with them. This shows that you have a very high status in the eyes of getafe fans. "
"Is this your so-called commercial value?" Chang sheng asked.