Aoshan smiled at her, embarrassed and walked past her with his head down. The teddy bear in his hand was still in his arms.

This time, she didn’t take the initiative to talk to Li Re, but quickly got into the bathroom with her head down and naked.
Li Re precious little stop dressing looked at Aoshan figure frowning slightly. She just passed by her side for a moment and she always felt something was wrong.
But what is strange but I can’t say it.
There is a thick glass door at the entrance of the bathroom, and the exquisite and elegant structure makes Li Ruoxi once stay in Yin’s villa.
If you want to push the bathroom door in front of you, Li Re will frown and slowly retract his hand.
She is really worried about Aoshan that girl.
In my heart, I made up my mind. Li Rexi turned and crept into the bathroom. Through the thin white gauze shower curtain, Li Rexi saw Aoshan sitting on a stool and combing her long hair bit by bit.
This movement is unfamiliar and looks a little cautious.
Li Rexi frowned tightly because it was a little far away, but when she approached, she was afraid that Aoshan would notice the movement here and try her best to stick her head in.
Fortunately, the angle is facing Aoshan’s side, otherwise you will definitely be caught.
Li Re held her breath and stared at Aoshan quietly, unaware that she was hanging her eyes and combing her hair, but she didn’t apply shampoo.
Can it be cleaned in this way?
She couldn’t help but have a whisper in her heart. She was just about to turn around and leave when she caught a glimpse of a slightly scary scene. Aoshan suddenly bent down to put a comb and gently picked her long hair from the beginning.
The original slender ink hair was placed in the chair, and Li Re was surprised to cover his mouth.
Aoshan’s head is short and her hair looks like an immature body with this hairstyle.
Li Re precious little couldn’t help but want to look into her legs, but accidentally pulled the curtain. Aoshan was alert and turned back. Li Re precious little turned white and quickly took his things and didn’t run back.
In a hurry, Mo Shaoju prepared clothes and jewelry for herself. Li Rexi sat on the sofa and shook for a few seconds, then got up and walked back and forth.
Is Aoshan a man?
That’s not right. Listening to that soft voice doesn’t feel like a boy, and she has walked into the bathroom before.
Li Ruoxi locked her eyebrows tightly and struggled to remember Aoshan’s face when she first wanted to wash her hair.
"oh, my god"
Suddenly, Li Re realized what he was doing, but he couldn’t help but get angry and grabbed his hair and his face twitched slightly.
What the hell is she doing? Aoshan is a boy or a girl. The most important thing is that she is less than ten years old. Li Ruoxi, Li Ruoxi, you can’t bring the child down.
Here Li Re cherish is trying to do the ideological struggle, and on the other side Aoshan has already changed his clothes and walked in easily.
"If you cherish your sister"
As soon as she saw Li Ruoxi, she was like a happy bird. The teddy bear in her hand was not wet at all, which made Li Ruoxi wonder where she put the teddy bear when she just took a shower.
"Well, you washed it quickly."
She insincerely praised Aoshan, smiled at Aoshan and hugged the teddy bear in her hand. "If you cherish elder sister, this dress is really beautiful. Did Uncle Mo Shaoju buy it for you?"
Li Re precious little nod eyes staring at ao shan’s head on purpose.
It is said that if it is a wig, the hair will be whiter than ordinary people, but Li Ruoxi observed it in the middle of the night but didn’t have the courage to reach out and touch it.
Aoshan Gherardini stared at her. "If you cherish elder sister, when did you just go out?"
Li Rexi was asked by her, and the high-speed operation almost didn’t even think about it. She replied, "I went out after I changed my clothes. Why do you ask?"
Aoshan’s face emerged with a sigh of relief and she laughed at Li Rexi. "Nothing is that I just heard footsteps in the bathroom when I was taking a shower. It’s you."
Her face was not red and she was out of breath. After saying this, she seemed curious. "If you cherish the teddy bear I put outside, did you just see it?"
Li Re precious little sip lip "no, I didn’t notice"
After receiving this answer, Aoshan stopped talking and held the teddy bear hand slightly tightened. "Aoshan Aoshan doesn’t like being cheated. If you cherish your sister, you just really changed your clothes and left, and you didn’t do anything else right."
""Li Re precious little embarrassed pulled the corners of the mouth.
She did see the amazing scene, but she didn’t know whether to ask Aoshan if this hair thing was a secret, so why did Aoshan take a bath with her?
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Why don’t you worry?
"I’ll go to your uncle Mo Shaoju to do something. Aoshan is lovely and wait here if you cherish your sister, ok?"
Li Re pity some Nai crouched down to appease a proud Shan’s mood. Ao Shan nodded, and there was a different mood in his big eyes. "If you cherish your sister, you can’t cheat Ao Shan."
Hearing this, Li Re smiled and held out her little finger, "Do you want to pull the hook?"
After she finished this sentence, she was stunned again.
There seems to be some memory in my trance.
Aoshan nodded and stretched out his tender little finger and gently put it on Li Re’s precious little finger to remind her of "wanting". She shook her hand back and forth and hummed