"This and Jun Yu are really going to make a scene. Isn’t it enough for Xirui to teach him a lesson the next day?"

How dare you ruin her reputation in front of everyone!
Qian Qing said, "It is said that he was half-dead by Tianxirui’s emissary, and he made a lot of conditions for the antidote, but as soon as he got better, he couldn’t wait to come to Tiankaixuan to see you."
Coloured glaze dugu feel sudden, sudden pain in the head "that again? Qian Qing, how do I feel that you are coming to him as a lobbyist? "
Does Qian Qing like what Tianxirui wants to fix herself and Jun Yu?
Qian Qing took a sip of his lips. "No, it’s just that he has some pity."
That guy is not a good thing at first sight!
"He has the courage to provoke me and ruin my name in front of everyone. I will make him look good!"
Looking at the lonely glazed eyes, Qian Qing suddenly became afraid. "You don’t want to mess with him, do you?"
Dugu Liuli smiled slyly. "Why not?"
"But he is too."
"What about that? Dare to mess with my emperor’s old photo! "
Qian Qing wiped her forehead sweat. "Don’t you have a little crush on him?"
Coloured glaze dugu shook his head "that guy is not a good guy at first sight"
"But you haven’t contacted him yet. How can you judge him as bad?"
"Still have to contact? That guy knew at a glance that he was a bad guy. "
"Coloured glaze, do you already like Tianxirui?"
Coloured glaze dugu feels a little reddish on her cheeks. She’s a little embarrassed to look at Qian Qing. "What are you talking about?"
Qian Qing saw that it was probably white. She felt a little stuffy in her chest and knew that she shouldn’t like Tianxirui, but she couldn’t help it. Now Tianxirui Liulilang has a crush. It seems that they will be together soon.
"Small coloured glaze, you are not embarrassed to admit that some people should cherish it once they meet, or they will regret it if they lose it."
Everyone can say beautiful words, so cherish being nice to talents. She and Tian Xirui don’t know if they are each other’s lovers.
But the so-called cherish the present first.
Dugu coloured glaze blue cheeks more ruddy suspicious.
Qian Qing can leave sullenly when he sees this.
Liuli Tianxirui If you can really be happy, I wish you all the best!
He and Junyu have been trapped in the array. He didn’t expect someone to be so bold as to trap him in the maze. Fortunately, he remembered the man’s appearance! Good. When he gets out, he’s going to kick that guy’s ass!
After a day and a night with Jun Yu, I finally broke the maze!
And his dark guard just rushed out of the 458 chapter 458 daughter-in-law to save me.
"The temple can cause the temple to suffer, and I hope the temple will punish it."
As soon as Hejun Yu came out, several people immediately knelt down and confessed.
He Junyu was full of anger. "Just find that guy just now and the palace will kill him!"
"Temple, it seems that that guy is the one we have been trying to catch before," said the confidant.
And Jun Yu just remembered that he had been trying to catch the man before. I didn’t expect to let him deal with himself at the moment!
"Are you sure it’s him?" And Jun Yu’s anger disappeared by half.
"Well, that’s the little one."
And Jun Yu suddenly smiled. "Haha, I didn’t expect that it took us so long to find a guy who would triumph in the day. On that day, he was with Miss Wu, so they must be together! Great, this is a hard time to find a place! "
Confidant and a few dark guards are happy to see Taidian, and their heads are also happy.
So he and Jun Yu took people to the glass room in Dugu.
It is Mu Zhongqing who opens the door for He Junyu.
Mu Zhongqing was dumbfounded at the sight of these men. He didn’t expect them to leave him so soon!
When he was angry, he tried to set up a maze for them.
Qian Qing came out and stopped him and then looked at Jun Yu and laughed. "Isn’t this the temple?" I don’t know if it’s too condescending? "
And Jun Yu pushed her away and then made a dark look. The guards quickly took Muzhongqing because Muzhongqing was unguarded and was quickly caught by them.
"Let me go!" Mu Zhongqing was furious.
Qian Qing is also stupid. "Taidian, what are you doing?"
He Junyu said, "Call Miss Five Dugu out."
At this time, Dugu Hanmei and others came again, but they didn’t see Dugu coloured glaze coming out.
A few people don’t have a good time and Jun Yu want to catch Mu Zhongqing.
Dugu coloured glaze is reading a book of refined medicine, and when she sees the place of rectification, she carefully ponders over the fact that she was about to sort out a little clue when Qian Qing broke in to disturb her, and directly pushed Qian Qing out, and then the door continued to study.
Qian Qing was dumbfounded.
How can this coloured glaze be so cruel to her?
"Tai Dian doesn’t know where our friend offended the temple, but also please show it to the temple." Seeing that Wu Mei didn’t come out, Dugu Qingnuo thought of blocking for her first.
And Jun Yu was too lazy to look at him but stared at the door. "Since Miss Wu refused to come out, the palace is here."
Then he sat down.