Yi Yu smiled and said, "Do you like me? This ….. Although I’m afraid I can’t even compare with my mother’s years, I’m not a child after all … I’m afraid it’s hard to convince! And I’m afraid it’s hard for me to concentrate on my work with suspicion. "

Jellyfish Ji Xuan smiled helplessly: "Hey! You are so smart. Why can’t you understand something? Can I still harm you? I’m a brilliant girl. In those days, Yang Zi’s mother and I were sisters, but I didn’t have any children, so I took Yang Zi as my own daughter. Can I still harm her? There are some things you still don’t know now! "
Yi Yu didn’t see much horror. "The queen mother always has to reveal some clues!" If it is detrimental to my Qingcheng Sect … After all, if the teacher’s kindness is like a mountain, I am afraid that Yang Zi will look down on me. "
Jellyfish Ji Xuan did not answer directly, but turned to the bead on Yi Yu’s hand and said, "This’ dried Kunzhu’ is the most powerful magic weapon between heaven and earth! Beads are desperate pearls born by a hundred million-year-old clam. The gas in the beads is just the vitality of heaven and earth formed by the initial opening of chaos, and it is filled with strength. Even those legendary innate treasures are not necessarily much better than it. If you refine it and practice it in the future, you will get twice the result with half the effort and you will be promoted tenfold. "
Yi Yu carefully held the’ Gankunzhu’ and looked at the deep weather that surged up and down. He said, "It is really a treasure to contain the machine of transforming the universe into heaven and earth! I don’t know why my mother doesn’t refine herself. Although I have just seen my mother’s ability to pass the sky, I am afraid that no one is too big for this skill! "

The 442nd Jellyfish Jixuan’s Means (Part Two)
When it comes to the opportunity, the mysterious woman in the body of road flyover Shou Chang is a jellyfish JiXuan! What is even more amazing is that this powerful elf has this subtle relationship with Yi Yu!
Jellyfish Ji Xuan smiled helplessly: "If you can sacrifice yourself, will it be cheaper for you?" I am the body of the Five Elements Elf Xuanshui, and I am the body of the Elf, no matter how profound I am. And this thing is a chaotic illusion, and the five elements of energy in it are not open. If I refine it, I am afraid that I will not increase my cultivation, but I will take a life! "
Yi Yu suddenly smiled and turned around and said, "Since my mother gave me such a precious treasure, I should have given it to my mother."
Jellyfish JiXuan slightly one leng way: "oh? Why aren’t you afraid that I will be bad for the Qingcheng School? "
Yi Yu shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said, "What kind of character am I? Few people don’t know what I am afraid of, so what if I agree?" I can always go back on my word if I don’t want to. And then again, isn’t mother necessarily going to be an enemy of Qingcheng Mountain? Now just answer the mother and save you from getting angry. If something really happens in the future, it depends on the situation! Anyway, I accepted it. " When the white light flashed on the palm of your hand, the’ dry Kunzhu’ had disappeared without a trace.
Jellyfish Ji Xuan didn’t expect Yi Yu to say that she changed, and then she became stunned and immediately smiled: "You boy! I haven’t been staring at you for a day or two. I’ve been watching your every move since that girl Yang Zi came into your house. Very good, tough. It’s just this character to be decisive … It’s really not flattering! But today there is an honest matter. "
Yi Yu smiled with a big face and said, "Thank you for your praise."
Jellyfish Ji Xuan smiled wryly: "am I praising you?" It’s just that since you promised, I won’t say much. Anyway, even if you really go back on your word, you don’t have to ask me for trouble. Take care of yourself for that girl Yang Zi! "
Yi Yu’s face changed slightly. Why did the jellyfish Ji Xuan refer to in his words? He could naturally guess a thing or two. However, if a person is scared to flinch just because of his fame, he is not demon fairy Yiyu. Yi Yu smiled and stopped talking about this topic lightly: "Since my mother is here. Why don’t you just sit at home? Yang zi will be very happy if he sees you! Presumably, Qing Chu is also an old acquaintance of the mother. Let’s meet the parting of Syria. "
When Jellyfish Ji Xuan heard Yang Zi’s name. It’s rare to see a kind look in his eyes, and his heartfelt love is never like a fake. She was about to agree to Yi Yu’s request, but she heard him mention winning Qing’s face changed immediately. That’s not panic or disgust. Anyway, I was livid and just about to speak. But stopped in horror.
Yi Yu is one leng. Heart andao: "huh? What’s going on here? Is the jellyfish Ji Xuan afraid of Qing Chu? In terms of their current cultivation. Although Qing Chu is not weak, I’m afraid it’s a little difficult to fight against Jellyfish Jixuan. Maybe the early Qing dynasty was really that bad. Two thousand years later, the jellyfish Ji Xuan can still be so shocked! "
But on second thought, Yi Yuyou denied this idea. Although win at the beginning of Qing dynasty is strong, even when she was in her heyday, it is estimated that there will be no big gap between the jellyfish JiXuan and now. I’m afraid the reason why Jellyfish Ji Xuan is so horrified is not just a matter of cultivation. But it is not easy for Yi Yu to think of what can make the jellyfish Ji Xuan behave like this.
Seems to feel their own gaffes jellyfish JiXuan shan shan smiled and said, "Ha ha! Let her laugh at Yang Zi’s girl. I really miss her. It’s just that the big drink offering is also in the meeting. Let’s forget it for the time being! I will leave now. " Say it’s not easy for jade to stay a little longer. It’s already in the void. It’s like Yi Yu’s return to the pure land of bliss.
Yi Yu can see more clearly this time. He is very sure that Jixuan, a jellyfish, has absolutely no "realm world" like him, but her understanding of space is far better than Yi Yu’s. Just now, I just cut a crack in space directly by force and disappeared directly into it. In fact, it is similar to the Shou Chang Taoist’s escape technique, but the jellyfish Jixuan is more perfect and can almost complete the space transformation without any fetters, so it won’t leave a trace.
Yi Yu breathed a little sigh of relief, and it was lucky to be able to successfully send this woman away as a powerful woman. Now it is unexpected to get a’ dry Kunzhu’. But it also made him more curious about the past between Jellyfish Ji Xuan and Win Qing Chu.
Yi Yu, with many disciples of Qingcheng School, basically restored the chaotic array on the island and arranged some new defensive arrays. Although the Taoist priest in Shou Chang was repelled, there was definitely more than one Taoist priest in Shou Chang who sneaked into this small fairy island in the East China Sea. Of course, there will never be fewer people who secretly protect them, and the situation is also very favorable. However, the Qingcheng Sect can’t start to treat it lightly at this time, otherwise it is likely to be destroyed by people with a heart-
It was only after everything was arranged that Yi Yucai returned to the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’. At this time, the "pure land of bliss" has undergone earth-shaking changes in just a few months, and two distinct camps have been formed. It is bounded by a tall mountain range rising on both sides of the altar in the middle, with the original old residents in the east and the new residents in the west, and the population of both sides is more than one million. There is also an island hanging alone on the sea in the north, where dozens of wizards who believe in the god of the undead and nearly 100 thousand zombies live.
Although there are no major events, there are also many trivial matters of spreading faith and establishing a church, and the daughters of Yi Yu’s family are also very busy. Daughters also know that the situation outside is getting more and more tense recently. Yi Yu spends most of her time outside with her family and naturally takes care of less. They don’t give him any trouble, and they have their own fun. And it is absolutely unparalleled to become the core of the belief of hundreds of thousands of people and accept the most devout worship. And the thrill of absorbing the power of faith makes these goddesses feel even nobler than those more powerful monks outside, because their lives are not only borne by themselves, but also by millions of dreams and beliefs.
Yi Yu swept the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ with her mind and saw that everyone seemed to be busy with their own things. He flew directly to the altar in the middle without being disturbed by the past. Sitting cross-legged in the center, she took out the’ dried kunzhu’ that the jellyfish Jixuan gave her. Although just get this treasure when Yi Yu appears calm as usual. It’s calm, but in fact, his heart has already turned upside down.
That’s’ dry Kunzhu’! As the name implies, there is an opportunity for Bao Na Gan Kun to change and accommodate the universe. If we can truly understand the mystery of this treasure, we can realize that Avenue has made great achievements! But no one knows exactly how to understand and how to understand. I don’t know how this thing got into the hands of the jellyfish Ji Xuandi. But Yi Yu won’t believe what she said when she took it out. Although she doesn’t need this treasure, she can offer it when the first emperor returns to the world in the future. Why should Yi Yu be cheap? Of course, there is another possibility. It is this thing that was originally given to Jellyfish Jixuan by the First Emperor. It’s useless for her to hold it now. And gave Yi Yu is equivalent to gave Yang Zi is not out of their house. Why not have a relationship with Yiyula Mountain?
Yi Yuju holding the’ dry Kunzhu’ spirit force wants to probe into it, but he has tried his best to reach less than that fraction and can’t enter it again, just like there is a strange energy stop. Actually, Yi Yu didn’t hold too much hope. If it’s so simple, you can see this treasure clearly. I’m afraid it would have shone in the hands of jellyfish Jixuan. How could it have landed in his hands?
Yi Yu withdrew her mind and looked at his hand carefully again. This can be a treasure pearl heart: "Just now, Jellyfish Ji Xuan said that it is a broken pearl from the origin of a giant clam with a history of one hundred million years. What is sealed inside is the chaotic qi at the beginning of heaven and earth. Now that I can’t figure out what this thing is for, I might as well smash this bead. I think it will certainly be of great benefit to me if I can absorb the original chaotic qi of heaven and earth inside! "
If Jellyfish JiXuan knew Yi Yu’s idea now, I don’t know if she would take back the’ dry Kunzhu’! There are many prodigal families in the world, but I’m afraid I can’t find a few who are so prodigal to Yi Yu! Such a treasure will be broken into parts just because it can’t be used! But then again, I’m afraid there is no difference between treasures and garbage that can’t be used in Yi Yu’s psychological aspect!
"Bang!" After a loud rumbling, Jian Qin slammed on the’ dry Kunzhu’, but what is even more shocking is that Jian Qin, who is so sharp, plus Yi Yu’s full-body mana did not leave a trace on the’ dry Kunzhu’! Want to know the’ dry Kunzhu’ at this time, but what no one can control is that his baby is very and eventually a dead thing. But it is such a dead thing that has blocked Yi Yu’s full blow!
Yi Yu looked at this in front of him in astonishment and mused, "Huh? I didn’t expect this thing to look so strong. I didn’t expect it to be so strong. " Then at the hands of Jian Qin without any damage that breath a sigh of relief.
Yi Yu picked up the’ dry Kunzhu’ again. He had no hope and was ready to put it away for later. In fact, practice knows that besides paying attention to perseverance and penance, there must be a chance. If the chance is not available, it will be futile for you to work hard. Yi Yu has been practicing for years, and how can she not know the truth? Therefore, although he has long wanted to possess the chaotic qi in this’ Gankunzhu’, he can’t force it now.
But at the moment when Yi Yu took the’ dried Kunzhu’, he suddenly changed his look and wanted to throw away the’ dried Kunzhu’ on his hand. But that’ dry Kunzhu’
Shoot a naked like stuck to Yi Yu’s hand and let him do nothing. Then a powerful and boundless true yuan suddenly rushed into Yi Yu’s body.
At this time, Yi Yu was scared out of his wits. He had practiced for so many years and had never seen such a powerful Zhenyuan! And what is kept in this’ Gankunzhu’ is the innate chaotic qi, and its energy level is even higher than that of those who are comparable to the immortal realm. Just like Yi Yuti’s "heavenly thunder and fire" and "heavenly fire" in the mainland, although they are also extremely pure energy. But compared with these chaotic energies, the weak ones are somewhat stretched.
Yi Yu was amazed to feel that the energy rushed into his body crazily. Although it seems that the’ dry Kunzhu’ is not attacking him, if these huge energies are allowed to spread in the body, I am afraid it will be’ supported to death’ alive! Now all the energies of Yi Yu’s original cultivation, such as "Five Elements of Qi", "Armageddon, Thunder and Fire" and "Skyfire", have been suppressed to the point where the purple mansion demonstrated no movement and her body is full of the gentle and huge chaotic energy. If this’ chaotic energy’ is just right, stop it now. This is definitely a godsend benefit of Yi Yu, but the huge energy is still being transported to his body endlessly, with no intention of stopping at all. If it goes on like this, I’m afraid it won’t take a wick of incense. Yi Yu’s body will collapse and be destroyed because it can’t hold these’ chaotic energies’.
In the face of such a crisis, Yi Yu’s bitterness in his heart is hard to say. He originally wanted to cut down the’ dry Kunzhu’ to take the energy for his own use, but now this’ dry Kunzhu’ has actively exported energy. On the contrary, it made him unable to benefit. I’m afraid that Yi Yu will become the biggest joke in the field of fix true for thousands of years if he is’ supported to death’ by energy!
Finally, I feel that my body has almost reached the limit, but the energy rushing in the’ dry Kunzhu’ is still endless and seems endless. In desperation, Yi Yu raised her heart horizontally and slapped her left hand hard on her abdomen. Even if there is no sound. But he was already in pain and sweaty. You should know that the abdomen is the most important part of the human body, especially for the monks, but there is a way to show the abdomen. When it is broken, it will lose its true qi. It’s equivalent to wasting mana! However, Yi Yu’s present situation does not allow him to take this risky move.
If we let the’ chaotic qi’ rush into the body again and get no guidance, Yi Yu will die, but now he has broken the abdomen himself. Let all the energy of the whole body rush to the’ pure land of bliss’. It is also a temporary solution to its own crisis. And’ pure land of bliss’ was originally his domain. The energy stored in it is also at the call of the call, so it should not be wasted. It’s just that it will take a lot of effort to repair Dantian again in the future. But it’s better than being killed now!
But just as Yi Yu breathed a little sigh of relief, the’ dry Kunzhu’ in his hand unexpectedly changed and regenerated! Seems to feel the pressure of Yi Yu. If it goes on like this, it won’t kill him! This’ dry Kunzhu’ finally showed its ferocious face again, and the chaotic energy was ten times stronger than it was just now. If just now, you can barely think that it naturally wants to help the master practice, but the master can’t afford it. But now the fierce and violent energy is no longer a’ practice’. Obviously,’ Gankunzhu’ is trying to kill Yi Yu.
Now Yi Yu even doubts whether this evil bead has his own thoughts! Yi Yu just cut it, and now he’s going to turn around and get back! It’s just that if others are better than real people with long eyebrows, I’m afraid most of them will be’ supported to death’ by this bead, but it happened to meet Yi Yu. Now Yi Yu has broken the energy from the’ Gankunzhu’ and entered the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ without hindrance. It’s not easy to fill up that huge independent world.
"Celebrate the son! Help me! " At the same time, Yi Yu showed a spirit and hurriedly summoned Qinger, the incarnation of the wood elf. Although he has now channeled the chaotic qi accumulated in his body, the violent true yuan has taken a circle in his body and destroyed the ribs. Fortunately, Yi Yu’s cultivation of the five elements of true qi can be regarded as a success, and the boundless vitality of wood-based true qi can make self-repair last for so long.
Qinger didn’t dare to neglect and quickly turned into a prototype, a giant tree with a height of 500 feet. Seeing her branches swaying and green light shining, Yi Yu only felt that a huge and gentle wood energy wrapped his body and the injured part was being repaired quickly under the nourishment of wood energy. The’ dry Kunzhu’ also felt the situation and the output energy suddenly increased. However, Qinger’s own wood energy is almost boundless, and she also has the’ pure land of bliss’ as the backing. As long as he feels a little bad, he will directly collect a piece of "raw" energy in the "pure land of bliss". Unless the "pure land of bliss" becomes a dead zone, Qinger’s energy will never be exhausted.

The four hundred and forty-third time to dry Kunzhu
Going back to Yi Yu’s’ Dry Kunzhu’, I want to refine it without adding it. Unexpectedly, this’ Dry Kunzhu’ is quite spiritual! And mean biting after eating a little loss actually want to kill Yi Yu! Fortunately, with the protection of’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, it has not been overwhelmed by the endless’ chaotic qi’.
The purest innate chaos is surging, and after running in Yi Yu’s body, it rushes into the’ pure land of bliss’ through the damaged abdomen. At the same time, the life force of the huge essence of ethyl wood manipulated by Qinger constantly moistens Yi Yu’s body. The two forces work together to strengthen Yi Yu’s body and meridians with almost unlimited transformation. A pale golden qi seems to pierce the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’.
At this moment, every muscle cell and every inch of bone meridian of Yi Yu is covered by the chaotic qi, and the sound of "creaking" seems to be tearing apart. But after the crack, it was quickly repaired and even stronger than before! Yi Yu has no other way at this time. He can only endure severe pain and slowly wait for the end of this process. After all the consciousness is recovered, Yuan Shen also hides in the purple mansion. Although the body is suffering from the pain of tendon dislocation at the moment, Yi Yu’s own Yuan God temporarily cut off contact with him and didn’t feel that kind of inhuman pain.
Yi Yu gazed intently at the inner vision, only to see the surging chaotic energy in the body, which was like a powerful hammer smashing his inch by inch and reassembling it. Although it looks shocking. But Yi Yu’s heart is already full of joy. He can vaguely feel in his heart that if this disaster can survive, the benefits he will get will definitely be more than just collecting this’ chaotic qi’. I am afraid that the legendary’ not bad golden body’ is not far away! Compared with the powerful body that only exists in the legend, the’ indestructible body’ cultivated by Buddhism is somewhat dwarfed.
The energy in Yi Yu’s body runs so fast that it seems that the’ dry Kunzhu’ is still unwilling to continue to increase its output. The pale golden’ chaotic qi’ will even turn into liquid! Gradually, it changed from a liquid like running water to a metal liquid with a full texture like mercury. This state lasted for three days, and Qinger finally stopped supporting it and continued to output energy to Yi Yu. Although she can still maintain her anger if she freely extracts the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’. But Yi Yu stopped her with her mind.
At the same time, the meridians in Yi Yu’s body collapsed instantly, but it seemed as early as he expected! Just after the disintegration of the meridians in the body, the new energy generated by the chaotic qi quickly formed new meridians. Because it comes from the same source, the chaotic qi that gushes out from the’ Gankunzhu’ can no longer hurt Yi Yu’s meridians.
But now Yi Yu’s face is extremely painful. Just now, when his whole body was torn apart, it was no pain for him to disconnect Yuan Shen from his body. But now, in order to reorganize the meridians, we have to put the Yuan God back. Otherwise, how can we fuel those energies? That kind of pain that hits the depths of the soul. Even let Yi Yu some unbearable hissing constantly! With his roar, the whole "Pure Land of Blissfulness" trembled even on the fairy island in the East China Sea beyond the space fault. There is a powerful scary energy escaping.
It’s no secret that the forces around the island are horrified and confused. A few days ago, Jellyfish Jixuan made a move to abolish the road flyover Shou Chang. Moreover, many of them share the same position as the jellyfish Ji Xuan. But even the jellyfish Ji Xuan is here. It is impossible to produce such a powerful energy! At this moment, none of them thought that the culprit would be Yi Yu!
It is said that after the rebirth of the meridians in Yi Yu’s body. The abdomen that he broke was actually healed as before! It saves a lot of mending time. A deep and white light beam suddenly flashed out of Tianling Cave and rushed straight into the air. A faint golden awn lingers around him, but it is arrogant. Yi Yu was pleasantly surprised to feel the energy in her body. At the same time, the chaotic fog in the purple mansion in the abdomen slowly flowed and finally gathered into a huge air mass. These "chaotic qi" were originally the innate vitality at the beginning of the world, and they gathered in the purple mansion at this time, even as the universe began to evolve and mutate. A chaotic air mass slowly evolved into the milky way of stars, and it was moving slowly with unprecedented regularity.
"Boom!" Yi Yu’s head exploded like a blast, and Yuan Shen’s thoughts spread uncontrollably around. At this moment, the surging clouds, flowers, trees and even moths in the whole’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ are all within his perception! In the past, because the scale of’ Blissful Pure Land’ grew too fast, it was out of Yi Yu’s control, and now it finally fell into his palm again. Control a world independent of the outside world at will and feel its subtle changes. Until now, Yi Yucai has really become the master of the Pure Land of Blissfulness, the truly omnipotent God here!
The’ dry Kunzhu’ in his body seems to have felt the change of this new owner, and gradually stopped outputting the’ chaotic qi’, and the bright and dazzling light disappeared.
It became a big, dull bead. This time, it really lost the’ chaotic qi’ that it had accumulated for many years, and it was released in a short time. Instead of killing Yi Yu, it helped him see a new sky for practicing!
However, Yi Yu, who was in ecstasy, suddenly felt a quiver and immediately swept over the sky and saw a huge eye between the clouds! These big eyes, which are no less than ten feet long, are obviously conjured up by the general knowledge of the Great God, and I’m afraid I’ve been peeping here for more than a day or two. In the past, although Yi Yu was able to perceive the subtle changes in the "pure land of bliss", he could not cover everything because of his limited manpower. It’s not unusual to be blinded by the disparity in cultivation. But now this "pure land of bliss" has really become a part of his body. How can this method deceive his eyes and ears?
In an extremely luxurious palace far away, a tall, middle-aged scribe suddenly opened his eyes and smiled slightly with relief. Light way: "The big robbery will rise like a storm! But I don’t know who will die and who will live this time. Who wins and who loses? "
At the same time, although Yi Yu is now peeping. But I didn’t take drastic action. Anyway, I don’t know how long it’s been watched by people. Why bother at the moment? Moreover, the person who peeks in the dark is also very aware of the advance and retreat. Yi Yu quickly accepted the avatar and disappeared after knowing his existence, but he did not know whether he was an enemy or a friend.