There was a loud noise and the two long swords met again.

When it comes to Peishan and Xu Ren, there is a lot of consumption, but Xu Ren’s consumption is significantly smaller. This collision is still dominated by Xu Ren. After the collision, Peishan’s figure Xu Ren flew backwards and flew out.
Of course, Xu Ren’s figure also flew backwards, but this time Xu Ren flew backwards and the distance was much closer than Peishan’s.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and seventy-three Wear clouds
Peishan can’t live backward, but he can’t even admit that he is not as good as Xu Ren, because Xu Ren is really stronger than him.
At this time, Xu Ren’s attack came again. It was a huge sword attack formed by the fusion of 991 swords.
Pei Shan even has a crying mind, and his body is still backward. How can he stop Xu Ren’s attack with a fusion sword?
At this time, Peishan was also cruel and moved his life to fly sword directly.
But this time, he didn’t fly his sword to attack Xu Ren, but moved directly to a mountain to resist the attack from Xu Ren to the fusion sword.
Xu Ren that fusion sword Gang directly beheaded Peishan moved to the mountains.
"ah! ……”
Even when Peishan just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, he felt a chill had passed through his body.
Pei Shan felt incredible. He didn’t feel Xu Ren’s attack, but the other attack had passed through his body.
The last picture in Peishan’s eyes is a looming but breathing flying sword.
By this time, this Peishan is white. It turns out that Xu Ren doesn’t have a flying sword. He has a second flying sword and may even have a third flying sword.
Peishan’s figure collapsed and revealed the other body.
No wonder this guy’s flying sword has the ability to move mountains. It turns out that he is moving apes, and he is still very young to move apes.
Xu Ren felt that if he gave this guy his flying sword, he might be able to move to a real mountain. At that time, I’m afraid there would be few opponents.
The Pei mountain fell to the ground, and his demon soul was attached to the sword and shot outward.
If he wants to be reborn from here, it is not difficult. Although his strength will be greatly reduced after rebirth, he can still become a peerless strong person if he is given enough time.
It is impossible for Xu Ren to let him escape, so when the Peishan demon soul attached to the flying sword and flew outward, Xu Ren ordered the flying sword to "follow his heart" and was already waiting there.
That Peishan demon soul got into Xu Ren’s special life flying sword together with flying sword without paying attention.
Xu Ren side struck Peishan scene nature is also a small demon leopard confrontation that three demon clan list sword repair saw.
This will also make the sword repair of the three demon families a hundred swords list very surprised.
The Peishan strength, they know the most about Peishan’s powerful fighting capacity, unreasonable life and flying sword. Even if the realm is higher than him, it is not easy for the friar to kill him, but Xu Ren will kill him in a lower realm than Peishan. This situation makes the three demon families feel like a dream.
Xu Ren killed Peishan and put away Peishan’s body, flying sword and demon soul, and then directly confronted the small demon leopard Molin, and the three demon families rushed over to repair the list of swords.
This time, Xu Ren’s goal is to wear the cloud, the weakest in the list of 100 swords.
Xu Ren would choose this way. One reason is that this is a fast cloud-piercing, and his confrontation with Xiao Yaobao Molin will also make Xiao Yaobao Molin feel troublesome and create more opportunities for Yuan Chong and Lan.
The real blue speed is also very fast, and the opponent’s flying sword seems to be thunder, but it is a little less flexible than wearing a cloud.
Of course, Xu Ren chose to wear clouds because his strength is weaker than that of the other two demon monks. It should be easier for him to deal with wearing clouds.
Anyway, it’s not dangerous for Xiao Yaobao to deal with Yuan Chong and Lan by himself, so it’s also the most reasonable tactical arrangement for him to get rid of the cloud crossing first.
Xu Ren’s speed is no slower than that of wearing clouds. His figure flashed and he reached the demon tribe’s list of swords, and the monks wore clouds near him.
See that wear cloud Xu Renchong to his heart is also horrified.
But now that Xu Ren has rushed towards him, he can’t ignore it, so he waved his sword directly and greeted Xu Ren.
The sword in the hand of Chuanyun is narrow and long. This sword is not suitable for chopping, but it is very suitable for piercing and stabbing.
In the hands of Xu Ren, Xinghai Urban Construction hacked that wearing Yunji by means of posture, and when he evaded Xu Ren’s attack, he would immediately stab Xu Ren with a narrow and long sword in his hand.
It’s the first time to attack Xu Ren like this, but it’s not difficult for him to resolve it quickly
You know, Xu Ren’s speed is no slower than that of Little Demon Leopard Molin, and this cloud-piercing is also fast, but it is still worse than that of Little Demon Leopard Molin.
Therefore, it is not a problem for Xu Ren to deal with cloud-penetrating attacks.
However, Xu Ren is not easy because he has to deal with the sword attack in the hands of the cloud and at the same time prevent the other side from flying.
This Xu Ren understands that this flying sword flying through the clouds is called "with the wind", which is a fast and erratic flying sword. The absolute speed of the flying sword is different, and the handle "with the wind" is more flexible.
It is precisely because of this that Xu Ren paid special attention to wearing a flying sword.
Xu Ren is not particularly adapted to the attack like Chuanyun, but with the increasing number of encounters, Xu Ren found that the opponent’s body is flexible but not slack.
So Xu Ren showed a way to attack ten times with one strength
Xu Ren constantly oppresses the demon sword to repair the cloud, and the speed has also been greatly affected, because Xu Ren not only attacks himself crazily, but also several meteors keep falling from it and hitting the demon sword to repair the cloud.
It’s also very uncomfortable to wear the cloud now. On the one hand, he has to guard against Xu Ren’s flying sword attack, on the other hand, he has to avoid meteorites. Plus the sword in Xu Ren’s hand, he is in a very bad situation.
Xu Ren’s strong offensive finally made this demon named Chuanyun make a mistake in Jian Xiu. Although his head was wandering, this moment has already made him lose the opportunity to avoid Xu Ren Xinghai sword.
Seeing that you can’t hide from Xu Ren Xinghai sword and wear clouds, you can crustily skin of head and meet Xu Ren’s attack with a sword in your own hand.
There was a loud noise, and Xu Ren’s body retreated to three feet away.
The wear cloud shape directly flew to fifteen feet away.
Wearing a cloud posture is dexterous and fast, but its strength is much worse than that of Xu Ren. This collision is also a high opinion.
Be shocked to fly out and wear clouds unwilling, but at this time Xu Ren has rushed towards him again.
Wear cloud don’t want to Xu Ren recklessly and then show shape Xu Ren spin up.
Xu Ren has already had an experience. Naturally, he won’t play hide-and-seek by Chuanyun himself. While his mind controls the meteorite to hit Chuanyun, he looks for opportunities to continue to force Chuanyun to recklessly.