"My name is wang hong Shangdan!"

"But what about the district chief?"
"Is it okay for the district chief to choose my day to reply?" For a while, two dog really couldn’t think of a suitable candidate. He thought it would be better to consult with wang hong.
"No problem! Xiaopi, I’ll leave this to you to wait for good news! "
Off the ShangTieBing square Cui thick, Qian Feiyan, pear fragrance and other women look at him differently.
"God, boss Shang Tiebing values you so much?" It turned out that they overheard two dog’s secret conversation for a long time.
"two dog nine planets City said that it is your turn to be a big brother. Congratulations!"
"Boss, who do you want to be the head of Huanggu District?" Qian swallow eyes shine way
"Swallow, don’t say that I’m famous and lifeless. Do you know that my life will always be cut or the Municipal People’s Congress will know?" Two dog in distress situation way
"two dog’s family don’t say two words, like the names of leaders in the district, they can always wither. Just tell me through you who the district chief candidate is?" Fang Cuinong is full of a posture of breaking the casserole.
Chapter 73 Ye Xiangping surprised
"Fang Jie District remembers my name, wang hong, and I have to discuss the name of the district head!" Two dog just said this when she saw Chunchaili come in and reported, "Brother Dog, a beautiful woman who calls herself Ye Xiangping is looking for you!"
At first hearing the name Ye Xiangping, two dog remembered that he had signed a 200,000-Jin agreement with Baici County to go against the fate of vegetables. This vegetable basket project was led by Ye Xiangping, deputy head of the county, who personally introduced the fate of vegetables and set up a trade group for the fate of vegetables.
"Who is two dog Ye Xiangping?"
"I went to Niutou Village to handle affairs and met her through Baici County. She is the deputy magistrate of Baici County and signed an agreement with me to go against the fate of 200,000 Jin." Then two dog led the crowd out to meet Ye Xiangping.
Ye Xiangping brought an assistant on this trip and was excited when he saw two dog. "Xiaopi can find you!"
"Ye county magistrate, do you want to make a message so that I can pick you up!"
"This busy man didn’t answer your call, saying that you went against the sky and the vegetable base picked ten trucks in Baici County today, and now we are going to pull the goods through Da Nai Village!" Ye Xiangping saw Pi two dog again and found that his goods were bigger and bigger, and his heart could not help but make love ripples.
When I look at him, my eyes are as thick as if I want to drop rose juice.
"Pear fragrance, please call Sister Xuemei and ask her to take care of a white porcelain county transportation team!"
Pear fragrance promised to make a phone call.
After some greetings, Ye Xiangping excitedly said, "two dog, your room is so beautiful. Show me around?"
"Yes, welcome to visit!"
"I want to visit your bedroom!" Listen to Ye Xiangping going to the bedroom. Others understand that Ye County magistrate wants to talk to two dog alone and automatically avoid it.
When the two came to the bedroom door, Ye Xiangping immediately changed into a different person. He took off his clothes and said with emotion, "If you leave, you will leave me cold and heartless!"
"Sister Xiangping, I’ve been traveling south for 20 days and I’m just too busy to finish. I just said I would call you, but I didn’t expect you to come in person!" Two dog a clap coax way
"Then you don’t act. I am now in single dog, and I will be responsible for you if I need it!" Ye Xiangping is very white and full of young woman’s charm.
Two dog’s mind took a kiss and kissed Ye Xiangping, pretending to push him. "two dog, when your strength is over, you can transfer me to nine planets City, so it will be much more convenient for me to see you, okay?"
"This can have today’s business mayor looking for my name Huanggu District Banren Constituency and writing it down to wang hong Chang District Governor. When you come here, you should keep a low profile and ask for no success, but you have also asked the organization department people to talk to you and secretly investigate you. You should pay attention to everything you say and do, just wait for the city to wither and vote!"
Ye Xiangping was surprised at this. "two dog, what did you say? Mayor Shang let your name be true or false? " She exclaimed, Oh, my God, so I bet on the right treasure this time. No, the head of Huanggu District is a white egg. Is Miss White promoted?
"You don’t believe me?"
"Believe me! Then you name me as the current district chief, and that means you’re promoted to vice mayor, right? " Recently, Ye Xiangping also got some news that Bai Dan is trying to run for the position of deputy mayor.
"Vice mayor? It’s impossible for him to tell me everywhere that I won’t let him rise! "
See two dog said seriously Ye Xiangping thread in my heart. Oh, my God, this is a 20-year-old guy. Who would believe that it is such a guy who can control the candidates in Huanggu District?
Thought of here, Ye Xiangping is full of an incredible expression. "two dog, listen to you, he doesn’t rise, but falls?"
"Uncle Shang asked me if the white egg was rising or falling, and I said that it was falling. He said that it was no problem, so let him go to the county to exercise for a few years!"
"God, two dog, are you serious?" Heard Ye Xiangping a nerve-racking, heart said two dog strength strong to this point?
"Nonsense this kind of thing can joke? Do you think I am a three-year-old child? Do you believe me? " Two dog was a little dry when he saw Ye Xiangping not believing in himself.
Ye Xiangping was so frightened that he sat up and found his mobile phone from his bag and dialed a message.
Soon the words were connected to Ye Xiangping’s voice and chattered, "What is the situation when Bai District heard that you have to transfer recently?"
"Xiangping, I may have to go to Fengshui County to be the county magistrate for several years. The mayor said that I would make great achievements!"
If the old oil can hear the words "white egg", it is tantamount to comforting himself. He has been promoted from the district head to the county head of a poverty-stricken county.
"Oh that congratulations white warden! This means that the mayor of the business values you and I wish the new job of the white district chief all the best! " It was confirmed by White Egg that Ye Xiangping was suddenly a little sad, but she didn’t have a deep friendship with White Egg. She exchanged interests with White Egg more.
A few years ago, she was also the leader of Huanggu District. At that time, her patron in the city had not retired, so that White Egg was successfully elected as the head of Huanggu District.
At that time, Ye Xiangping’s junior backer meant to let her exercise at the grassroots level for a few more years. Unexpectedly, something unexpected happened. She, the vice mayor’s backer, was detained for two days and soon went to prison.
Ye Xiangping has also been implicated in the city, which means important punishment. After the efforts of White Egg, Ye Xiangping was transferred from nine planets City and placed in Baici County as the deputy magistrate.
"Xiangping, I heard that today, the mayor of Shang made a special trip to peel two dog’s house to visit and came back to talk to me. I doubt that it is Pi two dog who is in the middle of it. Don’t you have anything to do with him? Help me find out, okay?" White egg (a diverting.
"ah? Bai District Chief’s agreement is just an import agreement of 200,000 Jin of vegetables, or I’m ashamed to ask the boss to sign such a secret thing. I’m afraid I can’t have friendship with him! " Ye Xiangping play the fool way
"Xiangping Pi two dog likes to deal with women, especially beautiful women. You are a great beauty. You can benefit from your own specialty to get close to him. You can easily get the truth if you want. I have always supported each other with you, haven’t I? I want you to help me. I will definitely repay you after I make a comeback this time! " White eggs almost begged
"I’m sorry, White District Chief. The Municipal Organization Department just communicated with me and told me that I am the acting district chief of Huanggu District in our city!"
Ye Xiangping this words there to heavy breathing old a long time before the white egg strength way "Ye Xiangping you good good ah you make a comeback I want to congratulate you! Goodbye! "
White egg is not the kui is an operator. As soon as he heard that Ye Xiangping took over his post as district chief, it was all white. He stopped talking and ended the call.
Chapter 731 wang hong petticoats worry.
Let it go. Ye Xiangping looked at the phone and lost in thought.
"Xiangping elder sister, after you transferred to the city, the struggle will be more intense. You have to do one thing, but that is a good team! There is no good place for the swing grass, understand? " Ye Xiangping had a relationship with White Egg. In White Porcelain County, she poured yam in sacks and helped each other several times to tell two dog the truth.
"two dog, I understand!" Man struggles upwards, water flows downwards. Ye Xiangping did have the idea of betting the treasure on White Egg. Later, she found that the root of White Egg was to perfuse her, and her blood was cold. Unexpectedly, God sent a super Daniel to help her.
"So Sister Xiangping, do you believe it?" Two dog installed a comparison.
"two dog, you are the big boss, and I will be loyal to you!" At some point, Ye Xiangping looked at him like a peach and plum again.
"ah? What about your pole? "
"Boss, I’m sick. It’s time to heal! Kiss me! "
"Well, then I’ll help you see a doctor!" Said he this goods is a tone lived Ye Xiangping two hair once crazy …
After the madness, Ye Xiangping left Hanlinju with a satisfied smile and went to Da Nai Village to pledge the goods.
Pi two dog was entangled in Fang Cuinong’s way, "two dog, who is your district candidate? Tell me quickly! "
"Sister Fang, I’ll tell you after I make a phone call!" When two dog looked at his eyes, he saw that it was noon. wang hong should rest. He dialed a word. After a while, wang hong was slightly tired. "two dog, my father, Qian Ying, Wang Ming’s five million Jin of anti-fate food has been shipped. He said that he has paid the company account. Have you received it?"
"I have no feedback here for the time being, and I will know when I ask the financial director. Sister Hongshang, I am not looking for money, but I have something important to discuss with you!" Two dog threw a big bang way
"What’s the big deal?"
"I’ll send a helicopter to pick you up. Let’s meet face to face?" Two dog’s famous wang hong Chang Dan Huang Gu just remembered that this is equivalent to a leap-forward promotion. This is unique in the history of nine planets City. Of course, it is now a famous Shang Tiebing who also verbally promised to come to the specific market and vote to know the result.
But then again, Shang Tiebing is the mayor of nine planets, and Wu Tongren’s horse is going to retire. It is said that the head of nine planets City is likely to be Shang Tiebing, and he has to nod his head to nail the substrate.
To say the least, even if ShangTieBing’s name is not successful, there are connections in two dog Province.
Even without these connections, it is only a matter of time before wang hong Chang creates a change and a promotion in political achievements.
One day, among the 20,000 villagers in Da ‘nai Village, 5,000 people grow vegetables that go against the weather, and people can get 150,000 yuan for the food. After deducting the manual transportation and tax, they can get less pure income of 120,000 yuan. Planting against the weather can generate more than 200,000 yuan, and there are 10,000 mu of raw materials for producing Cynomorium pills. The income of these 10,000 villagers is relatively weak, and the pure income is about 100,000 yuan.