Jiang Pingshan’s pretty face turned white and sweaty, and his forehead was covered with fine sweat. Just now, he was hit by the ghost, and he knew that the terrible scream was like a magic sound filling his brain, disturbing his mind, body and mind, and his mind was just about to come out.

She remembered how anxious, surprised and afraid that so many ghosts could be commanded by the other party at will. It can be seen that the other party is carefully sacrificing things, otherwise how can it be arbitrarily ordered to be flexible and abnormal?
Thousands of ghosts are thousands of lives. It is conceivable that the other party committed a heinous crime, but the two words are so severe. It must be the left-handed giant evil. Look at He Pingtian’s fear of being wrapped in Hongyun, and it is also run. More and more worried and afraid.
Xuan Hun Shen Curtain suddenly floated up and huddled up, but turned to fly. Jiang Pingshan He Pingtian limped like a mummy, and a stream of white gas came out of his head. He flew to a flying sword and slammed the Xuan Shen Curtain, but it was soft and slippery and fell to one side.
Xuan Hun Shen curtain is like a living thing, knowing that someone is attacking the bloody smoke cloud, shaking it back and covering it, and quickly wrapping He Ping Tian Yuan Shen Fei Jian together.
Seeing the spikes sticking out of the Xuan Hun God Curtain, but unable to penetrate it, it suddenly swells and shrinks, making it soft and tough.
Jiang Pingshan is uneasy. Look at this situation. They also met for the first time and didn’t pay it at ordinary times.
Too much, one enemy and three killed Wang Guhan, even in that situation.
At this time, if you don’t escape, even if you can’t come, you can’t read a liter of fighting spirit and reduce the sword light. It’s easy to break. In an instant, all the ghosts are fighting for life and death from all sides. What kind of distraction is purely for the enemy to take the opportunity? Jiang Pingshan regrets it very much.
"What can I do if I want to give myself a chance to escape from the Yuan God even if the other party is interested?"
Jiang Pingshan’s anxious luck makes the sword light more and more messy and disorganized. Occasionally, a few ghosts are killed, but if there is too many ghosts, there will be a gap, and the eardrum of the body will rumble and the brain will be dizzy.
At this time, the appearance of Xuan Hun God’s curtain becomes a long sword-like shape, and suddenly it is easy to hear clearly, and there is a metallic rock collision sound.
His mind quickly swept away, and sure enough, He Pingtian’s sword fell to the ground, and Yuan Shen disappeared. The curtain of the mysterious muddy gods shook a few red lights and spread out to the middle. The range has reached two feet and turned to Jiang Pingshan.
Jiang Pingshan was suddenly frightened and wrapped in ghosts, but she was wrapped in this thing, and there were two previous cases lying dead.
Seeing that all the ghosts were removed again, the red light suddenly turned into a small jade sword, and a crush was thrown at the Xuan muddy curtain.
Jiang Pingshan grasped this rare opportunity and rushed at the mouth of the cave, but before listening to a big seal blocking the hole, her body suddenly hit the surface and her head felt a mysterious muddy curtain behind her and wrapped her in the future.
Xuan Hun’s curtain was about to suck blood when suddenly it shivered, and it drifted away and changed hands.
At the same time, a flying sword was flying across Jiang Pingshan’s pink neck, and the smell of cold gold and iron almost forced her skin to move. Jiang Pingshan didn’t dare to move all over, and she got goose bumps. It was easy to see that she was full of fear and discomfort.
Just now, as soon as that thing wrapped itself, I felt sick, and my blood rolled and I was sucked out of my body. All kinds of thoughts followed, and I looked at each other. The skeleton mummy was like a mouth. This gloomy hole was scary, and people became more and more afraid of her. "You … What do you want?"
Yi Xuan changed his mind when he jumped at the curtain of Hun Shen.
First, we should leave each other’s lives to find out a specific message; Second, if something happens that you can’t control, you can take her as a hostage; Third, physical inconvenience and lack of personal service;
Together, these three thoughts are used to test the mind and control the mysterious curtain to take it back. I didn’t expect that when I succeeded, I was overjoyed and hurriedly put the flying sword on my opponent’s neck to drive the ghost to float one foot away from my opponent’s body. If something is wrong, I will destroy the flowers.
"Don’t move people, easy to talk, the magic weapon in your hand is not a vegetarian." Easy to have a hoarse accent for the first time.
Jiang Pingshan barely calmed down and asked, "Who are you to plot against us?"
"Why do you bother me to practice? Who will not say these things? Now you are in my hands. You have to promise me a few conditions so that you can live and have no nonsense to say." Yi said slowly.
When Jiang Pingshan heard this, her heart suddenly fell to the ground and looked at Yi Dao. "What conditions?"
"The first to wait on me for a while …"
As soon as Jiang Pingshan heard the word "serve", she wanted to tilt the other side and took a fancy to her beauty. Suddenly, her face turned white and she shivered and moved back.
She pretended to be tough. "No, if you dare to be strong, I’ll … I’ll kill myself and I won’t let you get away with it …" The cold of the fly sword at the neck immediately forced the latter words back.
Easy to get impatient, my mind is sweeping the other person’s body to recognize the acupoints, looking for a position, raising my hand, pointing to the wind and selling it, and hitting her body’s main acupoints to make it impossible to make the true qi come out.
Then carefully leaning on the lunar gathering soul, Jiang Pingshan was afraid to walk slowly to her near her eyes and sent out a finger wind, and suddenly the other party fainted.
Yi’s spirit was tired and he didn’t pretend to look like he was panting. His right hand and five fingers were numb as if they were broken, and the pain automatically ignored the past.
I thought about her body, explored her body, and found that the Yuan God had to go back. I was careful not to be careless just now, or an oversight would make the consequences of escaping from the Yuan God unimaginable.
Easy to read god looked at each other and exquisite charming body crouched down and slowly reached out to her chest skirt.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter one hundred and ten The ghost locks God silk
Yi Jiang Ping Shan fumbled in her arms, pulled out a red dry Kun bag and pulled out a jade hairpin with magical "Qi" fluctuations. Picking up the "Qi" mouth flying sword, I saw the colorful "Net" light lingering and warm, and the ordinary flying sword’s cold breath was irrelevant, but the material was much better than my own flying sword.
Then put all the cold things of He Fan’s heavenly king together. There are two dry Kun bags and two flying swords. None of them are anything. They spray frost on the two bodies and put the frozen ones into two dry Kun bags, and then put these things into their own dry Kun bags.
Cheats: Some sorceries require the corpse to be easily backed up and recovered. The ghosts played more than ten tricks on the banners in a row to stop the breath from leaking.
After a fierce fight just now, my physical strength was rapidly consumed, and I was so tired that I was easily absorbed and rested for a while. I went to Jiang Pingshan and took out a piercing needle and quickly stabbed her chest through Jiang Pingshan’s cassock.
"Yuan Shen is too difficult to control. What should I do?" Yi nao rummages through the magic of controlling Yuan Shen, but it’s good to think about it if you want to keep the other Yuan Shen trapped from leaving the body. I really came up with an immature method by giving inferences.
Yi shakes the black banner and comes out with a hundred ghosts. The left hand sucks up a hundred ghosts, and the palms gather into a mass of black gas.
The index finger of his right hand stretched out to show a little light, that is, the golden light at the end of the operator flashed instantly, and the mysterious golden seal characters were illusory.
With the index finger pointing to the left hand, a hundred ghost bodies suddenly screamed, like breaking through the clouds, and the hole floated back and forth, buzzing with shock.
Yi’s right hand didn’t stop, and he continued to draw empty symbols, and then he shot a hundred ghosts in his left hand. Yi’s palm screamed and twisted back and forth, and a little golden light was close to his body.