Meng Fei heart in a surprised to see blood lines approaching stretched out his hand in front.

Blood lines in his hand Meng Fei felt a slight numbness in his palm and then a cold feeling directly made his body slightly stiff. He turned his hand and looked at the clear blood lines in his palm and his face suddenly became extremely ugly.
His heart early guard against unexpectedly was calculated by this rune intrusion.
It seems that what Yun Feng idle true heart times to this younger brother was willing to move his own JingXie brother refined such a blood charm.
After reading this piece, Yun Feng can find where he has fled. It seems that he has really got into a big trouble.
But even so, Meng Fei didn’t care too much about what the dead sea was so big that it was impossible for the other party to find him in a short time with a blood sign.
And after this period, he believes that he should be able to find a solution. Chapter seven hundred and fifty-nine Wily.
The secret door did not participate in the battle for the territory of Zongmen in the dead sea area, but it covered all the large and small secret halls in the dead sea area
This Sect is rarely difficult for other forces, but its occasional display of power is enough to shake a dead sea.
It’s a secret Sect, and its business is spread all over the world, but few people know about its true Sect.
This is not a huge island in the chart, but it is so high that the waves are thick and foggy, and the natural barrier and the arrangement of the day after tomorrow will hide it perfectly.
This is the secret door. Zongmen can only enter in Zhendi.
The towering holy mountain rises into the sky. It is the highest peak of this giant island.
Stretching temples are built all the way from the foot of the mountain to higher heights, and the fewer temples are built, the more luxurious the atmosphere is.
The higher the status, the closer the temple is to the top of the mountain.
Next to the patriarch’s residence, he asked the location of the Heavenly Palace, but he was the chief servant of Yun Feng’s idle temple.
At the moment, he is cross-legged on the futon, and an ordinary-looking practitioner plays a game. Both of them fall very slowly, and it is often half a day before they take a step.
The chessboard is black and white, and the fangs are wrong. The two are pressing hard and neither of them wants to step back.
Yun Feng idle with a chess, meditation after half ring to fall, but at this moment his body suddenly froze, his hand chess instantaneous fracture.
Chess practice eyebrows slightly wrinkled way Yun Feng idle.
Yun Feng idle lift head slowly way cloud flying was killed.
Practice silence in the game, let the chess in your hand go slowly, come back early and don’t miss the appointment between you and me.
Yun Feng idle nod directly got up and started walking toward the outside.
In an instant, a rainbow rose into the sky and directly broke into the huge waves to tear all obstacles in front of it.
Yun Feng idle face calm, but his eyes are as cold as ice, with no temperature.
Cloud flying is dead.
Thinking of this, he suddenly frowned and felt that he should do something, and then he made a decision that everyone would die.
The treasure ship was silent, and the smiling tiger of Baoshan old man turned pale. They watched cloud flying die, which doomed their tragic scene in the near future.
Yun Feng idle adult anger will burn people to ashes.
The blood symbol is Yun Feng’s idle adult. If you want to be invaded by the rune, you will leave a breath in your body. Even if you chop your palm, you will remove this breath. The old man in Baoshan whispered Meng Fei. In the future, you will inevitably face cloud flying’s adult’s pursuit of immortality.
When the old monster was influenced by cloud flying’s death, he let go of his fear of Meng Fei. At this moment, the chill in his calm voice is enough to make people feel scared.
Meng Fei eyebrows a wrinkly, but before his mouth cloud flying died, the relic ring suddenly flashed and went straight into the void. It seems that he was trained by the great avatar and left directly.
And can hold the avatar practice don’t say it must be to float in the sky brother Yun Feng idle.