The bronze teacup has been turned into powder in the wave of Imperial Heaven’s hand.

Imperial day got up and walked towards the hall.
At the moment, the silent leader directly glances up and fuels "ready and send giant"
The words of Imperial Heaven’s departure are deeply imprinted on the leader’s heart. As Imperial Heaven said, what Taidan did was a little too much. A theory is delusional to fight against the whole State of Qin. This is not an idiot. It’s a suicide mission.
The leaders’ words are just silence, but there are constant thoughts in their hearts.
Xiang Yu, a quiet small courtyard, is still practicing
After all, Xiang Yu is an imperial disciple.
Imperial day went into the yard and walked directly down a secret passage to the outside of the airport.
Mohist machine city not only exhausts the secret passages, but also exhausts the imperial edict. There is a piece of Mohist machine in the decree, and the secret passages are all gathered together. Even Master Ban doesn’t know these secret passages.
Dark valley outside the city
Walking in the imperial sky, scarlet eyes have been emerging.
"Roar …"
The growl attracted several scarlet rays.
"Hum …"
A cold hum surrounded me with fear, and the scarlet disappeared before my eyes, but there was a candlelight.
A dark figure knelt down beside the Imperial Heaven directly. "I didn’t know it was a public atonement."
Imperial day shook his head just walked forward and the wolves still retreated around.
Kneeling people are slowly following this man. It is the Wolf King who has the ability to control wolves, and martial arts is not bad.
The place where quicksand lives is in the deep valley where the sky moves towards the sky.
Wei Zhaung’s cold silver hair drifted with the wind.
Imperial day nodded and walked directly into the tent.
The tent is full of lights.
The quicksand leader naturally knows that the Imperial Heaven is the real master of quicksand. Now the Imperial Heaven appears, and these people are respectful to stare at the Imperial Heaven.
Imperial heaven moves forward to sit on the theme.
"Is Wei Zhaung now ready for Daqin?"
Imperial heaven sipped tea and asked! After all, Daqin naturally needs a great army to destroy Mohism.
Wei Zhaung indifference without a smile just handed a letter in the past "Daqin vanguard is Meng Tian Golden Fire Cavalry, followed by Zhang Han secret guard, Gong Shuchou machine beast force, Yin and Yang guard … It can be said that this time Ying Zheng was bent on getting rid of Mohism and came to hundreds of people. At this moment, he was also intercepted by Wang Jian’s father, Taidan called on the anti-Qin forces, but he didn’t know that he was being benefited."
Wei Zhaung is indifferent, cold as ice, without any feelings.
Imperial day fingers tapping the desktop looking at the letter in his hand.
Ying Zheng is really a big chance to destroy the anti-Qin forces. After that, he is being targeted by a clown like a dragon.
Imperial day shook his head and sneered at a flame rising in his hand, burning letters.
In the end, Yutian stared at Wei Zhaung "Mo Qilin has entered the airport city?"
The moon is dark, the wind is cold, and the shape is ever-changing. Mo Qilin is the number one killer in South Korea, and it is also quicksand after Wei Zhaung. Mo Qilin is called the number one killer in the sky, but because Mo Qilin is the real killer, there is no place that Mo Qilin can’t penetrate and no Mo Qilin can’t penetrate the defense.
Now that quicksand appears, Mo Qilin naturally goes to the airport city
A bottle of Dan medicine has emerged in Wei Zhaung’s nodding hand. "Mo Qilin sneaked into the machine city just to spread the owl feathers, but also lived in the machine city. Let’s prepare some antidote."
The Imperial Heaven took the porcelain bottle and smiled. "It’s really interesting that all those ordinary Mohist brothers in the machine city leave me no leaders. Mohist leaders have their own ideas and can be profited by me. Those who are fooled by Mohist will be killed without any profit or value."
Wei Zhaung smell speech didn’t speak, just some indifference. Heaven knows that Wei Zhaung’s murder has been revealed in his heart …
Chapter 474 Mohist forbidden area
"The public is so elegant!"
Cold sound, an indifferent figure emerges.
Look up at the sky with both hands and back. There is a faint moonlight every day.
The indifferent face of latosolic red hair gathers a lonely figure, and the figure emerges and looks at the sky with words.
Imperial words are like silent moonlight.
"What does the public call for?"
Figure mouth ask to the sky again.
The sky sighed with a hint of thoughts. "The moonlight is beautiful, but it is a pity that the moonlight will kill Zhao Gao after all, don’t you think?"
Turned his head to stare at one side figure this person is Zhao Gao Zhao Gao but Ying Zheng cronies have a net.
The snare is Zhao Gao’s master, but also the King Wei and the King Jian.
Zhao Gao demon evil smile with a hint of indifference "moonlight if you add some blood is really beautiful, do you want to kill people?"
"Ha ha ….. I don’t kill people, I like scarlet! This airport city will be turned into a series of ghosts after being shrouded in blood. I really want to know how to prepare for Sanghai! "
Imperial heaven seems to sigh with emotion, but caution emerges in my heart. Sang Haiti is the curtain, and a few people gather in Sang Hai. This day is also stirred by Sang Hai.
Zhao Gao resumed his apathy and thought, "The net has gone to a mirage in Sang Hai and the curtain has been built. It is true that the East Emperor Taiyi of Yin and Yang has also been dispatched. All this has an ending after all."
Zhao Gao is a confidant of Ying Zheng, and naturally knows the number of intelligence. Now Sang Hai is a gathering of hundreds of people to go to heaven, and the general trend is also pulled from there.
Imperial day with the wave "let me go to Sang Hai naturally after the airport city".
"Zhao Gao respects the public arrival!"
"It’s a little too difficult for Master to break through the seven skills together after all. Now I can only keep breaking through the five skills together."
Xiang Yu destroyed Xiang Yu overnight, and he didn’t know how many times he became natural first and then how many times he was abandoned to the weather first.
Walking slowly with a chuckle, "Sometimes cultivation depends on persistence and perseverance. If the foundation is not laid well, it will be difficult to walk. Now it will be easier after a little hard work."