Uchiha Fugaku glanced at the door sink a way "come in".

"Father’s adult has a guest to see!"
Wearing a Uchihiro skunk, I pushed the door and pushed it in, but I didn’t look at it. It was business as usual.
"Well … I see!"
Uchiha Fugaku sat up almost instantly with a teacup in his hand and put it directly on the table.
The teacup shook for two times and finally fell over. The water instantly spread across the table and dripped on the ground, but the whole room was silent with the sound of water droplets.
Uchiha Fugaku also realized that he was rude, withdrew his trembling hands and gently coughed, "Take the distinguished guests to the living room first, and I will be there in a minute!"
Then Fuyue turned to Shuishui and patted his thin but powerful shoulder. "I hope you can listen to what I said. Go ahead and think about it and do this for me!"
"Then I’ll go first!"
Uchiha Shisui got up, bowed deeply and went out.
Uchiha Fugaku was able to master Uchiha Shisui completely. He thought that Uchihiro Chiba had a strong fighting power, and his mind was uncertain. Being close to the three generations of Muhuoying Sarutobi Hiruzen was considered a half-Huoyingpai.
And Uchiha Shisui Fuyue three generations there spies have brought a lot of important information many times.
Even if the two of them opened the kaleidoscope, Chiba didn’t tell Uchiha Fugaku, but told Fuyue about the water stop. Although he didn’t tell him the specific ability, he also showed his loyalty to the water stop.
If it’s Fuyue Tuanzang, he also got the information of two eyes. He really can’t help asking about Chiba.
Uchiha Fugaku seems that Chiba, although a hardcore supporter of Hokage, is not without it.
Keep an eye on Chiba’s strength and wait for Fuyue’s coup to succeed.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Chess Chiba
Chiba is a very important chess game.
The coup was successful. After three generations of death, I became a high-level adviser to Konoha, and Chiba will definitely choose to take refuge in the head of Uchihiro instead of being a former enemy.
In this way, Fu Yue will have the chess that can restrict the game of hide and seek.
I won’t be afraid of hiding and breaking my word.
Unfortunately, is it really what Fu Yue thinks? !
Not necessarily!
As far as stopping water is concerned
Shuishui is a ninja of Uchihiro. Uchiha Itachi grew up together. Uchiha Shisui is also one of the six younger brothers of the second generation of Huo Ying. The descendants of Uchiha Kagami accepted the "fire will" flowing from the first generation of Huo Ying and Uchiha Kagami, and went beyond narrow nationalism like a mirror since childhood.
At the same time, it also deeply influenced Uchiha Itachi. Later, because his kaleidoscope sharingan had terrible pupil power, he was worried that the last left eye would also fall into the group’s hand to stop water. He entrusted his left eye to Uchiha Itachi to let ferrets guard the village and keep this secret.
In order to avoid the war caused by his eyes, it was also to help Uchiha Itachi to open the kaleidoscope sharingan. He created the illusion of self-destruction of his eyes and then threw himself into the river. Before he died, he asked his only best friend Uchiha Itachi to protect the village and Uchihiro.
Uchiha Shisui’s legacy said, "I’m tired of going to Uchihiro’s family like this, and I don’t want to go like this." Uchiha Itachi witnessed the suicide of stopping water and opened the kaleidoscope sharingan at the same time.
Stopping water is the strongest fighting capacity of Uchihiro’s family. His death caused Uchihiro’s family to receive a serious attack on the rebellion and was forced to postpone the plan for two years.
Be recognized as loyal, stop water and identify with three generations.
And Chiba’s mind is even more unimaginable for Uchiha Fugaku.
Even more deadly, he grew up in Uchiha Itachi, and he hoped to fully agree with his ideas at the expense of Konoha Anding to destroy the Uchihiro clan.
It is also rare to be a Uchiha Fugaku.
That’s where Uchiha Fugaku was at the table. The water dripped on his shoes, and he didn’t even know it
"Father’s adult …"
Still immature Uchiha Itachi eyes also reveal mature eyes different from their peers and looked at his father and woke up.
Listening to Uchiha Itachi’s words before Uchiha Fugaku is still in a state of stupidity, and there is no response for a long time
For a long time, Uchiha Fugaku only spoke in a trance.
"Come with me to visit the distinguished guests!"
The sunlight reflected the four heads of Huoyingyan as if they were alive, with a faint momentum and lifelike.
Over this piece of Huoyingyan is the back hill of Muye Village. Generally, few civilians come here, and some training ninjas will come here to conduct various simulation exercises.
Although World War III has ended and entered the short peace period, ninja training has not been weakened but has been strengthened during this period.
Some systems of Ninja School have also been reformed and improved, and now the six-year system has become a rule, and it will not change without special circumstances.
This time in the back mountain, Chiba is not a place to stay on the rock wall. It seems that there are Konoha ninjas doing practical exercises on the rock wall these days. Chiba doesn’t want to disturb others, let alone others.
During this period, you don’t need to cultivate your physical strength deliberately, but you need to slowly adjust your body to adapt to the new forces.
Chiba … has mastered the second snake fairy mode, which lasts for a long time.
Moreover, there is no special demand for learning the magic of Longdi Cave, the magic of seal and the magic of self-made spiral pills.
Kaleidoscope sharingan also needs a lot of pupil power to practice for a long time every time, and this kind of self-contained pupil technique also needs too much practice
This thing is inspired by providence
Chiba needs exercise, that is, flying Raytheon kills Deidara Ninjutsu Chiba has placed great hopes on it.
This is a sharp weapon for Chiba to deal with soil in a short time.
Now Chiba has passed the age of fifteen and is close to sixteen.
Of course, this speed is not comparable to the kaleidoscope at the age of thirteen or fourteen. The strength of sharingan ferret is as fast as a rocket.
In the original, Naruto’s strength in the later period was almost like riding a rocket. First, the immortal mode was started, then the Kyubi no Youko chakra mode was started. In World War IV, the complete Kyubi no Youko chakra mode was started and the immortal mode was started at the same time.
In the end, Naruto got some strength from Ootutuki Hagoromo and started the Six-Way Mode directly. He was only seventeen years old during this period!