"But I’ll absorb some of it first to deal with that Uchihiro Chiba!"

Hui Yeji floated and took off in the middle.
Hundreds of meters high, Hui Ye Ji stood still and stared at the earth calmly.
"It’s not enough for more soldiers to stop them." Hui Yeji’s calm eyes flashed a trace of fear
Chapter five hundred and twenty The ball
The hibiscus hibiscus dreads the fact that it is naturally the family of her people, the family of the big barrel wood, the family of the big barrel wood, the family of the big barrel wood.
However, in front of her, the big enemy is Uchiha Chiba.
A twist, Chiba’s return to the selected position is not far from the position of Hui Ye Ji, who sensed them as soon as he appeared.
"Come out!"
Hui yeji sneer at a way
Hui Ye Ji rested and walked towards Chiba’s position.
Even if you don’t show your perception, Chiba can clearly feel that Hui Yeji is approaching herself quickly, because the majestic fluctuation is not only chakra, but also dazzling and off the charts like a light bulb in the dark.
A thousand hands glanced at the door and looked calm and indifferent. The younger generation felt that when facing Hui Yeji, they were almost like ants. Although they were very unwilling, it was an indisputable fact.
Hui Ye Ji is immortal, and the root of routine ninja can’t hurt him. The most basic standard condition is magic, which he doesn’t have.
That is to say, Hui Ye Ji can crush him by lifting his finger, but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t hurt Hui Ye Ji. This is the gap between red fruit and fruit.
From the perspective of strength, he can’t help Chiba completely, but he can always support one with flying Raytheon.
However, it seems that Qianshoufei doesn’t even have a chance to fly Raytheon.
"Let a younger generation take on the future of forbearance, even if I am dead, I can’t just look at it honestly." Ye Fei has already seen Hui Yeji.
"Believe him, we are all dead and should not belong to this world, and the ability of five generations of eyes is extremely strong even in the face of Ootutuki Hagoromo’s mother!"
A thousand-handed column comforted his younger brother, the thousand-handed leaf, who was called the "ninja god". He had already seen through all this, and he was considered a strong film player and became a "god" level.
But there is no resistance in front of the six levels.
Don’t say it, but that seeking jade can cause fatal damage to their immortal filth reincarnation. That’s blood following Luo!
Chiba’s eyes are as sharp as a knife, and her face quietly gathers a trace of dignity. Nightingale is the last obstacle, and he must definitely pull it out.
Hui Ye Ji Ling came from a commanding position overlooking Fang Chiba and looked calm and silent.
She paused and said, "No matter what you want to do, everything in front of my strength is meaningless. Be a part of me, chakra!"
Chiba glanced at her and condensed the Yin and Yang Taiji diagram behind her. As his mind moved, the shadow hit Hui Yeji directly.
"hmm? Seeking Tao Yu? Not really! "
Hui Yeji’s face changed slightly.
Looking at the rapid arrival of Tai Chi Yin and Yang, the calm eyes have changed slightly, as if they would react when they saw familiar things.
With a wave of her hand, she stretched out her hand and a huge boxing shadow compressed by chakra to the extreme, which was blown away by the accurate bombing of Tai Chi Yin and Yang.
However, Hui Yeji was also slightly injured, and her hand skin was worn out and her blood was red.
Chiba looked at my heart a slight jump.
"Tian Yuzhong!"
This one can’t see anything moving in the blink of an eye, and suddenly there is a change like a picture switch, and there is no sense of disobedience at all.
Hui Ye Ji has launched the Imperial Palace to transfer the people around her world to him in an instant.
Endurance is an important seedbed in her eyes. She felt a little pity when she saw that the earth was pitted by the war.
Now it doesn’t look weak. How can the enemy continue to pull Chiba into the Imperial Palace even if it consumes chakra in the battlefield?
At this moment, the world suddenly freezes, and all moving things are sealed in huge ice cubes and stand still, such as stopping at the same time.
"This is?"
Chiba can speak and move in the huge ice, but the outside world has turned into ice and snow, and herself, including Hui Ye Ji, has been sealed in the ice.