He stamped his foot and cursed at such a good opportunity.

"President Qu" Mei Yu walked out of the bag in high heels. "I don’t think you are in any mood today. Thank you for your gift. I like bye-bye."
"Meiyu just left?" Qu Tianhao gave her millions of dollars worth of jewelry, which is the truth.
"Otherwise? President Qu, this is that you owe me "Meiyu attitude is also very indifferent.
Qu Tianhao’s face changed. I didn’t expect her to be jealous of him. It seems that no matter how much money she has, she can still forgive her.
"So this time you deliberately framed me?" Qu Tianhao narrowed his eyes. He thought Meiyu didn’t have this ability.
"How did I frame you?" Meiyu sneer at "I remember right words, this seems to be what you’ve always wanted to do? President Qu, I helped you fulfill your wish. "
Qu Tianhao remembered that he seemed to have said such a thing before Meiyu. At that time, Bai Yinting always pressed his head and made him very unhappy. I didn’t expect it to become her story now.
"Look at this place, President Qu, you slowly clean up the rotten stalls." Meiyu twisted her ass and slowly walked out of the villa.
Qu Tianhao’s heart hurts again. How did this happen? I spent a million dollars to buy a self-defeating one.
Bai yinting and Lin Hao changed their clothes and then went back to the hospital to avoid eyes and ears. Lin Hao went back to the ward. Huang Yubo knew about his departure from the hospital.
Xia Zhu just ate something and felt a little refreshed. I couldn’t help but feel strange when I saw Bai Yinting coming back. He looked obviously nervous and wore a mask.
"Yin ting, what’s wrong with you?" Xia Zhu wants to get up.
Bai Yinting hurriedly held her in the past. "Don’t move. I’m fine. I just accidentally hit my face."
Xia Zhu took his mask and his left face was bruised, but it was definitely not a bump, but like being beaten.
"Did you fight?" Xia Zhu fingers gently caressed Bai Yinting face.
"It’s not a fight." Bai Yinting has some guilty feelings. "It’s just to learn from his brothers."
"Isn’t the discussion over?" Xia Zhu does not believe it.
"Sometimes I miss." Bai Yinting can continue to lie
"Missed and you hit others? Who is the other person? How many people? Has the danger not been lifted yet? Aren’t those people arrested? Any more accomplices? Who is it? " Xia Zhu is really anxious.
Bai Yinting hurriedly hugged her. "Xia Zhu is not as serious as you think, but Lin Hao is in a little trouble. I will save him."
"Lin Hao?" Xia Zhu is skeptical.
Bai yinting knows that after all, Xia Zhu and Lin Hao also want to meet, and his current state is also clear at a glance, so he can simply betray his brother.
"Lin Hao had an accident. He was cut off his little finger and scratched his face." Bai Yinting simply said something about it.
Xia Zhu suddenly became more pale. It seems to her that those people don’t even let go of people around Bai Yinting. Isn’t it dangerous for Bai Yinting?
Bai yinting regrets that he thinks he has simplified things, but Xia Zhu seems to be still very serious.
"Three-dimensional court …" Xia Zhu is really worried.
"Xia Zhu, do you believe that I can handle this matter well and let you get hurt? If I don’t think about it for weeks, it will never happen again. If I don’t have such ability, I will support such a big company." Bai Yinting comforted.
Xia Zhu nodded. She felt guilty that she couldn’t help Bai Yinting and asked him to protect her. Isn’t that a burden?
But in Bai Yinting’s heart, Xia Zhu is the best gift that God has given him, and he can be afraid to have her around him.
Because he still has other things to deal with, Bai Yinting left without accompanying Xia Zhu for too long.
He came to the hospital early the next morning, but he didn’t go into the bamboo house, but waited for the man who sent lilies to see who he really was.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Bai Yinting to see Qu Lu coming out of the ladder. He was holding a bunch of fresh lilies in his hand.
Oh, it’s really him!
Qu Lu also saw Bai yinting, but he didn’t have a guilty look and strode to meet him.
"Qu Lu, are you openly challenging me?" Bai yinting stopped him.
"I’m expressing my feelings for Xia Zhuxin," Qu Lu replied.
"She doesn’t need your heart to ask you not to act as a third party." Bai Yinting said.
Qu Lu smiled, "You are the third party between Xia Zhu and me, right?"
"She and I are legally married. What are you?" Bai Yinting deliberately paused and then sneered. "By the way, you seem to have confessed to my wife, but unfortunately you have been coveted because you can’t get anything?"
Chapter 13 Really inhuman
Qu Lu looks pale. He and Xia Zhu have never met before, but everyone knows that he likes Xia Zhu and Xia Zhu also likes him. They missed the best time.
It is impossible to go back when you miss it, but Qu Lu wants to save this woman even if she has married someone, because he believes that Xia Zhu is involuntarily and the future is not unpredictable.
"Xia Zhu doesn’t know that you have been here, and I won’t let you near her again. Take your flowers away from here." Bai Yin’s voice was cold and commanding.
"I won’t disturb Xia Zhu for the time being. You’d better be nice to her. I’ll leave when I see her flowers." Qu Lu still wants to go in.
Bai yinting snatched the lily from his hand and threw it to the ground, then stepped on it.
See Bai yinting malicious unique eyes qu road anger also method to restrain the two men war is imminent.
Qu Lu has secretly clenched his fist, but this time the phone rang.
Qu Lu knows nothing about what happened last night, and now someone has reported to him, and Qu Tianhao is in hospital again. This time, his physical condition is even worse.
Qu Lu frowned and looked at Bai Yinting, who was eyeing him. His whole face changed color.
Bai yinting probably guessed that when qu Lu came to the hospital, he simply wanted to send flowers to Xia Zhu to please him, but he didn’t tangle with him. It can be seen that he didn’t know what happened last night.
Now obviously know and see his expression QuTianHao have guessed that it is them, but Bai Yinting is not afraid.
Put the phone QuLu coldly looking at Bai Yinting "what is wearing a mask?"
"Why? Do you still need to report to you? " Bai yinting cold hum
"Since the police say that the evidence is insufficient, my father just took you and Xia Zhu, the mastermind behind the scenes. Why are you so aggressive?" Qu Lu questioned
"What do you mean by this?" Bai yinting pretended not to know.
"Didn’t you do it? Bai Yinting, if a man dares to do it, he must dare to say that it was not you who sneaked into my father’s villa last night? " Qu Lu simply said it.
"I go to QuTianHao villa? I have nothing to do? " Bai yinting denied it.
"You want to kill him!" That’s what Qulu just said.
"Ha ha" Bai Yinting laughed. "If I really want to kill Qu Tianhao, will I do it myself? Will you choose to go to his place of residence? Explosive is not my style. "
Qu Lu startled as if it were true. How could Bai Yinting do it himself even if he wanted to?
But his father seems to be quite sure that it is Bai Yinting and Lin Hao. What is this?
They have been dealing with each other for many years. For Qu Tianhao, Bai Yin-ting’s understanding and familiarity is beyond Qu Lu’s.
"When I find the evidence, see how you can justify it." Qu Lu picked up the lily and turned away.
Little sufferings make great mischief. Qu Lu still knows this truth.
Bai yinting thought it was ridiculous how he could give them a chance to find evidence. He picked up the petals of lilies that had fallen to the ground and threw them into the trash can.
Garbage should stay where it belongs.
Going to the ward of Xiazhu Institute, Bai Yinting called Chufei at the same time. Now it’s a key period and we can’t be careless.