"Come on! Somebody stop him! " The other party hysterically roars.

But there is no one around to answer.
Return to absolute being, only to find that the original black dress person has been killed or injured. Leave a few people in the same place and dare not touch.
It is not easy for them to have such a repair.
No one wants to lose their lives in vain like this.
Howling hysterically, but to no avail.
"You … what do you really want to do! ?”
Fat men in black shouted angrily
Jiang Feng didn’t answer. There were a pair of cold eyes watching the fat black dress person tremble from the heart.
"I said you would pay ten times the price for hurting my people."
Sound cold hand blood red strange sword is outstanding Jiang Feng body emerged to kill.
"It’s impossible for you to be so strong …" The fat man in black shook his cheek.
They had already investigated it when they came.
Jiang Feng can’t repair it, but it’s just four or five times in the fairyland of Luo Jin.
Now he xiu has reached the seventh place in the fairyland of pick gold.
There is more than a little bit of information, of course, this is not the most important thing, and the most shocking thing for him is.
The seven-year reconstruction of the pick-gold wonderland has such a powerful force.
"Nothing is impossible. I think it’s about time. It’s time to send you off." Jiang Feng said, "Tixian energy flow."
The purple fairy sword of energy rises and then turns into a hot flame, which brings people a sense of oppression.
Jiang Feng will give him this chance! ?
The answer is naturally impossible.
"Seal the sky!" Jiang feng slowly exits
Then the emaciated black dress person suddenly felt the fluctuation of energy.
Before he can react.
In a flash, the wooden wall suddenly broke out in all directions, and Tietong went out of the besieged city.
Directly rise from the ground
Stop the road of thin men in black.
The other side looks gloomy and terrible.
"You don’t look down on me if you want to stop me."
Thin men in black drink in anger and flash to escape into emptiness.
But for a moment, his face turned white at once because these logs actually cut off and intercepted them directly.
That is to say
Now his place has been completely isolated from the outside world and he can’t escape.
What a panic
Immediately turned to Jiang Fengkou and said, "Don’t kill me!"
"Don’t kill you! ?” Jiang Fengxiao looked at him, "I am so big, Zhou Zhang, you let me not kill you, so I don’t kill you! ?”
Young people are really scared.
I can’t fix myself. If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have come to this little trouble if I had killed myself.
It is still impossible to escape now.
Take a deep breath and try to keep calm.
"We were also forced by the elder to go in these three months. If it weren’t for the chief elder of Heaven, we would have left the root early and there was no need to kill you in the end."
"Three months! ?” Jiang Feng accidentally leng one.
They have entered three years, how to say three months.
"Yes! When you entered, I had been again for three whole months, no more, no less. "
Look at the thin young people.
Jiang Feng know each other doesn’t seem to lie took a sip of his laugh.