Three generations of thunder shadow voice down account all package expansion "ai" is shine at the moment, dark I feel "yes! If Chirabi can make Bijyudama talk, then the battlefield situation will become better. Bijyudama, that’s an S-class forbidden art! If the war is definitely the key to success, how can you be a Bijyudama in the past and let you die directly? "

Thought of here, everyone can’t help but give birth to a hope to reverse the battlefield and win.
Everyone in the tent is looking forward to seeing Kirby waiting for his answer.
"Yes! I would have. I am Bijyudama who killed all the assassination troops in Wuyin Village. "Looking at the people’s expectation, Kirby replied inexplicably.
"Yes! Would have "a like nature words echoed in the brain.
A moment to listen to "bang" a desk smashed turned out to be too excited to clap the desk with a clap of thunder shadow.
No retreat. We’re not retreating. Everyone said excitedly
"Don’t retreat. What’s going on here?" Quiraby asked, looking at Ai puzzled.
Hearing Kirby’s question, Ai looked excited and explained "…"
I see. After listening to Ai’s words, Kirby breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, it was already a cold sweat behind him. Fortunately, he came over himself. Otherwise, the three generations of Thunder Shadow would cover their own people as in the original, and the enemy desperately didn’t expect that the three generations of Thunder Shadow in the original would die in this battle. This is what Kirby didn’t know, but is it possible now? Kirby sneered, "This time, Konoha must know what despair is."
Although he knew that the three generations of Thundershadow would die, it was vague in the original work. Rabi didn’t know what battle made him die. Only at this moment did he know that the three generations of Thundershadow in the original work were dead.
At this moment, Lei Yingkou said, "We will fight back against Konoha. We have more than 3,000 people who are two or three times worse than each other. You will be the key to win this battle."
"So that’s it. No wonder you asked me if I would Bijyudama. Are you asking me to put Bijyudama in Konoha’s territory in the distance?" Kirby reacted and said
That’s right. Lei Ying once again said, "You will be the main force of our side, and we will try our best to protect you. What you have to do is to project Bijyudama to many places with Muye people."
Ok, I see. Kirby laughed. "So what, when are we going to do it?"
Do it now before it’s too late! It’s just night time.
As soon as the scenery changes
It’s a pale moonlight at night, and this is a highland one thousand meters away from Konoha’s base. Suddenly, a huge tauren octopus monster appeared in the highland. When the monster figure appeared, it almost blocked all the moonlight and violently exploded at the same time. At the same time, several figures in Konoha’s position instantly appeared in the heights, and it was unbelievable to look at the monster one thousand meters away.
A strong three-generation Muhuo Ying frowned and felt chakra coming from a distance. "Is this ominous chakra …"
"It’s bad that the cow ghost at the end of Yunyin village saw a black energy ball flying quickly towards their camp before he found the order."
Just then, listen to a huge roar, and then a mushroom cloud will form in an instant. The wind generated by the explosion will make everyone’s cheeks ache slightly.
After the aftermath of the explosion, there were many tents in the east of the original konoha side, and then they were blown away by Bijyudama for more than half.
Damn it, when the three generations of Huo Ying saw such a scene, their eyes were almost cracked. That’s a hundred companions’ lives! I cann’t believe I died in vain like this
"When you play with me, you must stop the other side’s Watergate. It will be troublesome for you to pick it up. It is necessary to remove all Bijyudama." Three generations of Muhuoying said to Watergate with a dignified face.
All the way, three generations thought to themselves, "If there is no Watergate transfer here, there is still a chance to fight this war, right?"
"It’s three generations of hokage adults" Namikaze Minato also responded with a dignified face.
On the cloud side, Lei Ying looked at the dense figure coming towards us and shouted, "Everyone will see us when they come. We must not let the other side come, even if there is one person. We must never let one of them break through our defense line. Remember that this is a defensive war, not an offensive war. Everyone should defend."
"Yes," the crowd started to sound loud so that the enemy ninja who had reached 500 meters away could hear it.
At the moment of "Bijyudama", a black energy bomb took the ninja hope of Yunyin Village and ran to the position of Konoha again.
At this time, Bijyudama disappeared in flight, and at the same time, there was a roar thousands of meters away, and the ground also shook. It was obvious that Bijyudama had been removed.
Flying fast, the ninjas on the hidden side are all Zheng, and almost at the same time, Lei Audio and Video rang again. "You can rest assured that it is a yellow flash of konoha. Although the removal effect is good, he wants to have bijuu and chakra. Compared with chakra, it is a dead line. When the other party has no chakra, it is our moment of victory. Still, that sentence must be kept. There is absolutely no fire nation ninja in the rear."
Yes, the excitement is back. Yes! How can chakra be compared with bijuu? And it’s still the end. Even if you are stupid, you know who will win.
Absolutely insist on Watergate to break the other side’s defense in this period. Three generations of Muhuo Ying on Konoha’s side also shouted.
"It’s three generations of Naruto’s adult." We will do the same with Konoha ninja with a serious drink a way.
Chapter 50 The cruelty of war (thanks to the fate of troubled times)
Namikaze Minato? Let’s see how many Bijyudama you can move with patience!
"Continuous Bijyudama"
Moment to listen to "poof, poof, poof …" A few broken rings several black streamers and flew towards the rear of konoha.
One, two … three … seven whole seven Bijyudama-like seven black streamers flew from Yunren, who was sticking to the defense, and the target was Konoha, where there were many people.
"time shifting"
"Whew, whew …"
One disappeared, two disappeared, three disappeared and five disappeared.
"Boom" and "Boom" rang out again from behind Konoha, and the huge explosion of the earth shook. Listening to the ninja in Yunyin Village, their confidence was high.