Linevich hesitated. "You can try, but you may not succeed!"

Linevich drank "Shen Moninkov ordered the special envoy to rush back to Beijing to force the Qing emperor to disarm Shanhai and give up resistance!"
"Moninkov nodded and agreed to turn around and stay for a small group of people to gallop away to Beijing.
Beijing is only 300 miles away from Shanhai, and arrived in Beijing in less than a day, protesting to the Qing government and demanding that Shanhai be disarmed.
Cixi feared the Russian military’s power and ignored Li Hongzhang’s opposition. Directly, she ordered Bird to disarm and quit Shanhai immediately!
Wait until you report to Shanhai Bird, a face of confusion and bewilderment, but Ba Gen will go on the rampage and report to you directly. It’s time to smash and roar. "What makes mom order the old lady to listen to the teachers of the old Chinese Democratic Republic who don’t know the country? The teachers ordered the artillery of Nancheng to launch shelling immediately! The old Russian army will never give up! "
When people came in, they said, "Garrison’s adult, the teacher’s adult, Beicheng, and a large group of people came over. First, they claimed to be the fifth division teacher, Zheng Hao, requesting to enter."
Ba Gen looked happy. "Haha, this old man doesn’t have to worry anymore. The old artillery of the Fifth Division was beaten to death!"
Ba Gen ran off to welcome Zheng Hao in. After Ba Gen welcomed Zheng Hao’s fifth division, "Zheng Haoxiao finally came. We must join hands with the Russian army in front to eat mom and not avenge Qingyou brothers. We will never give up!"
Zheng Hao’s face is positive. "Ba Gen’s eldest brother Xu Huaijin’s chief of staff’s military orders will be immediately replaced by the fifth division to prevent the cavalry division from taking over. Shanhai cavalry division will immediately take the Shenyang-Harbin line to the front line of Heilongjiang. Now the Russian offensive in Heilongjiang is too fierce. The enemy has already closed 70,000 troops. Brother Peifu’s first division and sixth division are short of troops and ordered to help immediately!"
Ba Gen one leng think of the situation is so bad?
Ba Gen bullet "before the brothers, the Russian army can force Qingyou brothers to death. The bones of Qingyou brothers are mortal! Our first batch of Cang Lang brothers are getting less and less. If we don’t avenge the death of Qingyou brothers, we will face it! " Zhang Hao’s face looked sad. "Ba Gen’s eldest brother Qingyou’s eldest brother Qiu’s brother married a certain enemy chieftain’s head and brought it to the front, but the situation is urgent. The Heilongjiang war situation is too tense, but it is necessary to hurry as soon as possible without delay!" Ba Gen gave a good stamp, and now he can’t have sex.
Chapter four hundred and nineteen Zhang Yi returned home in an emergency
Zhang yi returns
Just as the war in the three directions of northeast, southeast and northeast of the three northeastern provinces was rekindled, Zhang Yi rushed back to Fengtian by ship. This time, Zhang Yike took blood and rented a whole passenger ship from the British caravan. It took less than four days to get back from Guangzhou to Jinzhou as quickly as possible.
Zhang Yideng went to Jinzhou and even gave up the train directly. Jinzhou took two batches of Xiongjun steeds all the way back to Shengjing and directly entered the general office. Now Xu Huaijin is the only one left in charge of the overall situation. Zhang Yihu and others have been sent out. Now the situation is too tight.
Xu Huaijin was overjoyed to see Zhang Yi return and hugged Zhang Yiyin. "The instructor finally came back …"
Zhang Yi saw that Xu Huaijin was deeply immersed in the eye socket, and there was a burst of bitterness in his heart. When he left, Xu Huaijin was alone for three or four months. It was hard to defend the three provinces. This can be faced with the attack of two powerful countries. Even if he were himself, he would never feel relaxed.
Zhang Yi patted Xu Huaijin on the shoulder and sighed, "Huai Jin really worked hard, but he can finally relax when he comes back this time."
Xu Huaijin quickly told Zhang Yi about the current war situation. Zhang Yi’s frown is too serious. At present, Heilongjiang has already married 70,000 troops of the Russian Far East Army. Now only the first division and the sixth division in Heilongjiang add two towns and border troops, but 40,000 people. Ba Gen also rushed to Fengtian Road. Jilin has now entered two reorganization divisions, more than 30,000 Japanese troops, and North Korea is close to 50,000 troops. Now the army has arrived in Kuandian, ready to attack. Zhang Yihu only led the third and fourth divisions to defend; There are more than 30 thousand Russian Cossack cavalry in Yushan overseas, where Zheng Hao’s fifth division is now defending.
So distributed to four battlefields, except Jilin, one battlefield has a strategic advantage, and there are many differences in strength. The six divisions plus artillery divisions and cavalry divisions to which Fengtian belongs are only 134,000, but now the Russian army alone has exceeded 100,000, and the Japanese army has also made 10,000, and the gap in the trend of increasing troops is too obvious.
Zhang Yi frowned. "Huai Jin can’t arrange troops like this. Our strength is scattered. Except for Jilin, a battlefield has an overwhelming advantage, and the strength is weak. It is difficult for us to win this battle."
Xu Huaijin wry smile "way, once this group of bandits enter Lu Shao to kill and rob evil, it may not make the three northeastern provinces weakened. We just laid some foundations and can’t just be destroyed by the students. We are preparing to set up two divisions to put the students in the armament school into the battlefield, so that our chances of winning will be slightly better."
Zhang Yi shook his head. "No, military strength is the only way to protect our vitality. Some bottles and cans have been smashed. We can rebuild them, but our elite will be ruined, even if we stay in the family business."
Zhang Yi grabbed the map. "Huai Jin, look at the fact that the Heilongjiang army is too close to the border now. The sparsely populated here can guarantee the value of giving Wu Peifu and Zhao Shixiao orders to fight and surrender. It is necessary to be able to hold off the Russian army and protect the two big cities of Qiqihar Harbing; Ordered Ba Gen cavalry division to temporarily stop going to Heilongjiang and turn to Yanbian, Jilin, and March to Yanbian in the shortest time. Tang Keqiang’s eldest brother joined forces to gain firepower advantage, and the two Japanese divisions will annihilate a tiger. The Japanese army must face each other across the river for ten days and a half, and the Japanese army will not be able to endure our third and fourth divisions. Shanhaijian City can defend a fifth division in Zheng Hao. The small ability is good and the problem is too big. We must work hard to deal with the Japanese army in Jilin and then make room to deal with the two battlefields of Shanhai and Russian troops. Once we win, we don’t have to worry about the Russian-Japanese military pressure! "
Xu Huaijin nodded. "Instructor Yu Shixiao’s pressure on Heilongjiang is not too great. Follow-up support is like this. Finally, I don’t know how many people were killed in this war …"
Zhang Yi smiled. "What is Huai Jin afraid of? Our first division has come from the Korean battlefield, and its elite combat power is absolutely capable of withstanding."
Xu Huaijin’s eyes flashed, "Instructor, it is better to directly transfer a tiger to Heilongjiang. After all, the first division is more handy to command. Wu Peifu is transferred back to defend Mukden."
Zhang yi nodded "good just do it? Let Zhang Yihu rush to Heilongjiang immediately, and let Wu Peifu return to Fengtian immediately after Zhang Yihu arrives to prepare for the formation of the seventh division and the first division! "
Xu Huaijin nodded. "Well, let Kuandian Li Gang Mo Qi preside over Feng Tianfang first. I believe that there will be no big problem under our noses in a short time. However, the Japanese army in North Korea has been sending more troops like this, but we are worried about it. According to Japanese intelligence, the Japanese army intends to make six divisions in North Korea, and now two divisions are going to enter North Korea. We are under too much pressure."
Zhang Yi smiled coldly. "It’s time for us to make the first order. Cang Lang’s first team immediately sneaked into Japan in disguise to assassinate senior officials of the Japanese Ministry together with Commander-in-Chief ōyama Iwao, so that we can’t press the province! On the first day of two dog, Lingqing, how many arms have we shipped? The troops are all supported and given to 2,000. Let’s immediately start to mess up Taiwan Province, unite with Liu Yongfu to attack Taiwan Province, and attract the follow-up army to Taiwan Province! "
Xu Huaijin this just rest assured that this arrangement can finally make people sleep a good night’s sleep. Zhang Yi answered "Huai Jin informed the armament school to inspect the armament school and issued a general mobilization order to form the seventh division and the first division; Wu Peifu, the commander of the seventh division, was filled by the students of the armament school; The division commander is selected from the armament school! Let the elites of this armament school really experience a war! " Xu Huaijin mused, "Instructor will arrange for someone to post a notice in Fengtian to announce the general mobilization so that you will inspect the armament school. This time, we will make a vigorous patriotic upsurge among ordinary people!"
Chapter four hundred and twenty Those who commit strongmen are far away.
The next day, Zhang Yi came to the armament school to greet General Shengjing, the acting president of the New China Democratic Republic. The armament school was very direct. On the same day, most of the students here were directly recruited from China, and some of them directly selected potential military seedlings from several divisions. These people were recited by the seniors every day. In those days, Cang Lang, like North Korea, beat the Japanese army to the wind and fled. These students’ ears had been ground with thick cocoons.
Almost all the students have a blind worship of this all-powerful and ruthless general who can call the shots in western powers.
As soon as Zhang Yi entered the armament school, nearly 2,000 students met Zhang Yi, and it was very difficult for Zhang Yi to move forward.
The students shouted "General Zhang! General! General! Long live the general! Drive out the Tatars and restore China! "
Two thousand people shouted, China is full of young people’s fanaticism and blood!
Around Zhang Yi, the Cang Lang guards had a hard time before they came to the big playground. Some middle school students from Fengtian University nearby also heard the news and rushed over. The number of students gathered more and more, which exceeded 3,000, and the situation became more and more difficult to control.
Zhang Yi told Xu Huaijin, "Huai Jin ordered Tan Feng to lead the armed police to maintain order, and the students settled down and did not have stampedes."
Xu Huaijin hurriedly promised to always be aside. Tan Feng hurriedly confessed that it took more than half an hour for a gust of wind in Tan Feng to decorate the playground before some order was restored
Xu Huaijin walked onto the stage and shouted with a simple megaphone, "Students, today, a presidential general came to the armament school to inspect, and secondly, an important performance was to be delivered. The general mobilization order of the country called on the Japanese people to fight against the aggression of China and Japan, and now the president is invited!"
The playground was followed by a tsunami of cheers. Zhang Yi immediately walked away and coughed. He picked up a simple megaphone and shouted, "Students, how many years have it been since China was born in the Yellow Emperor? For 5,000 years, China has gained a great reputation as a great country. No country has ever dared to underestimate us, China people love peace and are unwilling to invade China and China. We China people have never been afraid of war. Which country and which nation dare to enslave us, China people! Now, the imperial court of Qing Dynasty is not enterprising, standing still and doing a good job, making the Li people miserable and humiliated by the great powers! Let’s China people, let’s make a mistake from China people’s dignity, although those who make mistakes will be punished far away! Our national self-confidence is also glorious and dignified. Now Russian Chen Bing and Heilongjiang cavalry have bypassed Beijing and forced the mountains and seas to trample on our homes. China and North Korea have sent troops to Jilin, and the Japanese army along the Yalu River in Fengtian has listed four divisions to invade at any time. Can we Japanese people see our great rivers and mountains fall into the hands of barbarians? "
"Can we watch our parents, wives and children being bullied by barbarians?"
"Can we see the extinction of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor?"
"Are we men passionate?"
"Do you dare to take up arms to defend your home?"
The students are getting more and more excited when they listen to Zhang Yi’s incitement, and they are very tearful. They directly cut their fingers and write blood. More than 3,000 students in the whole playground are already boiling.
Zhang Yi took a big drink. "Well, in the name of the acting president of the Chinese Democratic Republic, it is announced that the National General Mobilization Order will be established immediately. Anyone who has reached the age of 10 can register for the registration place. Set up the entrance of the General’s Office and the entrance of the armament school to see how many hot-blooded men there are in China!"
"Whoever commits a strong Han will be punished far away!"
"China is mighty!"
"China is mighty!"
The students shouted wildly.
Zhang Yi visited the armament school and met the students of the armament school, representing the best students in the school.
Zhang Yi sits in the office of the Chief Imam, and now the Imam Xu Huaijin has unloaded the leader of Wu Peifu, Heilongjiang, and the principal Shida, and the whole armament school in Jilin has been thrown to a group of Germans.
Zhang Yi suddenly discovered Jiang Baili, Cai E and Zhang Xiaohuai. Zhang Yixiao "Oh, the three of us are also hehe. How can we keep up with our studies?"
The three men looked calm and Xu Huaijin laughed. "The instructors, three celebrities who can now be equipped with weapons, have been drawn into the intermediate class from the lower class in just four months. Now even the intermediate class is still among the best school figures!"
Zhang yi was startled to know that three people were awesome, but he also thought that Zhang yi was so awesome. "The three of you won’t enter through the back door?" No, German instructors directly gave them special treatment when they saw the recommendation. "
Cliff, the acting dean, was dissatisfied and shouted, "The general recognizes that you have insulted our German nation’s rigorous academic attitude and contractual spirit. Even if you come to the school in person, you will never let them enter the intermediate class. The three excellent seedlings who have seen the most potential will surely become as famous as you in the future!"
Zhang Yi’s face turned red and smiled. "Sorry, Mr. Cliff is very sorry for being rude. Take back what he just said."
Cliff: "General Jian, if the three of us Germans will directly suggest that the staff headquarters enter the staff headquarters when they graduate, and their overall situation and strategy are absolutely outstanding. I am gratified to get such excellent students and proud to have personally made such three students!"
Zhang Yi smiled and his face immediately turned positive. "Well, since the three of us are so excellent, do we dare to compete with the Russian and Japanese armies on the battlefield now!" Cai E Ang "dare not even the generals will petition to join the army to fight foreign aggression and kill the enemy to serve the country!" Zhang Yi’s face is positive. "Well, in this case, let’s organize a regiment into the first division for the time being. Cai E will be the head of the regiment. Jiang Baili will be the chief of staff. Zhang Xiaohuai will be the deputy head and the backbone officer of the first battalion commander. All the students of the armament school will have to see how much noise we can make!"
Chapter four hundred and twenty-one Ling Qing’s hand
Cliff suddenly roared when he heard Zhang Yi’s death. "General Pavilion strongly disagrees with your decision that all students should return their studies and finish their studies, which is a great wave for talents!"
Zhang Yixiao "what? Cliff, it’s hard for you to be so confident in your teaching students. How do you know that our battlefield can’t compete with professional soldiers in Russia and Japan? "
Cliff: "Generals should respect the law of the development of the world. When they entered the armament school for less than a year, they were far from the military command experience and military quality. Professional soldiers have all seen blood and don’t understand the cruelty of war, which is cruel to them!"
Zhang Yi’s face was a grave answer. "Cliff wants China people to enter the armament school, and they are already professional soldiers. A armament school student is not allowed to leave the military body. If they want the field to glow, then don’t enter the armament school and Mukden University can choose to apply for public study! However, when we entered the armament school, we were ready for the battlefield battle. Now our country is facing the invasion of Japan, Russia and Russia. Protecting the country and defending the country is the bounden duty of every soldier. No one can shirk the armament school and be a bloody soldier! "
Aside Jiang Baili echoed "to the generals, to our soldiers, the country is now fragmented, and it is difficult for the invaders to take up arms and expel barbarians, so it is difficult for those fathers and ordinary people to fight with shovels and shoulder poles?" The imams first come from China and then students. If the country is gone, can they still be students? "
Cliff heard no more words, but he still couldn’t bear to spend too much effort on recruiting all the students in the armament school to fight.
Zhang Yi asked, "Cliff, can our country bear the imperial invasion when you study at Berlin Military University?"