"I told you! If you don’t let me go, I will level your fierce Yang Sect today! "

A roar, a big sword, a tall and handsome figure and a majestic fire Sect
It’s like a mountain, which makes people breathless.
His dark eyes raised people’s hearts and made them tremble with fear
This guy is still a person! ? No! He is simply a monster!
"Damn it! Everyone together! " The fire Buddha looked at the elder who didn’t know life and death, and his heart was completely angry and he didn’t care about anything. His face was very cold. "I don’t believe he can really confront so many of us!"
"whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh Hey! "
Dozens of powerful breath and glared at Jiang Feng one by one.
"Ha ha! Then come on! Just let me see what you have! "
In the face of everyone’s breath, Jiang Feng’s face doesn’t change color.
He has seen all kinds of dangers, not to mention them!
The surrounding atmosphere is tense to the extreme, and the war is on the verge.
"I’ll go! Keep the knife! Keep the knife! "
It was already too late for the elder Yan Xuzong to arrive. He was scared out of his wits when he looked at the situation in front of him.
That crazy chief actually took a sword and prepared to cut the scene with more than a dozen spiritual sea elders. He dared not even think about it, let alone do it.
Hurriedly speak rebuke both sides fight crustily skin of head flew past.
It’s a little way, but it’s even longer than the past year.
"Sorry! Sorry! I hope you don’t mind if I don’t understand! " When the elder says this, his heart is clear. If you don’t mind, it’s a ghost.
"Jiang Feng! What are you doing! "
The elder scolded Jiang Feng with a dog’s blood.
She had an impulse to kill him, and it took her only a few days to get back to Zongmen to poke out such a big basket.
"Who am I? It turns out that it’s the big elders of Yanxu Sect, so I can’t afford to cling to it. Let’s see the real chapter at the end! "
The fire Buddha said that he would start work again.
The elder was really in a hurry at this time and immediately took out a bag from his arms and said, "Don’t be angry with the patriarch of the fierce sun. This is the patriarch’s order that I bring something as compensation!"
The fire Buddha’s heart is also surprised that the bag is probing into it.
It’s full of all kinds of natural materials and treasures, and it’s definitely not a small amount for their fierce Yangzong. It’s very startled that this third-rate sect can come up with so many things.
No wonder Chief Yan Xuzong dared to challenge them.
The elder watched the fire Buddha put away his things and gave a heavy sigh, but when he received a word from the other party, his face changed again.
"You killed my fierce Yang zong chief really can solve resources! ?”
It’s a good thing if you don’t show your wealth, once you show your wealth, it will completely arouse their greed.
Who knows if there are more cultivation resources for Yan Xuzong?
"Fire Buddha … what do you mean? Are you accommodating? ! If it’s not enough, we can continue to collect it for you! " The elder bowed his head and made amends with a bitter face.
"Hum! Accommodate! I have never been accommodating! " The fire Buddha looked cold when he drank heavily. "If you don’t have time, you can’t leave here!"
The elder was livid, ashamed and angry, but he had to hold back.
"This …" When he just wanted to say something, he was interrupted by another sound.
"Elder, please let me!" Jiang Feng looked at the elder at this time and said, "The fierce Yang Zonglang’s ambition is hostile to us, even if you don’t provoke them, they will come back to provoke you sooner or later!"
"Don’t give up hope. Lieyangzong will never let us go!"
How can Jiang Feng’s comments not be white in the heart of the elder?
However, he means that it can drag on for a day. After all, the strength root of Yan Xu Sect is not the opponent of Lie Yang Sect!
Chapter 364 The coming of each big door
At this time, the atmosphere is tense to the extreme
The elder was anxious, but he couldn’t figure out a way for a long time, and his heart was sad.
Murphy ….. Murphy Yan Xuzong will be wiped out today! ?
"You are bullying people more than others!" Jiang Feng squints at them.
Fire Buddha laughed "good! Is that more people bully less! If you dare to attack me, I will fight you one-on-one! ?”
The fire Buddha also lost face.
Jiang Feng’s strength just now is obvious to all of them. Even if he is taller than Jiang Feng, many of them are not necessarily his opponents.
It would be foolish to fight him one-on-one again
"whoosh! Whoosh Hey! "
In this tense atmosphere, several sharp breath suddenly broke out in all directions, which matched the strength of the sky.
What’s going on ?
Everyone in the heart a surprised eyes look down the breath.
"brush! Brush! Brush! "
"Let’s help you!" Several figures have rushed towards this side.
See a few decorated with different breath monstrous a streamer thinking of their side shot out.
"Brigitte green elders! ?”
"Ice chief! ?”
"Jiao Yuezong deputy door master! ?”