I didn’t think much at that time, but now it seems that they were all guarding this big tree.

What’s in this tree …
It’s definitely not an ordinary thing for a platinum strong person like Dreamland and Dean Hao Ren to value something.
It is impossible for Lu Yuan not to be curious about such a mysterious thing.
But sometimes curiosity can kill cats …
Liu Yuan naturally knows that things in this tree are definitely not accessible to himself now.
But it’s okay if you don’t take a look at it yourself, right
Just take a look …
Think of this Liu Yuan’s knowledge and domineering and penetrate directly into the depths of the big tree.
Soon Lu Yuan saw what was hidden deep in the tree.
See a glittering and translucent slender branch firmly fixed in the center of this big tree.
And the glittering and translucent branches are surrounded by a green barrier.
Seeing this, Liu Yuan couldn’t restrain his curiosity and continued to extend his knowledge and ambition …
An amazing scene appeared when Lu Yuan’s domineering feelings touched the green barrier.
Seeing the glittering and translucent branches seems to be stimulated by something, and the green barrier around it is instantly broken.
Strong green light suddenly bloomed and directly penetrated the trunk to illuminate the surrounding area.
And all this happened too fast to respond to Liu Yuangen.
Because Lu Yuan’s knowledge, color and domineering are very special, Uncle Li next to him can’t notice Lu Yuan’s small movements.
Suddenly, the tree behind Lu Yuan bloomed with amazing green light.
This scene surprised everyone.
In a short time, a horrible vitality instantly broke the tree.
Then several green light whips spread out from the tree and wrapped the land source at an amazing speed.
Because all this happened so fast, Lu Yuangen was wrapped up by a light whip without responding.
Not only Liu Yuan didn’t react, but also Uncle Li and God beast sister-in-law beside him didn’t react.
After all, they wouldn’t have thought that the meeting would suddenly break out after twenty years of stability.
And Liu Yuan was wrapped in a green light whip, and his consciousness was almost unconscious.
He cursed himself directly in his heart.
Mom called you a bitch! ! !
After scolding Liu Yuan, his eyes were completely black and he passed out.
"Xiao Lu!"
Aside, Li Shi looked at it and immediately showed horror.
In the distance, Hao Renhe and Liu were also attracted by this movement. A face of consternation looked at Liu Yuan wrapped in a green light whip.
But Liu seems to think of something and immediately looks forward to seeing Liu Yuan wrapped in a green whip.
Those fiery eyes seemed to be expecting something to happen.
And worry about Liu Yuan Hao Ren at this time also forgot Liu He directly took Longfei Bai back to Liu Yuan’s side.
Looking at Liu Yuan Hao Ren in the suspended half is very serious.
However, he didn’t do anything because he knew that he was doing nothing at the moment.
Want to solve this situation, Lu Yuan has to rely on himself.
The source mark collides with an outsider, root cutting.
Hao Ren can’t imagine that Lu Yuan is just a small bronze animal bender who can inspire the mark of the world tree source and make it invade Lu Yuan’s consciousness.
You know, even a god beast may not be able to make the branches of the world so excited
Land source consciousness
When I saw a branch excitedly breaking in, I immediately took root and grew a lot, and soon it grew to a huge height of more than 30 meters, and it seemed that it would continue to grow.
Make yourself at home here.
Good, good, I’m satisfied here, and then this is me!
This human being has a little consciousness and he fits me so well. Hey, hey, hey!
It didn’t take long for the world to stand in the tree, and suddenly a smile came from afar.
"Ha ha ha ha! Youth … is to be afraid of challenges! ! !”
The world tree looked in that direction in consternation.