Then we crossed the sidewalk to the mobile phone maintenance department.

When the repairman handed the phone back to me, Ye Ye looked at the phone with wide eyes.
I guess she doesn’t feel well.
Come on, although things like this are rented, we should at least give each other some illusions. From the first side, I haven’t hit my hair for a long time, which probably left a bad impression on her.
I’m not so rude, but it happened so suddenly that I wasn’t prepared at all
It is estimated that Ye Ye is now cursing the morning light in his heart.
We stopped a car and arrived at the Italian restaurant a few minutes later. As soon as we entered the door, we saw several Italian chefs cooking on the left.
Ye Ye took a sip of lemonade as soon as she sat down. I lit a cigarette case with a cigarette and put it on the table. Then she stared at the pack of cigarettes, so I quietly took it back and put it in my pants pocket.
Her face was covered with the word Nai, and her hands clasped each other and kept pressing her knots.
I don’t want the morning light to be too difficult to do, so I said that things are not what you see. In fact, I am usually quite good and honest, and I can mix drinks. I lowered my voice and thought of something in my heart and finally said no.
She laughed a few times and said that the morning light made you sound like a treasure. If you want to blame it, you should blame the morning light for saying you too well.
I feel the same way. Just nod your head. You should have said the other person almost in advance, but you can find many advantages when you really meet him.
She looked at me with interest. What did Dawn say about me in front of you?
I have a terrible headache.
Chenxi did say a lot, but I didn’t remember it at all and didn’t care.
To be honest, Miss Ye is no better. I asked her to be kind and sensible, and the money should not be too dark. I said she told me not to give you wine.
She was stunned and then laughed uncontrollably.
Born to ask us what to order.
I didn’t even see the menu, so she decided to order me a red wine beef and explained to me that it tasted like radish stewed beef. I guess you must eat it
Then she ordered herself a rare steak.
After the pre-dinner wine came, I, she slowly drank and chatted, and the embarrassing atmosphere slowly dissipated in the morning.
She asked me, Xiaoyu, what do you do?
I can’t tell her that I’m smuggling, can I? After thinking about it, I said that in the wind, I come to work in the rain.
She laughed and gave me a riddle. I thought about it. It was ploughing.
I smiled. My brother is plowing. I think it’s good.
She said that I am in real estate, and we are all barely peers with the land.
I couldn’t help sneezing during the cold cuts.
I feel sore nose and dizzy, perhaps because I was caught in too many raindrops yesterday.
Don’t say I gave Ye Ye a worse impression.
When I think about it, I feel a little sorry that she came to play ball and spent her weekend well. I asked her to come on a date with excitement and she must be very depressed.
Cold cuts are placed on the table, and people are interested in it.
I lit a cigarette and looked around.
There are many people eating here, and many foreigners sit behind us for two tables. Japanese are Japanese women and they can recognize them as soon as they are dressed.
I can’t help sighing when I look at their smiles.
In addition to more foreigners with blond hair, there are two Hong Kong people behind Ye Ye, an old man in his fifties and sixties with a belly and sunglasses, and a cigar in his hand. I don’t know who he is acting for.
Suddenly I found out that I don’t like going to western restaurants because people who eat here are very strange.
Ye Ye had another glass of water for her, and she had already drunk five cups.
I can’t bear to see her suffer, so I said Ye Ye, why don’t you go first?
She immediately said that’s good. She pushed the chair with her sports bag on her back and asked me if you had enough money to pay the bill.
I said enough.
I watched her walk through the glass door, and ten seconds later, she fell back and said, I may not be able to go with you in August, or I’ll introduce the girl from our company to you.
I said I was satisfied with you.
She blushed and was tongue-tied.
She sat down and asked me what you were satisfied with me, and I listened to the praise.
I said my dad said to find a wife who is tall so that children can grow very tall, and to find a girl whose ass is up so that it is easy to have boys.
She listened for a long time before asking me, and you are satisfied with this.
I said not bad. You look healthy.