Even if Siying is now white, it is too late. What’s more, he has no chance to be white.

After Xu drew his sword, Siying was already dead.
At this time, when the crazy monk saw the death of the four eagles, his pupils shrank and he dared not continue to fight, lest he suddenly make moves and immediately got a palm from the dew door. With this palm force, he flew out on his toes and flew away like a swallow.
Handsome Han said it’s a pity that "he has just fallen into the wind! What a pity. "
Xu laughed. "I didn’t lose it at last."
Handsome Han looked at his waist with a special leather bag and smiled. "This is indeed a good thing."
Looking at Xu Tao with handsome Han Pei, "it’s so easy for you to defeat the four eagles with the fighters in the early stage of congenital."
Xu shook his head and sighed, "I didn’t want to kill him. I didn’t expect him to sneak up on me after I let him go. At that time, my sword was one and my essence leaked out, so I killed him. He didn’t deserve to die or commit anything that deserved to die."
Handsome Han has just swept out of the corner of his eye to Xu Siying’s admiration for what happened.
Being attacked by an enemy at the same level can kill this enemy. How can this be a tough power?
Xu softhearted also makes handsome Han admire this friend more. Although some women are kind, there should always be some good thoughts in one’s heart.
Handsome Han shook his head. "You don’t blame yourself. This kind of person isn’t worth blaming yourself. Wuyingshan is not a bandit’s lair, but it’s evil on weekdays because of its strength. Moreover, Wuyingshan has a martial art called Jiuyin Eagle Claw Skill, which requires fingers to pierce the skulls of 991 living people. People in Wuyingshan Jianghu are disgusted by everyone, and they have been included in the affiliated sects of the three magic religions. If Wuyingshan’s terrain is not too steep and steep, the people in Wulin would have eradicated them just now. There is also a flower demon in the lake. Although he is a monk, he always goes to’ flower picking’ late. I don’t know how many girls’ chastity reputation has been destroyed. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have killed the two of them and threatened that the crazy monk would not return to the bitter forest and the vulture would not return to the eagle mountain. "
Hearing this, Xu’s eyes immediately stared straight. "The monk turned out to be such a man? If I had known this, I would have broken my hand just now and I couldn’t let him go! "
Handsome Han laughed. "Since the monk is here, he will never easily leave the opportunity to kill him, but the monk’s ability to live to the present is very powerful … and … Wuyingshan people are not the only ones who have come out. No one has seen Sanying, Erying and Eagle for what they really are. It is very likely that they will hide their identity in another crowd. If you talk about it, you should also be careful to kill Siying. They will never let you go."
Xu solemnly nodded.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-seven Shili Baihe
For Wuyingshan, there are still some fears because Xu is not sure that he can escape the innate mid-term fighters.
Moreover, Wuyingshan, since everyone shouts and fights, will certainly hide his identity well, and it is hard to say when he will be stabbed in the dark.
We should also pay attention to this point.
While the snow shine has come from afar with instruments.
Snow shine, of course, already knows what happened here, and there are some surprises in Xu’s eyes.
She really didn’t expect that Xu could be so relaxed when facing the four eagles, and she almost exclaimed when the four hawks tried to sneak attack him.
But Xu actually seemed to have eyes behind him, and without looking back, he stabbed four eagles in the heart with a backhand sword.
Snow shine suddenly has some white dragon enemies will say that Xu is a special person.
There is something special about him. Maybe even a handsome man or a crazy monk is no match for him.
Xu Shi can be regarded as a real leader among fighters in the early days of birth.
At this moment, the handsome man has smiled at Xu fuels. "Haven’t you asked your friend’s name yet?"
Xu laughs "Xu"
Handsome man laughed "Baihe Ferry"
Baihe ferry?
This is really a strange name.
Xu Zheng slightly aside snow shine was surprised to raise the beautiful and slender brow "Baihe ferry? Are you from Shili Baihe? "
Handsome man smiled and saw Xiang Xue shine. "This beauty has a wide range of eyes and ears."
Xu aside at snow shine asked "miles of white river? What do you mean? "
Snow shine glanced at Xu, saying, "It’s silly that you have reached the innate state and are not familiar with the forces in the Wulin at all."
Xu said with a wry smile, "I’ve only been in the ancient martial arts for a year or two, and I only know some authentic names of powerful forces, and no one has told me anything about Wulin. How can you teach me to hear about Shili Baihe?"
Snow shine gave Xu a white look. "Shili Baihe is a top power, and a satellite can’t cover it. There is a place where Shili River flows, and the river is milky white, which contains rich energy aura. The tribes around Shili Baihe have just been hostile to each other, and finally changed with the times. With the common defense and humiliation, the tribes have combined into a whole family, and this family has created their own surnames-Baihe Shili Baihe is not only as simple as the top power, but also the top power in the top power! I didn’t expect Shili Baihe to send someone to the small war site. "
After hearing the snow shine narrative, Xu was white, and this handsome man was distinguished.
No wonder this guy always smiles in the face of any kind of danger. People who come out of this kind of power certainly have good tolerance. In addition, there must be many cards that are impossible to be afraid of crazy monks and four eagles. If they break their membership in Shili Baihe, they will certainly save their lives.
But Xu doesn’t feel inferior.
Although the seventy-two caves of the sword school Baoquan in Hengshan Mountain are not as good as the Shili Baihe River, it is not making friends if you have to look at your life experience.
Xu is willing to make this friend. If this friend is also willing to make Xu, then they are friends.
No matter what the so-called Hengshan Sword Sect is, they can consider themselves friends.
Because of the thought of a place, Xu Baihe ferry looked at each other, and the two men laughed in unison, showing a special friendship belonging to men in their eyes.
Men’s friendship is always simple and intoxicating.
At the moment, Baihe Ferry has asked Xu, "Where are Brother Xu going?"
Xu said, "It’s good to go to a place where there is a possibility for a moment, even if you can’t get some early fighters from Wu Wudi. I’m now the head of Hengshan Sword School, so I have to think about Hengshan Sword School."
Baihe ferry eyebrow way "oh? Brother Xu turned out to be the head of Hengshan Sword Sect? "
Baihe Ferry, a member of Shili Baihe, may note the news of great forces, but never the news of authentic forces, because immortals are always too lazy to pay attention to the life and death of ants.
However, no matter how weak the Hengshan Sword Sect is in front of Shilibaihe, it is not easy for a person to become the head of Hengshan Sword Sect at such a young age.
Baihe ferry also had to treat Xu with special respect or new views.
Xu Wenyan said with a smile, "We have to race against time when it’s not important to mention it. We must not let people take the lead."
Baihe Ferry laughed. "I’ll accompany the Xu brothers for a ride. It’s up to you whether the initial commitment or the mid-term commitment is valuable, but it’s really worthless to me."
This is true. The self-cultivation skill of Baihe Ferry Life Experience is many times better than that of ordinary early-stage bearing.
Apart from Emperor Wudi’s bearing Yu Chengbai River Ferry, I really can’t see it at all
Xu also knows how noble the life experience of Baihe Ferry is, but it is not as polite as Baihe Ferry, but it should be requested by Baihe Ferry to help.
So the three of them went to the second possible place.
It’s a pity that Xu three people came late, and when they arrive, the drama has already ended here.
Xu three people went to the third place where they might have a chance.
This time, after some waves, it was promised that three people would find it on the third day, and it was 36 early fighters.