A Niang knows the story of the green ant and looks at the score. There is a lot of comfort in the words of the green ant.

After introducing the pottery leaves and flowers to the younger brothers and sisters, the picture finally follows the Heishui swamp, turns around along the eastward stream, and finally turns into a dry river and flows into the sea in the east.
When the picture reached a cliff waterfall, koi fish in the fish pond seemed to be shocked by the spectacular waterfall, and even the water column was filled with joy.
The Baiyun Tower turned to look at it, and vaguely felt that this small fish demon and this waterfall seemed to have a relationship.
This waterfall may be a small fish demon metamorphosis machine, but it is too early to think about it, and it is not too late to make plans when the opportunity comes.
Many people have gained a lot from the evolution of the small courtyard, and Niang has completely seen the vast territory of Daxia, and she is also very emotional for a while.
At this time, I was catching firecrackers, and the Baiyun Tower suddenly felt a sense of the sea. When I arrived, I also went out and put a string of firecrackers, which was a complete mourning.
In the past hundred years, the whole country of Daxia has advocated the system of diligence and thrift, and it has gradually changed to keep it, so that the people of Daxia can have a good night’s sleep by the way.
After waiting for the firecrackers to stop, auntie called the young players to sleep as soon as possible, and then took out a few strings of lucky money and gave them to everyone, specifically asking them to put them on their pillows.
Not only gave the fire shine a bunch of Meng Yu and green ants, but also each got a bunch of them, even Baiyun Tower and Qingchi got a bunch of them.
Fire shine naturally as a baby eyebrow eye smile will be lucky money income small bag.
Qingchi picked up the new lucky money in his hand and looked at it strangely.
Before going to bed, Baiyun Tower came to the old man’s room to help the old man’s mother clear the vein. By the way, giving Kunlun jade to the old man Dai Yan is a magic weapon for Ziyan’s younger sister to refine.
Torre immediately knew that the jade operator might be unusual and told Niang to wear it next to her body.
Talking to Baiyun Tower, my parents took two drops of JingXie to refine the jade symbol, which was reassuring to go back to my room.
For the first time since I stepped into practice, I spent a lively and unusual year with my father and mother. Baiyun Tower didn’t feel contaminated with any vulgarity, but I felt that my mind was accessible and my heart was complete.
There is a clear pool of martial sister Baiyun Tower, which is very reassuring. The bamboo couch meditates for a moment and the body and mind sink into the sea of knowledge.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven Watch the sword
In recent days, I have seen many wonderful little worlds from sister Qingchi, and I have really experienced the Baiyun Tower in the exquisite small tower, and I have gained a lot.
With this seemingly leisurely day, the idea of brewing reached the heart of the Tao, and the knowledge of Baiyun Tower fled into the Yang God’s body and sat on the sea, and it was half deduced and realized.
At the right time, the idea of making the weather merge first urged the Yang Shen body to gradually change by several feet, and the size of the demon bird was evolved to know the sea.
When the spirit moves the Baiyun Tower, it seems to return to the wild little world, where the demon birds spread their wings and move, but they also find out the differences.
The wild little world in the tower can feel the regular force when flapping its wings and the sharp force when waving its claws, but there is no trace here.
Baiyun Tower’s small world of knowing the sea is also derived from the small world of people, but for the change of the rules of the small world of knowing the sea, it is no different from the small world of people.
In this way, if the monster in the wild small world reaches the human world, the physical body may still be strong, but without the rules, the blessing will be much weaker.
Compared with ordinary Terran monks, it seems difficult for them to reach the extreme and get the blessing of regular force.
In other words, the small world rule is to balance many rules, and there is no strong or weak point.
It seems that there is no strong rule, which is very mediocre, but it is also more inclusive. There will not be too many obstacles in taking the road.
Raise your hand and know the sea, and move out of the Golden Wheel and Baiyun Tower to observe the true fire of Samadhi in the initial shape. This true fire of Samadhi is also the rule of this small world.
If you want his small world to show its true strength, it will be refined to dzogchen, which will be a breakthrough. dzogchen will break through the restrictions of the rules and have a real fire. Only then can many small worlds be free from the rules.
This day, the golden wheel is also the same. When it comes to the other small world, its guardian power will also be suppressed by the other small world. It is estimated that only by refining it into a real fairy can it exert its real power.
After some deduction, I realized that Baiyun Tower had some enlightenment, Qingyun chose Kendo, and the body of the sword of Qingyun Gate also contained Bao Dao, which coincided with the heaven in the small world.
Yin and yang, five elements and hexagrams can all be wrapped by the magical powers of Qingyunmen swordsmanship, so Baiyun Tower can try to develop the five elements sword array at will.
After the Qingyunmen kendo training body is strong, it can make the body more majestic. After the shock wave is strong, it can make the sword more sharp and sharp. Only after strengthening can the sword be invincible.
Spiritual cultivation is also indispensable for Qingyun Gate Kendo.
What makes Baiyun Tower move even more is that Qingyun has left that amazing sword mark, which has broken through the rule force. It is a way beyond heaven.
The Baiyun Tower before Zhuyu naturally won’t let go. If you can thoroughly understand Qingyun’s sword mark, you will have the resources to travel around the world.
Now, of course, I won’t think about going to the other small world to make a living, but with the exquisite tower, I will have the machine to strengthen my body and mind, and I will also have the machine to practice that amazing sword mark.
That shocking sword marks people’s small world, let alone uniting without a small achievement, even the sword meaning can be left for a moment.
The former Baiyun Tower can also remember that the sword mark was sealed in the depths of the sea, and the massive Yang divine power forcibly changed the rules of knowing the small world of the sea, and finally two additional sword marks were reproduced.
But the limit is to reproduce two original memory light groups, and at most three sword marks can be left in the depths of the memory sea. No matter how many depths there are, the whole knowledge of the sea will bear the extreme pressure of the small world, unless the knowledge of the sea meets the opportunity to change again.
After this period of time, I realized the refining of Yang Shen body and many rules. Now Baiyun Tower has expanded to 500 miles in Fiona Fang, but there is no sign of transformation.
According to this progress, only when the yang body is stronger and the five elements of knowing the sea are completely balanced will the transformation machine of knowing the sea be ushered in.
After seeing the oriental dream world, Baiyun Tower also thought about trying to practice sword in that dream, but gave up after some deduction.
That dream is still very unstable, and a crow can shatter it. If you practice forcibly, you may just condense a trace of Qiang Jian, and the whole dream will be broken.
Now, with Qingchi, the elder martial sister personally condensed the exquisite pagoda and even refined it into the time-law pagoda. After a day of practice, where can I find such a powerful place to practice?
Just a moment, I thought that Baiyun Tower collected five spiritual swords into the sea of knowledge, and then Yang Shen sank to the depths of the sea of memory to observe the meaning of the sealed sword.
Consumed a seal sword light, which made Baiyun Tower kendo feel a little more.
With the help of the rules of knowing the small world of the sea, Baiyun Tower will seal this feeling into the gods, and then borrow to cultivate its own sword when entering the tower.
Arranging for the Baiyun Tower, a wisp of god knows the sea of knowledge and asks Aly if he wants to practice in the tower.
Anyway, tonight, don’t go to the top of the sky to devour the fire. Aly nods repeatedly to relax his knowledge. The spirit of Baiyun Tower is wrapped in an instant and escapes into the exquisite tower of Knowledge Sea.
This time, I entered the tower well prepared, but I didn’t see it again. Looking at the chaotic clouds and white clouds in front of me, I called out the tower spirit and exquisiteness.
"Brother Bai has come to Xiaota again … he has broken through the first small world for the first time. Are you going to the second small world on the first floor this time?" Taling asked some absently.
Well, after refining the small tower, this one is not at all welcome. The younger brother shouted, which is worthy of being a distraction from the elder martial sister Qingchi.
"But what should we pay attention to in this second small world?" Baiyun Lou freely asked a sentence.
"Nothing to pay attention to is still very weak … by the way, teacher younger brother, if there is nothing urgent in the future, don’t shout exquisite and sleep enough for these small worlds to be more stable …"
So this is the case. Is it the lazy taxiing of the elder sister that Baiyun Tower returns to this tower spirit?
Linglong went on to say, "Teacher younger brother has already broken through the first small world, and the tower door of the second small world has already opened from there to enter."
"If you want to escape from the small world temporarily, you need to find a safe way to sense the breath of the tower door, and you can come out. Of course, if you are killed by creatures, you can easily get out of the tower."
"There should be nothing else … it should be gone. The teacher elder sister is going to sleep …" Exquisite figure turned into a cloud to dissipate.
Chapter three hundred and seventy The original tribe
The little red bird and the Baiyun Tower looked at each other every time, and this exquisite creature said that the strength of the creature was weak, and the demon bird was not weak and shapeable.
Even in the end, Baiyun Tower incarnates the demon bird body, but it is estimated that it is not the tens of feet high demon bird opponent when it really fights.
This second small world is certainly not so simple. As the clouds disperse, it shows that this small world has lost its white cloud tower and little red bird.
The little red bird directly fled to the Baiyun Tower, which was several feet deep, and instantly opened the art of seclusion and convergence.
I waited for a moment, but there was nothing unexpected. It was a dense forest surrounded by silence, and the eye seemed to see nothing unusual, so the Baiyun Tower dispersed its seclusion.
This small world is extremely exclusive to the operation method, and the avatar seclusion technique has only been used for a moment, and the spirit of Baiyun Tower is actually difficult to continue.
Good convergence of interest is only to converge its own breath, but it is barely sustainable.
Shouted out the little red bird hiding underground and walked carefully outside the jungle.
Walking to the Baiyun Tower near the dense forest, I saw a village … It should be regarded as a very humble original tribe.
In the secret book of pre-ancient times, I saw similar tribal animal skins, and the shacks looked very simple.
A few simple lines of the largest shack draw several mountains, which look like the totem of this tribe.
The Terran Baiyun Tower saw the Terran in the other small world. This time, it was quite normal. It was very common to see several Terrans who were shorter than themselves and looked a little older. Their strength was just so-so.
After watching the Baiyun Tower for a while, I was relieved. It seems that it should not be difficult to be careful to deal with this small world.
Read this Baiyun Tower and cast the soul-transforming technique according to the breath and appearance of those terrans. If it weren’t for the fact that the Baiyun Tower was transformed by gods at this time, it would be difficult to cast the soul-transforming technique root.