Get out of here. If you want to watch the fun, just tell me what you miss me. This excuse is really bad. It doesn’t disgust me enough. I criticised it until I asked the black dragon again

Can you remove the energy impurities from the dragon crystal?
In fact, the dragon level can be raised, that is to say, the lower dragon has the opportunity to become a higher dragon. If we accumulate enough energy before our death, we can actively remove some impurities and become a higher dragon, thus prolonging our life. However, this possibility is too small, and it is impossible for the lower dragon to do it unless the dragon protoss helps us. The dragon protoss can help the lower dragon purify the dragon crystal and the high-level black dragon replied.
Purifying the dragon crystal will definitely raise the level, I asked
Generally speaking, it can’t be wrong. After purification, the dragon crystal can be upgraded by accumulating enough energy, and the energy accumulation speed of the dragon crystal after purification is much faster than that before purification. Generally, it can’t be wrong unless the killed black dragon answers.
I help you purify the dragon crystal into pure dark dragon crystal. What will happen to you? I asked curiously.
I don’t know if the black dragon simply replied
What? I asked
Theoretically speaking, the lower dragon can become a dragon, but it is actually impossible. It is unimaginable that it is difficult for the lower dragon to become a higher dragon. It takes a lot of energy to purify the dragon crystal, so the chance is too small. It is difficult to accumulate enough purification after the dragon becomes a dragon. I have never heard of the pure dragon crystal dragon protoss. Only the black dragon said.
Let’s try it, I asked
The black dragon didn’t answer me, but he looked up at me, but his eyes were that you were crazy. I slapped him on the head and scolded him.
With your eyes, the young master really hasn’t been stumped. I’m telling you, the young master can definitely turn your dragon crystal into a dragon ball, but you may feel a little uncomfortable in the process, but I can assure you that you won’t die and you won’t prepare anything. We’ll protect me now. I’ll talk to Sandcock and others and talk to my eldest brother.
Brother, if you think it’s boring, go to rest and not stay here with me.
No, no, I think it’s fun, and I want to see it. Besides, didn’t this guy give it to me? I have to watch it anyway, said the eldest brother
Whatever, I’m done. After that, I put my right hand on the black dragon head and rushed at Longjing with three flavors of true fire. The black dragon immediately twisted in pain because its huge body was moved by my Taoist method. People in the square were in pain and howling. Everyone in Songfengling heard the black dragon howling. Eldest brother quickly ordered people to block the square to disturb me.
My dragon crystal is tempered by three flavors of real fire, which is not harmful to the black dragon under my control. This guy’s voice is so great because he is afraid of losing his life in my hands. It is impossible for the dragon crystal to be a strange thing. It took more than three minutes for the dragon crystal to soften and melt. It is necessary to keep the pure negative energy and slowly discharge other impurity energy. Finally, the pure negative energy turned into a ball and formed a chicken egg. The color of the big round bead was blue, and the impurity energy was separated. The three flavors of real fire suddenly burned clean. But the dragon ball was formed in the head of the black dragon with three flavors of god knowledge.
At this time, the black dragon had an accident. When I opened my eyes, there was a lot of negative energy around the black dragon. Like the black dragon’s body gathering energy and moving rapidly, it formed thick winds. Then the energy moving range became larger and larger, and the wind force became larger and larger. With the negative energy moving, it also formed a thin magical black fog. I was afraid that these magical fogs would affect Shante and others’ post-repair, so I shouted.
Everybody back out of the square. Don’t go in without my order.
At this time, the wind gradually increased, and even the clouds in the sky touched the impact. The black dragon body floated to Songfengling City quickly, and it was even more foggy. I looked at the clouds in the sky and thought of the apocalypse. It was impossible. I didn’t feel any pressure. It’s not like this. It’s not a fairy artifact. It’s hard to make a fart omen, so it’s a omen for the dragon god in the future. According to the black dragon, it’s estimated that the dragon protoss will be difficult to repair the disaster at most, so it should be a omen when it’s so old
The clouds are getting darker the day after tomorrow, and the black fog is getting thicker. The facial expression of the black dragon is ferocious again. I think that after the rapid growth of strength, I ended up with Fo Yin drinking low and driving a little golden light. In the black fog, the black fog lights up and leaves the black dragon’s body. The right hand strokes the black fog in the hand, and the black fog disappears. The clouds are not moving, and the black clouds disperse. The black dragon wakes up.
At this time, the square was already covered with clouds. Big Brother Shante and others rushed to my side and asked me in a hurry.
Little brother, you have nothing, right?
I’m fine, but it’s the black guy who caused the little problem, and it’s all right, I said
It’s good to be okay. It’s good to be okay. If you’re in trouble, how can I represent my mother? Eldest brother said and then asked.
How about the black dragon? You didn’t kill it, did you?
Brother, you underestimate your brother’s business. Isn’t it just a dragon ball? It’s hard to get me. It’s a piece of cake. Let you see the black guy. I didn’t good the spirit. When I finished, I paddled my right hand and drank it low. This is the ground black dragon. I got up to listen to it. I heard it scream all over. It’s a body. In the eyes of everyone, it grew up quickly. It’s twice as big. It’s 30 meters long. It almost surprised the people in the square. It’s not only
When I got up, the black dragon shook his body gently, and there was a loud crash. The black dragon came off with a new scale, and the scales looked dark and bright compared with the old scales. I shouted to Sander
Sander, if you put these scales together and organize an auction, they will sell for a good price. Isn’t it said that this thing is the best material for building armor? Isn’t it also memorable? It took five thousand years to get to Long Lin, and those nobles will definitely grab it.
Black, how do you feel now? I asked the black dragon
Well, it’s good. I’ve never been better. I’m sure I can be a dragon. I’m more than twice as strong now, and I feel that I’m accumulating energy dozens of times faster than in the past, the black dragon replied
You’ll call me big brother, master, and me, you can call me young master. That’s what they all call me. I pointed to the people around you. Your name is smelly and long, and no one can remember you. Then it’s called black return. I promise you not only can you upgrade the dragon, but you can also become a dragon god. Now you can walk around this city and come back here when you’ve had enough, but I have to warn you not to destroy it for me. This is my city.
I won’t, master. I, the black dragon Ogar 86 Matteo 86 Augustus 86 Ficotrul, swear by the honor and dignity of my dragon. I will accompany my master to fight together until the moment I die. The black dragon solemnly said that I patted my big brother on the shoulder, and then he solemnly vowed to say.
I swear by the honor and dignity of my family, and I will fight with my partner, Black Dragon Ogar, Matteo, Augustus and Ficotrul for life and death.
All right, I’ve finished all my work. It’s time to have a rest. I haven’t eaten yet. I’m starving for a long time, big brother. Let them prepare food for me and give me back a lot of things for you to say, I said aside
I see. I’ll have someone prepare food for you, and then I told the black dragon that your name is hard to remember. I also think it’s good. You can have this name. You can play around here for one day. I’ll come to see you again in two or three days, and we can train and fight together.
Got it, master. Black said
I really want to ask my eldest brother a lot of things and tell him a lot of things. I lay down in the lounge chair in the living room and said with a long breath
It’s really comfortable. Did the ancients deceive me or not? How about our winter wheat? I remember that we should have finished cutting by now. How about the output? How do you feel about not letting those die-hards participate in cutting these guys?
It’s very comfortable. Now I’m lying on this side and resting. My eldest brother is lying in another easy chair. He said that it’s really difficult for these die-hards to give them a vision last autumn, so he agreed to plant a new farming method this spring. But last winter, no one would be unable to implement the new farming method or practice the old method to grow winter wheat. I didn’t expect that the output of this winter wheat was really high, and the grain made those die-hard old guys almost fall to the ground.
That’s why I didn’t get food. I’ve been planting it in this territory villa for several years. I proudly said that this is not the highest grain yield, and the food is even more productive. I just didn’t bring it.
It is true that this is not the highest grain-producing food. At least, the yield of miscellaneous rice is higher than that of winter wheat. Of course, under the same environmental conditions, it is not necessary to take this high-yield product now, but it can be said when I get back, big brother. No, I went on to say.
Now there are some problems. New farming methods need a lot of new farm tools and wind beasts. We don’t have wind beasts. I can make people speed up the training, but you can’t think about those new farm tools. Your new farm tools are good, but they are all made of extremely steel. Where can I get so many multipolar steel? It seems that Dad can build this kind of thing. You won’t let Dad build new farm tools in his own territory, will you?
I want to talk about this. I realized that in fact, I have made a lot of new farm tools for every pole steel. Dad built them, but he can’t beat them. The building method is very good. You can enlist the blacksmith in the territory to build them together.
You know, I discovered iron ore in the territory last year. Although it’s not very big, our current consumption level can last for 300 years. I didn’t let them smelt steel. I’m afraid it will cause unnecessary trouble. You know, now all good steel is used to build weapons, but we are going to build farm tools. I don’t think the empire will use its brains, and other empires will not think about it. I’m going to import steel from various countries in exchange for what we need from them. That’s not my business.
Then what am I going to do? Big Brother asked.
Are mom and dad here? I asked