Meng Fei took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. Although he died, he was saved in Lan Keer.

He reached into Lan Keer’s arms without taboo, but touched her mind-protecting Dan, which was gone.
Meng Fei’s face sank and he bit his teeth. Suddenly, he pointed out several acupuncture points in his chest and abdomen, prompting the occult technique to penetrate the potential.
This step is to kill, but without him, he quickly cast his soul-returning technique while suppressing the injury and surging qi.
The increase of soul-returning skill is the consumption of others’ vitality, but it is their own vitality. Meng Fei gradually can’t hold on through his body and tries his best to exert his last point.
Lan Keer wow vomited another blood and slowly woke up Meng Fei. Seeing this, he couldn’t hold his breath and passed out in a coma.
When he woke up leisurely, the sky was hanging high and the moon was spinning quietly, spreading the radiance and illuminating the surrounding area. Meng Fei suddenly found his head stuck in tenderness.
However, when Lan Keer was holding Meng Fei, just out of the black flame, God and others came for her, and she fluttered down to a stone heart, but she followed a sinking Dugu Yannan in front of the stone and looked at this side with a smile.
Meng Fei spits a foul breath and says, Empress, you leave me alone. Let’s go. He shouldn’t kill you.
Maybe not before, but it’s different at this time. You can’t get to know this person. He can’t get anything. It’s always to destroy us. We can’t escape. We can fight recklessly. Lan Keer shook his head and was shy to eliminate the disappearance.
The potential is not distracting, because Meng Feisheng was hit by the black flame god and has no more fighting power.
At this time, a large group of robots gathered around to form a circle. If you want to escape, you can recklessly smash the stone in front and smile proudly.
Hey, he smiled. What happened to King Xuanyuan? How did he fall into a woman’s arms and lose his dignity?
Meng Fei smiled. It seems that the special secret can be traced to us, Pepe.
It’s not worth it to carve a worm. Yan Na, a lonely girl, laughed. It’s really an honor to see Xuanyuan maharaja again.
Meng Fei laughed. No need. We’re still not good.
Dugu Yannan is smiling. The young master doesn’t want to kill you like the mechanical king of Black Flame God. King Xuanyuan can’t sit in the mansion. Let’s have a good talk. Thank you, Meng Fei. No need. Lan Keer frowned and watched.
Just moving around, Meng Fei, slow down the bass empress. Don’t fight Dugu Yannan. This person has too many tricks to prevent him from rushing south.
Lan Keer took advantage of Meng Fei to give her a fighting god soldier who wanted to catch the thief first. As soon as Wang Meng Fei said, she changed her mind and rushed south. Two flying saucers stood in front of 30 people, and four men with fair hair and young faces were always in flying saucers.
The enemy is in position.
The four of them are all dugu family members. They haven’t appeared before. Even the mechanical king of Black Flame God doesn’t know these people. At this time, Dugu Yannan called them to prevent Meng Fei and others from escaping.
Although the strongest of these four people is not a mechanical family, the king of sea machinery is also the top among the false gods.
Lan Keer fluttering disease swept the international qi chain tied Meng Fei behind him with a long knife and suddenly jumped into a flying saucer knife and a Bai Hong.
In the face of the god of war, the four old soldiers dare not take a hard step back and pound their fists, and four punch marks rushed at her.
Lan Keer twisted Bai Hong in the middle to form an S-shape, passed by four people and then rushed through the crowd to hit a small flying saucer.
The small flying saucer took off, and her rabbit fell to the small flying saucer, and one of them fell to the sea where the stone fell, and then the flying saucer left the arrow and rushed away
She encouraged the true spirit to try her best to speed up, but before the second floor was closed, she rushed from several large flying saucers for a few days to escape.
She didn’t dare to slack off and still tried to speed up the small flying saucer faster and faster. She looked back and saw that Dugu Yannan was also flying in a small flying saucer, about 200 meters apart.
Dugu Yanna didn’t expect Lan Keer this absolutely Meng Fei to even lose his own life. This is also his miscalculation, so he mainly wants to escape in addition to Xuanyuan Chapter 1,221.
Little Lan Keer, he would never kill her if possible. After all, Lan Keer is the only woman who has touched him.
Before he came, he secretly told his hand not to hurt Lan Keer’s life unless it was necessary. Knowing that Lan Keer seemed to have guessed his mind, he didn’t rush to the robot people but rushed to the dugu family.
Four Old Men and these four old men let Lan Keer drill this gap and break through their encirclement because he told them that it was difficult to tie their hands and feet.
His quick response is still a step too late. He was rushed to Duguyan Antarctic by Lan Keer. He was unwilling to be seriously injured by Xuanyuan Wang. Lin Weiyuan was also injured and has left the team. It is impossible to miss this opportunity and he will regret it.
Cutting and urging small flying saucer
Two small flying saucers left their strings, and in a blink of an eye, they rushed to people’s field of vision and could no longer be seen.
Meng Fei see dugu yanna didn’t give up frowning thoughtfully a young way less dugu Lord Lin adults can get away.
Duguyan Nanyin is far away. Hey, smile. King Xuanyuan, don’t worry. Young Master’s main goal is you. I’m too lazy to meet Lord Daolin in Meng Fei, where the mechanical clan and the fire clan are after you. I’m not worried that he can escape, am I?