Step by step, a mace is a mess. Zhang Xianghui’s mountains are broken, and he also believes that no matter what array base has been completely destroyed by him.

Zhangxianghui looked up at the peak of Ximo Mountain and roared proudly, Yuan Ye, you hide in the mountain and wait for adults to break your law and then this weapon will smash your head.
Say that finish ZhangXiangHui strides again before.
Yuan Ye, who is nearly two kilometers high in Xi Moshan, is near the mountain peak. Once Zhang Xianghui steps into the law, Zhang Xianghui can’t see Yuan Ye, but the law is arranged by Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye can clearly know Zhang Xianghui’s every move in the law.
Hit my head Yuan Ye muttered something to laugh, but at the moment ZhangXianghui has entered the law in the central area of Xi Moshan. There are actually three laws in Xi Moshan, and three laws are superimposed in the area of Xi Moshan. Yuan Yeke can always control whether these laws attack or not.
Haha, this fool is really me. Is this a general law? I’ve been thinking about losing my ability to trap people. None of you want to go to HarmonyOS to coax you. See if you can go there. Yuan Ye smiled and looked at Zhangxianghui in the array. At the same time, Yuan Ye also looked at the other side. At this time, Feng Bin took more than 30 generals in shining armor and rushed at it without Zhangxianghui being slow.
On Sunday, the large array of stars can attack you first. Yuan Ye smiles at the corners of his mouth and disappears directly to the ground.
The more hundred meters away from the foot of Xi Moshan, Feng Bin and others looked dignified at this time, because when they saw Zhang Xianghui, they always circled in the three-step range and kept hitting the ground. How much scope can they destroy if they always hit the ground in the three-step range?
Three heads and two heads should be in a magic array. At this moment, he probably doesn’t know that he is going around in circles, and he doesn’t know that he is hitting the same surface. This law should be the area around the two heads, otherwise we wouldn’t be so awake at this time.
Don’t be clever. With your little array level, how can you underestimate my array? What you see is that I want you to see it. I don’t want you to see that you can’t see the sneer at all. At the same time, Yuan Ye is wearing a blue suit. At this time, Yuan Yegen is not wearing armor.
Feng Bin, your wife is my hand now. No, you should surrender, too. On the contrary, it’s meaningless for you to resist here.
Yuan Ye, it’s brave of you to dare to run to me if you don’t hide well. Feng Bin showed his huge horse-cutting knife in one hand and reached out his hand. At the same time, more than 30 generals in shining armor around Feng Bin, more than 30 great statues and ten turns, were strong, and they all drew their own weapons to surround Yuan Ye instantly. I’m afraid this huge array is United, and it is impossible for a person such as Feng Bin to win the battle. It is also very believed that Yuan Ye will be surrounded.
Ok, I’ll give you a fight, which will make your heart straight. You’re still not angry. Looking at this letter, Yuan Ye smiled and waved his hand at the same time. This area of Ximo Mountain was suddenly shrouded in a strange darkness, and the mountains in this area were all covered. And the black area gradually showed extremely bright starlight. Soon, the starlight became more and more brilliant, just like beads, but this bright and beautiful starlight shot a series of starlight beams and attacked people.
Defense Feng Bin a drink immediately this more than 30 shining golden generals in the whole body have lit up all kinds of quarrelling to resist this star attack.
After a rumble of Xi Moshan, the generals in shining armor felt that they were constantly trying their best to resist them. Their strength was almost second to that of Nai people when they were able to stand firm for a while, but the array attack would never weaken and not be broken. They had no hope of living.
Ah, I’ve been fighting for a long time, and my consumption is almost clean. A general in shining armor finally can’t resist an attack by an astral light beam. The individual is directly bombarded, and his body is cracked like a burnt stone. It’s very strange that the golden light of blood rushes into his body and is instantly bombarded and fractured. Although he is in this state, he will be killed immediately after another astral attack, but the astral light beam will not be able to attack again after knocking him down, as if it were spiritual.
Next to the younger brother, a shining general didn’t have the energy to observe it so carefully. Immediately after his companions fell down, he shouted in horror that the shining general kept fighting against this stellar beam attack, and Nai Xingli beam kept coming, that is, his strength reached the peak of ten turns. At this moment, fighting has almost dried up.
No matter who kills each front, that is, the instantaneous trick, that is, a few breaths, but now that the stellar beam attack wants you to constantly exert your unique skill and general strength to resist the power, even if it is a great statue and a strong peak, it will not last for such a long time.
How can you attack others? You can’t even save your own life.
Tong Laoer, didn’t you say this array didn’t attack the circle? What the hell is this?
One by one, the generals in shining armor are filled with grief and indignation. The strength of these generals in shining armor is different. With the first general in shining armor, others know that they are almost unable to resist.
In a large array, in addition to the starlight beam, some starlight rays continue to attack and scream and scream.
Scold god, scold the people, scold the skinny old man
Yuan Ye, the attacking power of the large array of stars this Sunday, is actually not very satisfied, but it is more than enough to deal with the great statue of ten turns to the peak martial arts, while Feng Bin did not seem too hard to resist the attacks of the stars and beams, and he also saved one or two people with strength, but Feng Bin didn’t save so many people, so who is he?
Yuan Ye, come and fight with me. Feng Bin roared with a saber in one hand and said.
We just thought of going together. You guy wouldn’t beat you half to death. You are indifferent to the sound. Yuan Ye is now Feng Bin’s blue robe ringing with the wind. Yuan Ye’s eyes are cold
And he has been busy with "the world that one by one general shining armor may make a half-dead hand can also make these arrogant guys gather some gas point Yuan Ye is also a law auxiliary that if there is no law, he wouldn’t be so desperate.
Yuan Ye, tell me if you deliberately designed this array to lead us here. You are the one we are going to prepare. Feng Bin looked at Yuan Ye with a face of anger.
I’m here, you know, and it’s as simple as that, but I admire you very much. You Zhang Xianghui should know that you two didn’t even force me to enter the world, but you still dare to call more big statues and ten generals in shining armor. Yuan Ye sneered and shrugged and smiled. You won’t be afraid now.
At the moment, those struggling generals in shining armor are also looking here, hoping that their heads of the three armed forces can defeat Yuan Ye, just as they are away from this hellish place.
Afraid of Feng Bin sneer at Feng Bin’s hand, which is nearly two meters tall, the horse-chopping saber exudes amazing domineering. At the same time, the individual will cross a long knife like Ben Lei and reach Yuan Ye’s eyes
Yuan Ye is a relaxed figure, elegant and moving across an arc, elegant and smart, which surprised Feng Bin.
Where to go? Feng Bin roared at the moment, and his personal power seemed to tear. The fire rushed to Yuan Ye again, and the horse-chopping knife flashed with cold light, and he split at Yuan Ye’s pledge.
Yuan Ye gods found this scene, but a smile appeared on his face. At the same time, Crimson Lotus’s sword in his hand crossed as long as a waterfall, and several swords crossed the horse-cutting saber in front of him.
Break Yuan Ye’s light drink.
Feng Bin immediately pale white paper to see that nearly two meters long to huge horse-cutting knife actually split in two, which was drawn nearly half a long end directly from which to fall to Peng a hit on the ground.
This scene makes Feng Bin dull. His horse-cutting knife is a twelve-robbery artifact. In human eyes, the twelve-robbery artifact is indestructible. But today, the indestructible twelve-robbery artifact was cut in half by the crimson sword, and one end fell to the surface nearly half a meter, but it seemed to hit the heart of Feng Bin.
How is it possible that we will continue to kill Feng Bin’s body and suddenly stagnate? I can’t believe it. Looking at Yuan Ye, the eyes will soon look at Yuan Ye’s hands with the Crimson Lotus sword.
Yuan Ye, you have so many treasures. It seems that it is not the third prison with a high level of red smelting stone, and the level of this sword is not low.
Xi Moshan’s strong breeze roared Yuan Ye’s hand Crimson Lotus’s sword and long hair floated in the wind and looked at Feng Bin with a weak smile. I can refine a handle for you.
You Feng Binyan looked at Yuan Yechi’s sword-practicing eyes with horror and fear more than the body trembled slightly, and looked at the hand with a short saber. The power of the horse-cutting saber has been greatly reduced, but it is better to say that the power is broken than nothing.
If you don’t start work, I’m going to start work. Yuan Ye is holding Crimson Lotus sword in one hand, and suddenly the surface of Crimson Lotus sword lights up with khaki energy.
And see Yuan Ye show strong momentum Feng Bin is also a heavy heart and a grind body suddenly rushed to Yuan Ye.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Desperate Yuan Ye eyes swept away with a bit of excitement.
Death, drinking and falling, Feng Bin grabbed the mutilated horse-cutting knife with his hands together, and the arm muscles bulged high and the blood vessels were clearly visible. The individual was the ghosting, and he crossed the hundred meters distance in front of Yuan Ye with almost a flick of a finger, and the mutilated horse-cutting knife directly hit Yuan Ye.
Good bullying attack means Yuan Ye’s body twisted strangely, which just distorted the distance of nearly 20 centimeters and evaded this horse-chopping knife. At the same time, Crimson Lotus’s sword in his hand moved latosolic red sword shadow to make the same phantom directly want to divide Feng Bin into two parts.
Feng Bin suddenly eyes DengYuan fierce change horse-chopping saber trajectory hit block at the same time, the body fierce fly back.
Poof, that is, try very hard to change the trajectory of the horse-cutting knife, that is, try very hard to fly back. Crimson Lotus Jian still cut off the horse-cutting knife for nearly 20 centimeters and then continued to split on Feng Bin.