The magic weapon cut down the mountain, and immediately the golden earth and the countless forbidden runes outside the star palace turned wildly and swam like living creatures, constantly turning into an array to resist the power of the magic weapon.
The thousand-layer ban is constantly broken, but the scattered runes are not broken, but instead added to the next layer of the ban, and the ban can be upgraded.
One layer, two layers, and three layers, the smoke wave guest smashed the 90th floor forbidden outside the Earth Star Palace with one blow, but at this moment, with the breaking of the 97th floor forbidden rune in front, the forbidden power of the 90th floor was extremely strong, and it was only after resisting a breath that it suddenly broke.
Then several golden FuWenHong scattered directly into the ninety-ninth floor forbidden Chapter seven hundred and thirty Beautiful fierce array.
Smoke wave guest’s face changed slightly, his eyes were completely gloomy, and he Yuan Shen could clearly sense that the treasure at home was resisted this time. This ninety-ninth floor was twice as strong as the ninety-ninth floor, and it was forced to break when the golden light flashed and stopped the rest.
Can look at a larger number of golden runes into the one hundredth floor of the forbidden, but this monster’s heart suddenly sank to the ninetieth floor of the forbidden. He has been blocked, and the ninetieth floor of the forbidden can barely be broken, but the hundredth floor is broken by law.
At first glance, the forbidden spirit and mysterious thousand-layer forbidden outside the palace of the earth and the stars may still be broken, but each broken layer of scattered forbidden runes will be integrated into one layer of forbidden power, and so on, and then the forbidden power will be formed, which will reach a desperate level
The 99-story forbidden defecation law can be blasted by the hands of the smoky guest and the treasure power. After that, the 100-story forbidden defecation law is the 1000-story forbidden power. How much will it reach?
Meng Fei’s sullen eyes show abnormal defense ability, even if he relies on the power of the little dragon mouse to break it.
Moreover, more importantly, they are not allowed to show this earth power in the Astral Root, otherwise they will completely collapse without breaking the Astral Palace.
If according to this, he can not watch the earth star palace before but can endure.
Heart born this idea Meng Fei complexion can’t help but become more ugly, but just at this moment, looking at the slightly pale face of the smoker, Meng Fei’s heart sank slightly and stepped forward to coagulate the eldest brother.
Yanboke smiled wryly. Brother Liu was even in trouble this time. Once this ban is suspended by the broken stool method, it will be impacted and the forbidden god will rebound and stack itself. I’m afraid I can’t resist it.
It was only when I confirmed that the law was broken that I realized this. This time, he actually stepped back from the law, otherwise it would be unimaginable once the self-attack broke out
Meng Fei smell speech instantly figured it out, and the things in the heart suddenly sank, and the eyes looked rain or shine, obviously looking for a solution rapidly.
Smokers bite their teeth and sink a way. This forbidden machine locks the old man. Even if they want to join hands to block it, it’s impossible. Since this sixth brother needs to think twice, it’s not easy for the old man to fix it. Although it’s strong, it’s hard to kill me.
Eye situation unless you can break the array, anyone can step in to help him. The smoker knows this very well, but it is difficult to break this array.
Meng Fei suddenly waved his hand and looked solemn. Brother Bidao said that if it weren’t for me, how could you be in eye danger? This time, you need to be strong for a moment. I will definitely be able to break this ban and save you from danger.
Jin Jiao Wang Qinglan night Zu Qianqiu Yan Hong Honglie four people look equally ugly than silent in the gloomy.
Your brothers also have four hands to help the eldest brother strengthen his efforts. The younger brother’s horse is looking for a way to crack the Tao. "Meng Fei was less than ten feet away from the star palace, and the forbidden runes in his eyes crashed."
Zu Qianqiu Yan Hong Lies at the same time, the elder brother and sister are on the alert, and the two of us are the best choice.
Jin Jiao Wang Qinglan nodded silently at night, but his eyes fell on Meng Fei. I wonder if he really means to break the ban, otherwise things will be in trouble.
The earth star palace is vast as far as the eye can see.
At the moment, the main emperor of the four halls is extremely sorrowful, extremely loyal, extremely arrogant, and extremely protective of the heads of state. The puppet way of protecting the palace is gloomy and sinister, and the blood shadow stands in vain. Further to the periphery, it is the cultivation of the imperial family of ten thousand earth stars.
At the moment, in this line of people’s heads, the size of the shadow is much clearer than that outside the palace.
Smokers were blocked by strong enemies and immediately let Huang Ji Dan and others feel greatly relieved.
Hey, hey, our star palace is an ancient treasure with strong defense. It is impossible to destroy this Meng Fei and others. I don’t know how to live or die. Look at them. The main emperor of the four temples, Dan Yuan, hates her teeth and twists her face. She wants to choose someone and eats them.
Let’s die. It seems that the master really thinks too highly of it this time. They will be overwhelmed by the thousand-layer ban outside the palace. Until the master’s plastic body is completed, I will make this Meng Fei suffer all kinds of torture before it dies.
Emperor Dan Teng is equally murderous.
Only in the eyes of the second temple master, the worried eyes flashed, Brother, this Meng Fei can make the master fear. Obviously, it is not easy to ban the palace. Although it is strong, I don’t know if you can really stop them.
Emperor Dan’s wounds heard the words and nodded. The second brother was very worried. We must not be careless. We need to be careful to ban the master outside the palace. As I said, this array is a treasure of an ancient site in the world. If we can’t find a way to break it, even at its peak, we will definitely be able to bomb it.
Today, it is impossible for Meng Fei and others to find a way to crack it by brute force, even if Meng Fei and others who are proficient in the array want to crack the thousand arrays, it is not a matter of time.
Emperor Dan nodded, but just then his eyes flashed and he looked at the empty figure and the shadow sank to the Meng Fei hand.
Meng Fei, outside the Earth Star Palace, looked slightly pale, and the Yuan God was running rapidly, which obviously caused great loss to him.
In less than half an hour, he really saw some clues about the road repair, but I’m afraid it will take ten days and a half months to crack it at a constant speed
This period of time is too long for smokers to be strong.
Meng Fei was a burst of rain or shine suddenly grind teeth to lift the head again has been full of determination.