The red robe man didn’t seem to hear Lin’s words. His line of sight was to stay in the body and see him like this. He should smile and others are also nervous. Yuan Li is surging quietly.

And when they are nervous, the red-robed man suddenly bends over to Ying Ying and then doesn’t speak, that is, he turns and steps towards the biological text advertisement that is raging in the dark fog in the sky.
Should smile and others consternation looked at this scene and finally looked at it with a face of doubt. It should be obvious that it is not white that the red robe person will treat this.
Lin’s clenched fist is slightly loose. It seems that this red robe person should know his identity before reincarnation and look at this appearance. He should have a high position in this world before reincarnation. Otherwise, even this half-dead red robe person will be able to keep some respect for her.
What’s he going to do? Wang Yan looked at the dark fog, and the red robe man couldn’t help saying
Lin is also looking at this scene to see the situation. The red robe man seems to be going to the black fog creature.
When Lin and others pay attention, the sky suddenly swept away from the red robe body like a vast sea of fire, and then directly formed a huge fire curtain to cover the black fog creature in it
Black beams bombard the fire curtain, but it’s hard to get the amazing effect that people can resist before. Instead, they are burned by the rising flames and scoff.
Burning the sky old ghost for so many years, I haven’t seen you, but you have turned into this picture. Jie Jie, it seems that you have failed to cross the reincarnation. Black fog is surging all over the sky, and the scarlet beam directly locks the red robe man who stepped on it and pointed to say with smile.
I just live like this to suppress you.
The red robe man looked up in his vacant eyes, but at this moment, the sharp light condensed hoarse voice slowly sounded.
Repression will kill you humble creatures. If that guy hadn’t burned the cycle and blocked the plane cracks, how could your world be full of black fog, crawling and sharp sounds?
But in the end, we won. This time, I will still suppress you.
The red robe man’s voice was hoarse, and soon the palm of his hand suspended a huge tripod furnace and suddenly roared, and the tripod furnace mouth was sprayed with a monstrous flame and swept away at the black fog creature.
Jie Jie, you weak creatures dare to suppress the generals.
Black fog is also surging at this moment, and it is directly turned into a huge hand, which is to scatter the sprayed flame column.
cry of some birds and animals
Several hundreds of huge pillars of fire are suddenly and violently shot in the endless cauldron at the moment, and the fire moves quickly into a monstrous fire array, and then the black fog creature is directly enveloped in it.
Magic swallowing world
Looking at the huge fire array that enveloped us, the scarlet light in the black fog flashed rapidly, and obviously some dangers were also perceived. Finally, the monstrous black gas filled a cold and evil shape, which emanated and collapsed here when the black fog eroded.
Fire array black gas finally mercilessly bombarded together, and suddenly the heavens and the earth seemed to be shaking violently at this moment. Flames and black mans swept around several peaks, and when they were touched, they were flattened, and their destructive power was earth-shattering.
A dark hand suddenly explodes and then slams on the latosolic red cauldron. The huge cauldron is inverted and rumbles to the ground, directly sucking up a huge pit.
Jie Jie, your broken tripod seems to be weaker than before. Clap your hands and fly away, smiling proudly in the black fog of the latosolic red tripod furnace.
is it
The hoarse language of the red robe man was deeply immersed in the eyes, and the crimson light surged for a moment. His palm saw that the cauldron suddenly hit the crimson light, which condensed in the sky and finally turned into a crimson light card.
When Lin moved his eyes to see this latosolic red light card, his eyes suddenly froze because he found that the latosolic red light card he had got before was exactly the same.
cry of some birds and animals
The light shot finally suspended in this huge volcano, and then the volcano trembled and roared, and finally a huge magma door was formed in the sky.
The suspension of a magma gate in the sky is obviously a terrible array, but this array is missing a corner in the northeast, which is obviously not over.
People leave here
Magma is flying all over the sky. At this time, even the gas is becoming extremely hot. Some people’s bodies are getting hot gradually, and the hoarse voice of the red robe is also following.
As his voice fell around, he suddenly wriggled up and turned into some whirlpool.
cut it
When people see the whirlpool these days, they immediately rush to flee. At this level of fighting, they will die if they touch it a little. Obviously, they are not in the mood to think about any ancient treasures at this time.
You also walk with your head tilted towards the waiting person and sink a way.
What about you? It seems that after listening to Lin’s intention to stay, he quickly said
Don’t worry, I’m fine. When I go to find you, Lin said quickly, and then his eyes suddenly shrank, because he saw that Yuan Cang was secretly plundered by three people and then flew past the red cauldron that fell to the ground in the distance.