Faint, you go now, let alone the phoenix eggshell. If you can’t even get close to someone’s nest, you have to hang up. Come on.

Xue Lu calmed down and immediately told Yuan Yedao that since you know the refiner, you know something about alchemy, right?
Yuan Ye, who knows something, but hasn’t actually done it, seriously said that from its refining level, the four treasures of Dan will bring all the tips of alchemy from Mu Qiang, including all kinds of herbs, animals or other materials, and of course, including the key points of refining the efficacy of Dan medicine
I’ll tell you several kinds of medicinal materials. You should help me refine a blood-returning pill in this place.
Good Yuan Ye nodded. Ordinary human body is trouble. If a martial art doesn’t hurt the body, ischemia can be easily solved.
Purple flame mountain range There are many kinds of herbs of Warcraft Lingcao, and Yuan Ye shuttles carefully in the mountains. Fortunately, Xue Lu said that several herbs are very common and have been found without much effort.
Master, the red grass is really dazzling, and it will be very good to be refined back to blood together. Suddenly, the sound of gunfire came to mind.
Well, Yuan Ye saw the grass in a daze. What kind of grass is this? Why didn’t you remember it in Xiaoqiang Dan’s medicine book?
Listen to me, that’s right. I don’t know what happened when heaven and earth sprouted. I immediately said
Yes, but I didn’t expect you to be so enthusiastic. Yuan Ye immediately stopped doubting that he would directly pick the grass.
Going back to the cave again, Yuan Ye made an alchemy for the first time in his life according to the secret of alchemy.
But this time, blood Dan is the most common kind of Dan medicine for ordinary people. Where can it be advanced? It didn’t test Yuan Ye’s level of alchemy. Looking back, Xue Lu is still sleeping. Ordinary people must look at the beauty in front of them and breathe quietly and evenly. Yuan Ye didn’t bother.
When Xue Lu wakes up, Yuan Ye immediately gathers up and laughs. Beauty, you are ready to make pills. This is my first alchemy. I gave it to you for the first time.
You’re also the first time I’ve tasted my cooking. Xue Lu smiles back and smacks of flirting.
After Xue Lu ate Dan medicine, he frowned. This Dan medicine seems to be different.
Really? I did everything as you asked, but adding one more material should have better efficacy. I tell you that I am also good at alchemy, and Yuan Ye immediately boasted.
The medicine will be better. Xue Lu’s frown will be tighter. No, this medicine is wrong
Well, Yuan Ye was one leng and soon saw that Xue Lu was very relieved. Yuan Ye took a two-meter-long black gun from the ring and kept banging.
Hey, what the hell? You want medicine, right?
No problem. You’ve tasted the night-terrorizing gun and immediately said that it was the owner of the night-terrorizing gun, Yuan Yecai, who could hear it.
Are you okay? Xue Lu looks at Yuan Ye like a fool.
Of course I’m all right. Hehe, Yuan Ye smiled awkwardly, took a blood-returning Dan and spit it out directly, but it was only after spitting it out that he remembered that he didn’t know what the blood-returning Dan tasted, but he didn’t taste any problems this time. He just wanted to continue questioning the night-terrorizing gun but heard Xue Lu moan.
Yuan Ye didn’t raise his head, but he couldn’t help jumping to see the graceful face of Xue Lu before him. I don’t know when it was full of attractive blushing smart eyes. Yuan Ye’s eyes became blurred at this time, but now even Xue Lu’s slender jade neck has climbed a layer of pink.
It’s really wrong. Yuan Ye is stupefied, because Yuan Ye is now his body suddenly becomes hot, and this anger is gradually spreading.
You show me your herbs. Xue Lu finally choked back and said
Yuan Ye immediately handed it over.
At the sight of Xue Lou, his face turned white with anger, but it was instantly replaced by a charming red.
This herbal problem Yuan Ye asked.
Slap hard for shame.
I’m covering my burning face. Yuan Ye immediately picked up the night gun. What did you get me?
Hey, hey, I didn’t expect the usual cold night-terrorizing gun to be bad. I know with a smile that you are harmless and specially got it for you. It’s not toxic. Come on, I’m Gu.
My ancestor Yunji is by my side. What am I coming here for? You play this for me. Yuan Ye suddenly became angry, but it was instantly replaced by evil fire, and the bad thoughts became more and more fierce. When Yuan Ye’s abdomen shrank in a hurry, he squeezed the spread of evil fire with the help of quarrelling and siming.
I didn’t expect you to pretend to owe me this letter. Xue Luyin’s teeth seem to be trying to resist, but her body is getting hotter and hotter, and she can’t wait to take off her clothes.