But suddenly she stopped laughing. Yu Weiyang’s face was confused again. She looked down at her hand. That Yu Weiyang ring was something trying to rush out of the ring. The impulse was so strong that she couldn’t hold the ring. She looked up at Yu Weiyang. Yu Weiyang quickly blinked at her. She could blink in front of her. She couldn’t control the ring in her hand. The ring suddenly fell from acacia’s hand and lost consciousness. Look at that ring and fell to the ground. A black egg rolled from the ring.

What’s that? Acacia just wondered to ask, but she saw that the egg was full of dazzling black light, and at the same time she heard an alarm. Acacia hurriedly looked up and saw that her son had just died and turned into a soul. She was pulled over by the black light from porcelain doll, and her eyes were unwilling to stare at that porcelain doll urgent call to save me.
Acacia heard dazed almost conditioned reflex and rushed to the egg. Yu Weiyang was also puzzled by the black egg. It turned out that he failed to watch Acacia and let Acacia rush there. At the same time, Ouyang Qingfeng seized the opportunity and stabbed it with a sword without any tricks.
Ah, without Yu Weiyang’s ring defense array, Ouyang Qingfeng’s sword easily pierced Acacia’s body.
When Yu Weiyang heard about Acacia, he knew it was going to be bad. When he turned his eyes, he knew everything. When he lifted his foot, he threw Ouyang Qingfeng to ten feet and immediately fell to his death. At the same time, he raised his hand and held Acacia in his arms, crying out for Acacia.
Acacia looks up and smiles at Weiyang. I’m fine. Then I turn around and look at the egg. I have suffered a sword, so I see it. Speaking of it, she really trusts Yu Weiyang. She really believes that if she is still alive, she will die. If her soul is still in this world, Yu Weiyang will be able to save her. She is very at ease, although the wound is really painful.
Yu Weiyang is completely opposite to her. At this time, it is really a panic novel. He lost his arm and held acacia with his only hand, but he could not be impatient. More importantly, he also knew something about acacia that he didn’t know, which made him afraid and frightened.
He simply sat on the ground and let Acacia just lie on his body so that he could make the only hand to reach for the ring that belongs to him. He took a few bottles of medicine and poured it into Acacia’s mouth. He also took some medicine powder without even taking off Acacia lichen, so he smeared it on the wound and whispered that Acacia would not be a problem. I don’t know whether to tell Acacia or himself.
Acacia has been staring at the black egg, Yu Weiyang, and she works with her with peace of mind.
That egg is very strange. It seems that her son has been lovesick by it. Some sighs. Is it right for her to call her Miss at last? Does she recognize herself as her Miss or is she consciously calling her? She doesn’t know that even Blue Niang didn’t recognize her. Is it possible for her?
She doesn’t know now, and she doesn’t want to know. It’s okay to call her a familiar name, but she is excited and impulsive. She has paid the price and deserved it. She also worried Yu Weiyang. She gently raised her hand and caressed Yu Weiyang’s panic face and smiled at Wei Yang. Don’t worry, it is dead. My soul will never leave this world. I will accompany you forever.
Acacia fool, Yu Weiyang looked at Acacia smiling face, but his eyes were sour and bitter, but he couldn’t speak. His thoughts returned to the scene when he was talking to him on the day he escaped from purgatory.
Dizang said that lovesickness should be lost, but God pity her. She gave her a chance to start again in Hongdou at the beginning of the day, leaving her with a trace of god, which can also be condensed. But ten years later, she will join the WTO for ten times, and every time she joins the WTO for ten years, she will be given a chance to reunite. If she is scattered in this world with three souls and seven souls, she will be completely lost if she is still not complete after the tenth. Now that she has passed the ninth century, she will eventually lose one soul.
Now she has another chance, and I can hear it, showing that her last chance is in your body. Although I don’t know the specific way, I also know that this time it is a great robbery of acacia, but dzogchen is just past it, which is an end for you.
How about Acacia is dzogchen Yu Weiyang? I don’t know that he knows that Acacia is also ten years old in this life, and this year Acacia is just ten years old. She is really full of circles. This time, she doesn’t deserve to die, but obviously now she is.
It’s so strange. The black egg seems to be getting smaller. Looking at the black egg, I think of it. It was that time in that small village that Yu Weiyang found the black egg in that box. I never knew what it was. Who wanted to blame it this time?
Yu Weiyang didn’t expect him to finally apply the medicine for acacia’s body injury and bind up his arm. It was really a big project. At this time, listening to acacia was a little weak, and he touched some medicine to put it in acacia’s mouth before he looked up and shouted at me.
Acacia listened to Zheng and looked up at nature. Now the two beasts are happy. However, in this face-to-face with the final Bss, the master still doesn’t trust her to help her sweep the array. I can’t help but smile sweetly. The master listened to ShiShu and you came.
After listening to the embarrassing smile, the two people in Tibet sighed gently with a sad face.
Acacia didn’t feel anything when she heard it. She was injured and sighed, but it was a thunderbolt in Yu Weiyang’s ear and her heart was cold.
He said hastily that the sword didn’t hurt the key, and it was still far from the heart to be cured.
Although he didn’t say anything, he believed that Yu Weiyang could see the lovesickness. Although his face was full of light and words, even the wound was healing quickly with his medicine, her soul force was slowly dissipating and drifting away. It was Yu Weiyang’s precious medicine that forced them together again and again, but it wouldn’t last long after all.
Ah, the shell is broken, and Acacia suddenly sees a small hole in the black egg. With a burst of Kaka, a black chicken, er, a bird’s head sticks out of the shell, and then it moves around until half of the egg is broken. A tilted bird falls out of the shell, and it struggles to lift its eyes and look around, and then it slowly chirps to Acacia.
After watching so many deaths, I now know that the birth of life turned out to be such a beautiful and lovely lovesickness. I suddenly smiled and wanted to stretch out my hand to touch the bird, but I didn’t have the strength, but I was afraid that Yu Weiyang was not allowed to.
Everyone was stunned when they heard it, and then there was a heavier sorrow. It’s ironic that a new student is dying. It’s a strong knot. But what is she going to die? What will be her? What will be lovesickness?
Miss, is it you? Suddenly, the bird’s words surprised everyone, and immediately asked if it was you.
You are a young lady and you smell. I always remember that young lady was a fake. I knew it from the first moment, but I told my mother that I wouldn’t talk nonsense with others if she didn’t believe me.
Acacia listened to tears. I’m sorry, at that time
That woman’s damn son turned into a bird and turned to the other side. Looking at acacia, it was Ouyang Qingfeng. Her soul was floating nearby and hidden in the soul. Even the two souls who called God didn’t dare to move. It was far from being careful that the bird was floating. The bird turned its head and jumped in the past. Ouyang Qingfeng was afraid to look at the bird and looked up with a small black pearl. His eyes were full of resentment and hatred. Today, you will die with a black flame. Say that finish the bird’s mouth and jump straight at that Ouyang Qingfeng.
Acacia is still wondering if that little flame, which is not much bigger than the flame, can burn the soul of Ouyang Qingfeng, but the fact is that as soon as the flame touched the soul of Ouyang Qingfeng, it suddenly exploded and devoured her. After a while, it was sad and called out, and then it disappeared again. The bird’s mouth was swallowed back by it, and the bird seemed to have grown up a lot. This scene was full of acacia.
Ji Er turned around again. This time, its footsteps were much faster, and it fluttered its wings and wanted to fly. It ran to Jaxleck and blasphemed to death. It was two black flames and two screams. The two people vanished again. This time, the bird grew up so big that it could fly. She flew around the island in circles with black halo. The expressive humanoid puppets disappeared one by one until finally it flew back to Acacia.
In fact, people are now hiding and listening to Yu Weiyang’s lovesickness. All four of them are quietly watching, even though they have always advertised compassion to hide. Everyone is silently watching the bird’s body grow up in an instant, from the shell to the present, watching it destroy one soul or body.
Miss Zhang, everything is over. The bird stops in front of Acacia and lowers its head.
What do you mean, lovesickness has been wait for a while’s reply to that word? Suddenly, she turned to look at Yu Weiyang and smiled at him, slowly saying, Yu Weiyang, I didn’t tell me that I loved you.
Yu Weiyang listened to one leng tears brush to drop corners of the mouth force bending squeeze a smile is force shook his head.
Then you listen carefully. Yu Weiyang, I love you. When I say that, I close my eyes gently, as if I’m relieved. I also sighed that I have never said my love to you in this life. I have always been worried about it in my heart. I said that I have died in this life, and I will wait for you. I know that you will definitely find us. When I say that, I am so silent, with my eyes closed and a smile.
Yu Weiyang’s heart was shocked and hurt, and he quickly touched the medicine to feed Acacia for a long time. Acacia once again opened its eyes and smiled lightly. It’s so strange. It seems very tired. Yu Weiyang, is your medicine expired? How can you eat so much?
Yu Weiyang said, It’s possible. This medicine has been made since I came to this world for more than ten years now. It may really be overdue. After my department does a new one, I won’t give you an expired medicine.