Meng Fei drink a way: Go quickly, Dugu Yannan, without considering the injury, helped Lan Keer to shoot a one-armed spaceship steeply, threw the snake head and shot hundreds of feet away.

Du Guyan, Nan Changshou breathed a sigh of relief. How could it be such a big snake? This snake has little support for the immortal power of terror.
Meng Fei shook his head and said, cut the crap and run away. god was buried yard is a place full of aura, and all powerful creatures have a long life span and a large body. Although such a giant snake is rare, it is not unusual.
It can chase to Dugu Yannan and ask.
Meng Fei Road is so delicious that it will give up.
This snake is fierce and should be eaten. Many people will never give up and leave. Dugu Yannan can’t consider asking for help again. Lan Keer is urging the spacecraft to prey in the middle.
Boom, in front of them, a huge tail suddenly exploded and swept towards the spacecraft.
Start work Duguyannan coldly scolds a long scabbard, and Lan Keer also draws out his sword and cuts it off.
Tintin’s two crunchy swords don’t stab into the knife, but they don’t cut into the wan, but they fall behind the stone, but they slow down and retract.
Meng Fei’s face is heavy. This snake is invulnerable. This is in trouble.
The other two are also sullen, and they are also aware of the bad news. Meng Fei’s mantra keeps them calm and unaffected, but they can’t beat the snake.
Bang, anticlimactic, once again, the two men were busy waving swords to meet them. It swept off the ship. It’s terrible. There is no way to escape.
Let’s also go inside and fight it. Dugu Yannan decided to break into it.
If they don’t go, the giant snake will come near the ship and hit it directly. They can’t protect it by vigorous gas, but they will enter the crack and attack the snake.
The snake hits seven inches. This snake is invulnerable, but seven inches must be a weakness. If you want to win it, you can only correct it in the cracks. Chapter one thousand two hundred and twenty-four Breaking into the realm of the gods.
Two people got into it. Meng Fei narrowed his eyes and looked down through it. Lan Keer Dugu Yannan was smart and Lan Keer was almost as smart as a fish.
Moving forward and backward, the figure is unpredictable and more agile than outside.
Lan Keer’s knife and horse practice, regardless of water or snake body, does not cut all obstacles by mistake, but unfortunately the snake skin is tough and abnormal, and the knife can’t cut in.
Although she can’t cut in front of the snake, she still doesn’t want to touch the long knife. It’s obvious that she feels bad and avoids her.
Dugu Yannan floated around it and didn’t move, as if she were watching a play, but she was looking for a chance to hit it seven inches.
A man is old and a snake is old and strange. It will never easily expose its weakness. No matter how hard Lan Keer chopped it, it always protects itself seven inches without stretching itself.
Dugu Yannan has been feeling dizzy all the time, but gradually she feels dizzy and dark. The snake is poisoning in the dark, and all around it is poisonous fog.
If both of them had not repaired the earth, they would have been poisoned. He was able to storm Lan Keer but suddenly swept away and smashed the spaceship.
Meng Fei fell like a stone, and Lan Keer was too busy to catch him and wanted to send him. At this moment, the snake tail swept again. She was just about to exercise her powers and avoid moving, but suddenly she was hit by a snake tail.
With a bang, she flew with Meng Fei, and she took the opportunity to throw a Meng Fei shell and shot it to the distant stone.
Meng Fei fell lightly to the stone, and her throw seemed to be extremely powerful to the ground, but suddenly she threw her strength and turned it into a force to hold him and slowly landed.
Meng Fei frowned and his face sank, and he saw that Duguyanna was swallowed by the serpent and then swallowed by Lan Keer again.
Two people move slowly, as if they were deliberately swallowed by them. Meng Fei knows that they are poisoned. This giant snake venom is stronger than poisoning them, but it can slow them down. This is enough.
Meng Fei took a deep breath and left the body to send it to two fairy pieces. The golden light of the fire flashed two times and suddenly shot into the eyes of a huge snake.
Boom, he felt a huge thunder roar, and a dark flood came in at the moment, instantly devouring himself and suddenly falling into a coma.
It is beyond Meng Fei’s ability to destroy two fairy wares and exert their power at the same time.
I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep
When he woke up, he didn’t open his eyes, but he already felt different
The whole world has become clear, colorful and bright, just like waving away the fog in front of your eyes and polishing your eyes.
When the sun shines in the sun, he can see the fusion of every color, the tender fluff of flowers and plants, every particle of soil, and every color floating in the light.
Looking at these, he couldn’t help but feel moved, respectful and wonderful, and he couldn’t help but feel reverence and shame