make a din

A Ling family was born and died, and he rushed into the backyard in panic. Later on, an instant outbreak of earth coercion broke out, and then an old cast teleport avatar appeared in the front hall with a surprised and angry look on his face.
When this old man sees that the large array method of the Nursery Hospital has caused any harm to Meng Fei, the pupil can’t help but shrink slightly.
Lao zu Liao
Today, the bodhi old zu is sitting in my Ling family, and he must be safe and sick. This man dares to run wild here, which is really a way to die.
Therefore, if the householder’s adult was not invited to Luo Tianzong’s adult to sit here, how dare you cheat the door? But today, even if the householder is not in the hands of the bodhi old zu, he can also be easily taken.
Seeing that the family’s ashes cultivation appeared in the Ling family’s cultivation, the panic department dissipated the excitement and looked at Meng Fei. It seemed that he had seen the scene that he was killed on the spot.
Lingchengshui Lingjia’s second place in the ashes cultivation strength, but the ashes reached the peak level in the early stage, which impacted the ashes in the second section. This person has been practicing in seclusion for nearly ten years. Today, he was awakened by the interruption from the enclosure, but the old ghost was very angry.
Appear at the moment is in the idea of dismembering the stranger ten thousand pieces, but when eyes rested on Meng Fei, an extremely dangerous feeling was instantly lingering in my mind. Chapter five hundred and sixty-three The owner is dead.
Who on earth is this person? I, Ling family, have provoked such a practice. Although this person’s breath is not obvious, the vertical and horizontal array is powerful enough to break the array without any damage. Obviously, the strength is serious. If I win or lose the first world war by hand, I have no confidence in my heart.
Eye eldest brother is not here, you might as well hold on for a while and persuade this person to be remembered by the old man. It’s not too late to kill the eldest brother when he comes back. The old ghost’s mind has made a decision after a moment of rapid rotation.
I don’t know what happened to my Ling family today. If it’s really my Ling family’s fault, the old man and others are willing to make some compensation to the public and calm down the anger, which will intensify the matter to the point of irretrievability.
LingChengShui sink mouth waves rolling voice is quite sincere.
However, this person’s voice is not ling, and even if he is a foreign practitioner, his face is equally unbelievable.
Ling’s family has always been arrogant and overbearing. Today, someone knocked on the door to practice in the ashes of Ling’s family. Instead of hands, it’s really weird to keep things quiet.
Is it true that this Johnson is not the opponent of this door killer? Well, it must be like this, otherwise the Ling clan will become so accommodating when they resort to ruthless means.
Ling’s brothers are all filled with reluctance. Where are they so low-spirited?
However, these people are not stupid people. At the moment, keeping safe is the main thing, and the population is noisy.
Lingcheng Shuiyin stopped the vertical and horizontal figure like a ghost and stopped moving suddenly.
This change falls into the eyes of everyone, and the Ling family is in the dark and relaxed. Other practitioners are shaking their heads. This elder should not really believe this Ling Chengshui nonsense, should he?
If you stop at this moment, you will not let it go in the future.
How can this elder be so confused?
Ling Chengshui saw that he had a plan. Immediately, the Lord Avenue assured me that the Ling family always said that it would be done. Let’s go back for a while and tell the old man that the matter will be given a satisfactory answer after investigation.
Talk to this old ghost, a little bit of god’s knowledge, and keep Meng Fei’s breath in mind and sneer at it.
Since today is remembered by the old lady, you will eventually die in the future.
Meng Fei looked calm. This water turns into water, and a trace of divine knowledge is explored. However, the method can deceive him. However, Meng Fei can’t induce and prevent the meaning. Instead, the corners of his mouth are slightly tilted and exposed to light scorn. For those who will die, he needs to fear too much.
At the moment, I sensed some change in the large array of widely used hospitals. Meng Fei slowly shook his head and was even more ironic.
It seems that you really have sworn enemies in Ling Family. This large array of widely used hospitals has also been tampered with by people. Presumably, in those days, your master of disposal and law never thought of destroying Ling Family with the help of others in the future.
Since providence is here, I don’t want you to wait for the waves. Your Ling clan will disappear from this world from today. Meng Fei’s faint accent has not yet fallen