Ye dressed in beige casual clothes, Zheyu appeared in front of me.

Brother Zheyu, your sister will talk first. I went outside to get some air. Southern Hunan helped me put the headrest away and left the room.
Zheyu, how did you come back? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him.
Southern Hunan said that you were seriously ill, so I came back and gently rubbed my hair. Zheyu blamed me lovingly. Why didn’t you look like this after a while? Didn’t I tell you to take good care of yourself?
I’m ugly, aren’t I? I asked him. He couldn’t wait to go to bed and see himself now.
I’m as beautiful as before without you, but I’m much more haggard
Do you know everything that has happened recently?
Well, he nodded sadly.
You know about me. I’ll keep asking him.
I’m sorry you were misunderstood by Luo Feng.
Didn’t we pull it? I smiled and didn’t want Zheyu to be too critical, but he didn’t make a mistake.
Are you feeling all right? Are you uncomfortable? Worry asked me. Zheyu frowned.
I’m fine now. I asked him with a smile. What about you? Are you okay and happy in France?
I’m not happy, he shook his head in pain.
What? I can’t believe it. Didn’t he leave and start his life again sadly?
Because you’re unhappy, because you’re unhappy, I’m unhappy, I’m unhappy, tears come to his eyes, and he says emotionally that individuals make me feel so sad.
Chapter 43 into his woman
Chapter 43 into his woman
I’m sorry. I apologize and hate myself. I don’t want everyone around me to suffer because of me.
Does Luo Feng know you are ill? Cut a good apple Zheyu and pass it to me and ask.
I don’t know. I shook my head when I took the apple
I’m telling him to come and see you now. Zheyu said he would call him with his mobile phone.
Don’t ask me to beg him. You know I’m a heart patient. I’m in a bad condition now. I’m a person who may die at any time. Don’t tell Feng. Don’t tell him. I don’t want him to worry. I don’t want to see him sad. Promise me not to tell him, okay?
Ye Kezhe Yu, I am distressed. What else do you want to say?
Don’t be buts, Zheyu. I’m much better now. I believe I can go to the hospital soon. I comfort him and myself at the same time.
This is Luo Feng’s gift to you. I noticed that my left finger was shining. The diamond ring Zheyu asked me.
Well, I nodded.
But I know that this diamond ring is too precious for me, and I can’t afford it, not because of its price, but because Luo Feng measured and loved me that way. This flower really withered. The raindrops that fell on the flower must be tears. Luo Feng cried and cried.
The bell interrupted me thoughtfully and looked at the mobile phone that Luo Feng gave me. I smiled and it finally stayed with me. I gently pressed the answer key.
What took you so long to answer the phone? Luo Feng asked me in a bad tone.
What happened to you for a long time? Last night, he was gentle for a moment, but he still returned to his character, but that’s how we get along, isn’t it?
Where are you now? My car will pick you up.
I’m here, I’m at home, but don’t pick me up, because mom won’t let me in today. I’m guilty of lying and looking at Zheyu.
I’m coming over now, and he’s about to hang up when he says it.
Don’t come here. If I don’t go now, I’ll hang up in a hurry. I’m afraid Luo Feng will really come to my house to find me.