Chapter 55

Miss Dian’s silver figure is abrupt. Now, in front of the lovesickness, Ouyang Lan’s back is not scared, because she has long been used to a small amount of silver, but Ouyang Lan is frightened. She almost reflexively draws her waist and protects it on her chest. She is skilled and agile. Silver’s eyes lit up and glanced at it, but acacia was startled. She didn’t expect this Ouyang Lan to look so soft, weak and weak, but she wanted to think about it. Just now, she said, don’t blame her for not being polite or aiming at her to get the chance to be with her. She would be in her pocket
I am so lovesick that I turned to Ouyang Lan Road. Miss Ouyang has a good scenery here. Enjoy it slowly. Then I will leave with Silver. I don’t mean anything by it. What she wants to express is also literal, but it’s not the case in Ouyang Lan’s heart. I have to be lovesick and laugh at her. She is looking for lovesickness for Yu Weiyang instead of looking for her. Ouyang Lan is an innuendo. The deeper she hates lovesickness.
When I arrived in Yu Weiyang’s room, there was actually someone. It’s been a long time since I saw you. The other three were all ignorant of lovesickness. Although Yu Weiyang said not to be in front of these strangers, she felt that she still needed to give Yu Weiyang some noodles, just like a husband and wife can say and do anything when they are outside, but it is not difficult for him to do lovesickness. This is the mentality at this time. No matter how much Yu Weiyang dotes on her, no matter how casual she is when they get along privately, she still wants to give him a face.
Acacia came over and Yu Weiyang waved acacia and walked over. Yu Weiyang gently protected her in her arms. Wei Yi Wei Er Wei San hasn’t come to see her mistress yet.
Acacia turned red when she heard this, and quietly looked up. The three men had already done a hundred lines of courtesy and called on their mistress. She was ashamed to admit it for a moment, but she saw Feng give a narrow look and her face turned red. But let the three men get up and say, Don’t call me mistress or miss. Say that finish and look up at Yu Weiyang.
Yu Weiyang said, since this is the case, you can call it miss. Remember to call someone back and keep your eyes open.
Wei Yi Wei Er Wei San said at the same time.
By the way, you came to see me. The three men got up and stayed with Feng. Silver was sitting behind Feng in this room. Yu Weiyang was sitting and Acacia was sitting on Yu Weiyang’s leg at this time. She was shy in front of so many people, but she didn’t shirk it after all. She immediately changed the subject.
Wei Yi Wei Er Wei San They just came back from Cangguo Fengzhu Dawn Country respectively. According to their news in the Three Kingdoms, the three kingdoms were hit by a tsunami at almost the same time this summer. The tsunami invaded the land ranging from 50 miles to 100 miles, and hundreds of miles of people were killed and injured by the sea. Wei Yang gave a brief introduction to Acacia and as one pleases just now. It is obvious that this is not a coincidence, especially after they found the sea monster beast, and they also got those information.
What about other countries? Acacia asked her that she knew that there were seven countries in this big six, except for the prosperous country, Cang country, Feng country, Bamboo country, Dawn Light, Magic country, Magic country, Wind country and Vibration country. All three countries were fiends of faith. It seemed very direct. It was said that the three countries were often fiends, and how much more serious the fiend was than the witch god. Unlike the witch god, no one had seen his miracle for thousands of years, and now this battle is a scuffle between the seven countries. Er, the witch god country is a temporary success for the three witch god countries.
Fengjiao said that the other three countries had a little tsunami today, but the losses were not very serious.
Acacia asked again, it was this summer, and it’s been two months now, and it’s only now
We also know the news with a sigh from Yu Weiyang, but it can also be regarded as a coincidence and natural disaster. But who would think that since you have those things now, you have specially sent people to those three countries that have been seriously affected, but it is a pity that it is a gain.
Acacia, then what did you call me to do? I don’t know anything, but it’s just a coincidence that I realized that.
Yu Weiyang wants your help.
Acacia poof laughs at what you want to do, or I will do it whenever I can. You come and I raise money. This last sentence of acacia is not to say that she is white, Yu Weiyang is also white, but others are not white, especially Wei No.123. They are very direct in understanding their own home, and their landlords are deeply attached to their masters and are willing to do things. So those three lovers just now believe in acacia but are not sincere. At this time, they feel from their hearts that this mistress is actually not bad. She is willing to do things and put her masters first, which makes Acacia gain a great degree of recognition.
Yu Weiyang will give you a few hands from your adoptive father.
Acacia picked an eyebrow and smiled at him. Aren’t you afraid they will catch you?
Yu Weiyang chuckled, I’m not afraid of you.
Acacia chuckles. Okay, what do you want from them?
Yu Weiyang asked them to ask for information. I believe there is no news in this world that they can’t ask for.
Acacia nodded, but they are also very busy now. Otherwise, I’ll go to my adoptive father and ask for more hands. Besides, why don’t you just make some souls your own hands? She believes that he will definitely be able to do that.
Yu Weiyang gently touches the head of lovesickness, then you can send them back and ask your adoptive father for more, but it is not enough to fight those kids.
Acacia nodded. I’ll find it tonight
Yu Weiyang was kind enough to know that Acacia’s mana was affected during the day, but it was not easy at night. Besides, he was also in no hurry to say that it was strange for other people to find someone who didn’t look for it during the day but wanted to find someone who knew more about Acacia at night. It was strange that he knew what kind of foster father he was before Acacia, but he didn’t know and didn’t say that Acacia had changed his identity. That person should have not known her long ago. Where did she come from now? Where did her adoptive father come from that was more powerful than their monster beast clan?
Phoenix Road is so big that the emperor is going to the dawn boundary. Should we take the opportunity to succeed?
Yu Weiyang shook his head. I said I don’t have that position, and anyone can really sit on your throne. Don’t forget there’s a temple staring at it from behind.
Phoenix frowns, so we don’t move?
Yu Weiyang chuckled. Of course, I will tell the emperor that I will go to the battlefield with the big emperor to see things.
Phoenix, what do you mean?
Yu Weiyang still chuckled that the war should be over soon. He paused again and again and told Feng Dao to find a way to make the temple move faster. They don’t always want to hide behind and watch others. They work hard and they should come to exercise.