He said more than 30 names in a row, and each name was more deeply rooted in his heart than resentment. At that time, this dark atmosphere was stained with strong resentment, and his hatred for them had already penetrated into the bone marrow for 23 years, and it was getting heavier day by day, even if he ate his flesh, bruised his bones and drank his blood, it could not be calmed down.

The number of 30 people is nothing to Nan Huangzong, who has a large number of outsiders, but Shui Mengchan’s heart will beat violently every time she hears a name until he finishes speaking. Her heart has been filled with unspeakable horror. These people are actually in control of Nan Huangzong or foreign countries, with the exception of people.
Who is Shui Yunlan? This is the only name she has never heard, but he put it in the first place. It can be seen that he has the strongest hatred for this person. Is Shui Yunlan a person who looks exactly like me?
Shuimengchan’s body shook violently.
Shui Yunlan, the man she called her father for more than 20 years, came here and they look exactly the same. No wonder her father is the real water in front of her.
Father, she finally cried with sorrow. She can’t remember what she cried for the first time. Maybe it was a few years ago or more than ten years ago, when she was in tears, she remembered that when she was a child, she always looked happy, smiled and spoiled her. She made all kinds of excessive demands on her father. It was a warm and beautiful childhood, and her father changed after she was two years old. Since then, her father has left and suffered inhuman pain in the dark.
Sad and ashamed, she is already crying for her father, and crying is also being completely deceived and playing with life.
Shui Yuntian slowly closed his eyes. A father was so cold that he almost died. His heart was filled with warmth. It was a kind of thing called affection. He had been looking forward to it for too many years and endured it for too many years. God finally gave him back part of what he had been taken away.
My father told me that I want to know the truth. You pretend to be crazy here, but you refuse to fall down. Every day, you shout through that false madness to let people know that you must be waiting for me to tell my father that we will take revenge together. I can get the South Emperor Sword soon, and then I can go to my father. They all say that you have already been cut off. What can you say in words?
Shuiyuntian slowly raised his eyes, still covered with water mist. He said hoarsely that they did cut off my tongue in those days, and I will never be able to speak again, but it’s not a matter of days, and my tongue will move and regenerate in just a few days. It was then that I realized that we can not only heal wounds quickly, but also regenerate lost limbs or organs. After all, we can’t compare with ordinary humans.
To turns out to be such a water dream chan absence to ask a way
Is your mother okay? My son, is your brother short of how old and how tall he is this year? Water clouds and sounds suddenly become urgent. When the dawn comes, I am eager to tear my heart and worry about it. The surging tide is pounding his heart.
Listening to him asking about his mother’s dream, her heart became more and more sour. Now she knows how much pain her mother has suffered over the years. She has always known all this, but she has to bear it silently without telling them. Her husband is not far away, but he can never meet each other. What a torture it is to commit herself to harming her family.
Such a cruel reality has been hidden in the dull and calm life that lasted for more than 20 years.
In my heart, the metaphorical hatred has also expanded again.
Mother never laughed. I knew from an early age that she was not doing well at all. Only today did I know that she rebelled against him because she was short of him. In the end, he never listened, and even refused to talk more. Many people rejected him. Later, when he was a teenager, he left home and wandered around alone, threatening that even if the people of the South Emperor clan forgot to hand over their lives from generation to generation, he must get back the sword of the South Emperor. He was short of him all these years, but I often kept the alliance, but my mother never wanted to stay in the South Emperor’s dream of living in water except occasionally.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. It’s really my son. It’s really my water sky. You can have this heart. I can die with my eyes closed even if the horse dies. He whispered the name he had never seen before and smiled with tears. He suddenly felt that twenty-three years of torture could bring such a message. Even if the horse died, it would be enough.
Father, please tell me what happened in those years. Please tell me that the longer she is eager to get an answer, the more she wants to lose control and face everything in front of her. She doesn’t know what to go from today, and she should choose what to face. But even if there will be a cruel turn in her life after knowing the answer, she must know the middle of it.
It was quiet for a short time around, and you stopped your tears, but your head was still hanging down, and your thoughts were confused for a long time. He said slowly that the nightmare happened in twenty-three years, when you just turned two.
Although our Nanhuangzong has always been a force far above all sentient beings, we need never to overlook the sky but to look for Nanhuangjian all our lives. Its owner has been disappointed from generation to generation for hundreds of years. In this repeated disappointment, some don’t ring and more and more. Gradually, Nanhuangzong has changed and is showing a dangerous trend of differentiation.
It’s not easy to accept that a person who can’t always embrace other people’s uncontrollable forces is surrounded by a force that is huge enough to sweep the sky, but he can find someone who doesn’t know whether it’s true or not because of a fate. Especially after too many failures, even that fate has been regarded as a lie. Over the years, various signs of questioning sound polarization have been suppressed many times, but a sudden change in the Northern Emperor Sect a hundred years ago greatly stimulated the polarization of most people, and the situation is getting stronger and stronger. Too many people yearn to set foot in the sky, but they are reluctant to be a special leader, but they can be outside.
Is that why? However, I knew it would be like this. I thought of that real ambition, and I regretted everything he did over the years.
Chapter 318 Poison
Yes, desire is always the most terrible thing in this world. It can make brothers turn against each other, husband and wife hate each other, and people’s hearts will slowly rot and deteriorate and become ugly in desire. My birthday is only a few days apart and looks surprisingly similar. Also, because of this coincidence, he has always been the best partner and grew up together. He has a high talent and great ambition. He has been working hard for many times in the Southern Emperor Sect since he was a child. The strongest person in every generation will be destined to be the patriarch of the Southern Emperor Sect with pure blood. That generation was far superior to me in terms of literature and martial arts. People living in China praised him, even my father and grandfather praised him, and I never felt jealous of his partner, but I sincerely admired him and was proud of him.
After we were together, I felt that Shuiyunlan was estranged, and when I turned my back on him, my eyes were hidden with hatred. At that time, I was too naive. I didn’t blame him for how terrible it would be for a person who was filled with resentment and jealousy. At the same time, a large number of people insisted on remembering that the ancestors left behind their lives and going against the sky would be punished, while the other one. Some people insisted that the South Emperor Sect would never retreat from the world again, but that the Northern Emperor Sect wanted to control Tianzheng in that way. At that time, Tianchen mainland didn’t know that a sunflower water country had actually fallen into the hands of the Northern Emperor Sect, and several generations of monarchs of the sunflower water country were just puppets of the Northern Emperor Sect.
Shuimengchan gently nodded her head and pulled out what happened next. She can already guess that the sin is derived from this greed, jealousy and resentment for power.
Later, everything suddenly calmed down, and no one ever mentioned this again, which made my father and grandfather worried. It was more like we had discussed hiding and didn’t wait for an opportunity to break out, but the situation at that time was too complicated, and the number of people who were disloyal to their ancestors was too small. After all, besides those who were loyal to their ancestors forever, how many people were willing to run around with a sword all their lives? This was also the change of the Northern Emperor Sect. Although people knew the process, they were sure. However, the patriarch of the Northern Emperor Zongzhen died, and so did those who were on the same side. Because of that change, the Northern Emperor Zongzhen extended his minions to Kwai Shui country before long. This move is enough to say everything, and our South Emperor Zongzong was deadlocked at that time. This is the heart of the people. After all, it is not to deceive the saints
My father and grandfather worry every day that Zongzhong will be different from the Northern Emperor’s Sect, but even if they are worried, they can’t really reverse the situation and calm down the calm for several years. During that time, my Fu Mei got married and married you. Two years after you were born, Fu Mei was pregnant again. My mother said that Fu Mei was pregnant with a boy and could have a daughter this time. I firmly believed that I was the happiest father in the world at that time, but I didn’t expect that it was a beautiful and short dusk before my dark night.
My father told me what happened later with a call from Shuimengchan.
Later, Hehehe, Shuiyuntian had a miserable smile. That day was Shui Yunlan’s twenty-five-year-old birthday, and it was almost second to me. He was still alone, and everyone knew what it was, which made me feel guilty for him. Every year, I deepened a birthday party, but I didn’t know what. My sister returned to my ancestral father. My mother was invited to this strange birthday party by Shui Xuanfeng, my father, and my grandfather’s seventieth birthday was in three days, so he didn’t go to the secret room of Zongzhong to prepare for work. Can you guess when they chose this day?
Shuimengchan’s eyes are violently turbulent and bite her lips.
At the age of 70, the Southern Emperor Sect will find that the practice of water and jade is retrogressive, which can make the descendants of the Southern Emperor Sect continue to be strong and strong. At the age of 70, they must roll their own cadres to their grandchildren to help them directly step into the Shinto realm. For the Southern Emperor Sect, it is many times easier to practice to the celestial level than ordinary people, but there is a big gap between the celestial levels. Even if they reach the celestial level in their youth, it is extremely difficult to find a way to step into the Shinto realm. This is also the way for each generation of the Southern Emperor Sect patriarch to step into the Shinto realm in their youth.
They chose the birthday party on that day. Besides us, there were more than 30 people, that is, these 30 people. Even if I turned to ashes, I wouldn’t forget them. Except for you, our family just entered their bureau. My father smelled something unusual, and these 30 people were not in the South Emperor’s Sect, but they were the people who were most determined to get their hands on the sky at the beginning. They can be said to be those people who represented my father and mother. Although they were alert and secretly prepared, they were still recruited. It was impossible to prevent poison. My sister and my parents were often poisoned with me.
Think of the scene at that time, a pair of fists clenched tightly
Poison can’t be water, jade can make us all poison-free, and so on. Is it the thought that it might be water, dreams, and the face turned pale for a moment, and a doubt was solved after a long time?
That’s right. After Shuiyan Xiaoyao Gong entered the spirit level, he was not afraid of all kinds of poison, but he was afraid that it was not poison but better than poisonous Shuiyan Xiaoyao San. Those people secretly reached an agreement in the years when they were well-behaved, and the combination of Shuiyu Gong and Yan Soul was condensed, which allowed Shuiyu Gong to be dissolved for a long time and lost Shuiyan Xiaoyao Gong. Our department was captured and I watched my parents both die tragically.
It’s no wonder that 23 years ago, the Southern Emperor Sect and the Northern Emperor Sect staged a drama that covered the eyes and ears at the same time. No wonder that the agreement was so smooth and blocked. They suddenly woke up in collusion with the water dream. Because of that scene, the Southern Emperor Sect entered Tianlong City in an imposing manner, while the Northern Emperor Sect turned to secretly manipulate the Southern Emperor Sect. Although there are many powerful experts, there are many military forces and horses, and their numbers are really far from each other. If they rely on their ability to achieve the goal of keeping their feet on the sky, maybe it will take many years for that generation to die without seeing the Northern Emperor Sect. The people of the South Emperor Sect reached an agreement to help them get rid of the stubborn patriarch. After the success, the two cases started separately for a long time, and when they came here, their strength would be saved by more than half.