Whether he admits it or not, Z Ryan represents to a great extent that Dong Chenzong’s majesty has been greatly affected by his actions of losing face and being indignant and unwilling to have a conflict in Meng Fei.

Zhang Yun clearly sensed this, and he was annoyed and a little uneasy.
Today, things can be big or small, but if they don’t get along well, it may make Dong Chenzong work hard to build a stable image of Tiandao, which is indelible.
Several elders have been thinking about Tiandao’s expertise for a long time. Because Zhang Yun has always been cautious, he didn’t give them the opportunity. Today, it is obvious that these people will attack him.
Zhang Yun has expected that it won’t be long before the patriarch will recall him to Zongmen to explain the matter, and there will inevitably be a lot of trouble.
Thought of here, his face became more ugly.
Lin Lin Changqing knew that he was in a bad mood and didn’t say much. Soon a small seagoing ship came from Tiandao quickly.
Looking at the ship approaching the sea, he felt a bad feeling in his heart
It was soon proved that he was right.
The alchemist, Huang Daniu and other brothers were obviously sent in new robes after some grooming, but they were pale and weak. Obviously, they suffered a lot during their entry into Dongchen Zongzong Prison.
Lin Yufei quickly took several younger brothers and sisters to pick them up.
When Fang Shihai saw Meng Fei on the deck, it was not white. Today, Lord Blood Rain intervened, otherwise they would never get out of prison alive. He struggled to kneel down and Lord Blood Rain survived.
Huang Daniu and others knelt down, but their injuries were obviously simple. This kneeling directly caused the wound to collapse, and the blood poured red and the robe dripped on the deck.
Lin Yufei looked at the teacher, and several younger brothers’ robes were wet with blood, and their eyes were red with hatred.
The cultivation of the surrounding caravans has also been outraged. It’s just that they have already reached this point when they first entered the prison. If it is later, even Fang Shihai and others will die in it.
But they also dare to be angry and dare not speak, one by one, with their heads down and saying nothing.
Meng Fei’s face suddenly became extremely gloomy. After he was silent for half a ring, he slowly raised his head and said, Dong Chenzong has a great prestige. Although it is a light word, everyone can listen to his dissatisfaction.
Zhang Yun’s eyes swept away in Zhang Heshen, knowing that Mo Ruo’s father was doing this little thing. He wanted to end Fang Shihai’s life and others’ greed for this sea-going cargo.
But looking at Z Ryan’s swollen face, he was really hard to reprimand and a mass of anger in his heart could not help but churn up.
Hit Dong Chenzong and practice and hurt his son. Today, he is willing to let things go and let Fang Shihai and others go. You are still so adamant that you take him seriously. Zhang Yun is made of mud and has no anger.
This is always the boundary of Dongchen’s clan. Moreover, after listening to Lin Changqing’s words, he didn’t finish believing in Meng Fei’s strength. He may not be here in Meng Fei.
Zhang Yun’s eyes looked coldly at Meng Fei’s way. I have always been strict in enforcing the law in Dongchen Zong Prison. This is not enough to deter the chaos in my island. This is not a matter of blood and rain. The tone of friends is quite bad
Chang-qing Lin’s heart jumped, but when it comes to this, his Lins’ business group is not big. Zhang Yun is willing to go to Meng Fei, but you have to go. He doesn’t want to go to this muddy water.
Talking about the chaotic island, maybe Daoyou is the middleman. If Daoyou doesn’t see him, he will send him to prison and try again. Meng Fei looks straight at Zhang Yun’s faint mouth
Zhang Yun cold hum a disposal of this matter is my Dong Chen clan matters blood rain friends seem to be too much.
It doesn’t matter if you are willing to make trouble if you don’t care about me, but since I can’t easily expose this matter, Meng Fei’s voice has become more and more indifferent, and his toughness has angered Zhang Yun.
Blood and rain, my friend, Dong Chenzong’s concession is the limit. You don’t want to push your luck and don’t know how to advance or retreat.
I hate it when people threaten me, Zhang Yun. Are you sure you want me to tear my face completely on behalf of Dong Chenzong?
On this day, I, Zhang Yun, represent an Dongchen Sect, and I want to see if you can face ferocious Zhang Yun even if you tear your face today. At this point, he will never step back again.
Otherwise, he will be completely discredited, and the old man will be handed over to others.
Since this simply make a big deal, Meng Fei will be able to guard Dong Chenzong’s face and he will be much easier to deal with afterwards.
Meng Fei sneered at his feet and went straight to Zhang Yun with a milli-trillion-step hand figure, but he went to the body to forward blood and rivers surging. This is a powerful physical strength, and when he mobilized his physical strength, he showed fierce breath and broke his body, and the tiger cage was aggressive.
Lin Changqing’s face was slightly stiff. He didn’t expect Meng Fei to dare to be tough and beat Zhang Yun’s hand, but he didn’t hesitate to take the trees back and obviously didn’t want to be involved in this matter.
Zhang Yun’s mouth roars. This Johnson has been completely angered by Meng Fei’s actions. With a wave of his hand, he will send Z Ryan and others away without hesitation.
With his finger falling, a golden arrow suddenly emerged, and the sharp breath suddenly shot through the sky.