Well, I said I am a Buddha, and you are a Buddha and a Buddha. Isn’t this world a Buddha and you are white?

O water sigh a pity eyes overlooking the fat bobbing way
Where is the Buddha? Grab one and let me see. I said the Buddha is a fart. I just released one. Can you believe it?
Fat immediately jumped up and spat, then said angrily in Ah Shui’s ear, but he never dared to talk loudly or he was afraid of attracting a group of devout pilgrims to fight.
Hehe, both of you are right. Go ahead and have a try.
Yang day light smile a light way
Hehe, it’s still Tian Gezhi
Yang Tian, the fat water, praised him immediately and gloated, which strengthened his point of view.
Immediately after the fat water looked at each other, they all snorted and walked towards the Golden Gate at the same time.
These two guys plunged into the golden light and immediately disappeared. Actually, they went in to know some talents and immediately attracted the admiration of the pilgrims around them.
Jill, do you want to try it?
Yang day look like a bird nestled beside Jill smile and asked.
Don’t, Jill. Always follow Gong.
Jill immediately grasp the Yang day hand panic way
Hehe, okay, but I want to try it. It’s unusual here. Jill, why don’t you go back to the Lord of the Rings first
See Jill nervous appearance Yang day feel funny don’t importune her, she discussed
Jill nai nodded obediently.
You can’t talk. Let them stay with you.
When Yang Tian smiled, his hand stretched out, and each of his two big hands had a small beast, one was a little black and the other was a little white. When the two little guys came, they were curious and looked around.
What are they?
Jill suddenly got a fright and shrank back.
Call Sister Qi quickly.
Yang day for two little way
Sister qi’ er
Although Xiaohei tried to make his face full of laughter, it still looked ferocious, while Xiaobai had a flattering smile and winked at Jill when she called.
Giggling is really fun
Looking at Xiaobai’s super cute expression, Jill was immediately amused with charming smile. She was curious and suddenly reached out and patted a small white head, but she didn’t know that her hand was quite heavy and gently patted Xiaobaiji. Her eyes were always stunned. Jill spit out her uvula and looked at Yang Tian apologetically.
Haha, you guys have fun