That bow is too powerful, and the thick iron shield can’t resist it, and there has been no way for the other side to peep at the camp. The mysterious shooter may have shot all the orcs to death.

Two demon master finally unbearable tandem rushed to the camp.
The demon race’s fighting power is different from that of human beings. They don’t win by quarrelling, but by pure direct force. They say that the orcs are poor and can tear up tigers and leopards, while the one-on-one demon warriors can tear up almost the orcs.
An ordinary demon warrior has less than five levels of fighting and four levels of sorcerer’s force, and they are the powerful race of real magic and martial arts.
The two demon warriors who rushed to the camp were faster and stronger than the leopard orcs.
They suddenly and violently rushed to 300 paces away, but they were startled. Now, instead of the enemy, they shot two strong arrows head on.
One of the demon masters chose the cross arm to stand in front of his chest. He believed in his own protective strength, but another demon master who was agile and good at it jumped more than ten feet high and then stopped firmly in the middle school with a pair of meat wings behind him.
Boh, the demon warrior who chose to carry hard was shot backwards by this arrow for four or five meters, while another demon warrior who stayed in the middle school finally saw the enemy hidden in the darkness with his commanding advantage.
Farther ahead, there is a small hill a thousand paces away. Two riders stand side by side, one of them is holding a bow and taking an arrow, and another arrow is shot at random.
The demon warrior who flew in the middle school was surprised that human beings had such a long bow and arrow skill. He chose to turn around and go back to camp for the first time to tell the demon camp leader this information.
Riding on a hill is Qin’s destruction of Muyang.
Qin destroyed with the wave and said softly, shoot the bird man that day. It’s really annoying that the demon race can fly. The turtle shell might as well keep it and let him go back and report it.
Muyang smiled and nodded. Well, I think so, too.
Say MuYang once again Zhang Longji bow, but this time archery is not the same as before. He will pour blue quarrelling into the dragon’s bow in his hand, and at the same time, if he is ill, he will suddenly shoot with a blue arrow.
In an instant, the demon family flying in the middle school was shot through the skull by an arrow and the body fell twenty paces away from the camp.
The demon race Wu on the ground looked at the big horror and started to run back to protect himself, but also dared not relax at the peak for a moment.
Mu Yang often takes a deep breath and adjusts his own interest. To solve the problem with a single blow, his opponent must have a blue grudge arrow. However, he knows that hard work is still behind him and he wants to keep his best condition.
Qin destroyed in the side, although it seems that he didn’t do anything, but he kept running in the eagle eye surgery.
Even I didn’t expect that pure auxiliary magic like Hawkeye has become the most convenient magic after the holy power has been continuously transformed into magic. It is absolutely profitable to be able to maintain Hawkeye for a long time in a rapidly changing battlefield
The combination of Qin Mu Yang and Mu Yang at this moment is very similar to the sniper observation of previous lives. Only when they complement each other can they cause this shocking effect in the dark thousands of steps away.
Two demon masters
Lead stained back to the camp camp immediately this slightly mixed Cao paste luckily demon master said that the enemy might stab in the back thousands of steps away and archery was so high that Buffy was shot dead with one arrow. This news really shocked Buffy, the best scout of the demon master group, who has always been the eye of this team with his commanding advantage, but it is really chilling that he died in a place like this.
The demon master group leader finally came from the camp, and she became quiet when she talked about the demon family or the orcs.
Yes, she is a demon woman named Soren. The demon family is sparsely populated and does not value boys over girls. Soren is able to sit in this position because of her strong strength and fine mind. All the demon families and orcs are very angry.
What are you kidding? This is a human suspicion. Don’t panic. Humans have such bows and arrows in batches. We have long died in the wild. It’s just that human experts cooperate with magic weapons to deliberately make us panic. It’s dark outside and you can’t see clearly thousands of steps away. How can you shoot accurately? This must be the human night eagle eye mage who broke this spell for me. Let’s go back to sleep.
Two demon wizards were ordered to take a dark green crystal ball from the camp and surround the camp by casting a large number of sequential magic fluctuations through spells.
Qin went out a thousand paces away and immediately sensed the eagle eye. It seems that they are not stupid. They found a way to crack the eagle eye as soon as they got there. Let’s sleep before we act. Mu Yang nodded and said, You go to sleep. I’ll just keep watch. I have a better eye for elf blood than you.
Qin Xiao shrugged his shoulders and said, OK, you can keep watch, but don’t touch it yourself. I think there are still some masters in that team.
Well, I know I’m right here. It’s the first rule of a shooter’s career to keep the distance from the prey forever.
In fact, it was a rest. In fact, the two of them also made trouble in the middle of the night, and soon it was dawn.
Mu Yang Qin saw the demon army camp and the demon masters also saw the first two people in a thousand steps.
Say hello to them Qin out smile happily said
Muyang picked the dragon’s back bow without an arrow, and put down an orc sentry with big eyes.
In the face of this obvious trouble, the demon camp didn’t continue to be silent this time. A person who can see the unknown in the enemy’s darkness is much less afraid than showing fear.
Orc soldiers rushed over, Muyang was extremely calm, and an arrow roared away. The orc soldiers named one by one and shot down twenty, leaving more than a dozen to rush to the hundred paces.
I’m soft on these dozen. You can fix it. Muyang finally put his hand in the dragon’s spine and bowed to the Qin Dynasty and gave a rare smile.
Qin destroyed shook his head and said, no, I’m not interested in killing these mixed soldiers. Let’s withdraw.
Say Qin destroy pull turn horsehead MuYang whip horse galloping fast and pulled three hundred paces.
The orc soldiers who were chasing behind were so angry that they started to chase and didn’t lose to the galloping horse. How many degrees were approaching?