In the past few days, the number of people in the shopping mall is obviously rising at a point of terror, and the number of strong surrounding waters is converging, which makes the shopping mall more and more mixed, and all kinds of ghosts and monsters are mixed in it, which makes the public security of the shopping mall a lot chaotic.

Lin Dong took Mulingshan to wander around the mall, but he also got a lot of information. As far as he knows, in addition to the evil wind and cave, even another giant in the windy sea area, Gankun Cave, has arrived, and the leader is also Qian Zhou, the so-called top Gankun hand in the younger generation in the windy sea area today.
In addition to the evil wind cave, there is also the magic sea area, the magic Sect, the North Xuan Hai Tian Monument Sect, and so on. These forces are all in the sea of chaos, but their eyes are all gathered in the mall on this day, which makes the mall more and more surging.
It’s a Tianshangge. Its appeal is so horrible.
When Lin learned about these situations, he couldn’t help secretly licking his tongue. An auction is able to attract these heavyweight forces. It seems that the quality of this Tianshang auction is also quite high
I don’t know if he can get the second Zufu chart at this auction.
Just return the last two days of the auction.
On two days, the atmosphere was almost explosive, and the mall almost passed in a blink of an eye. When the first ray of morning light spilled on that day, a city was like a volcano erupting completely at this moment, and the city was in a hot state.
cry of some birds and animals
When Lin moved to Mulingshan Inn, it was already a day when there was an overwhelming wind. The figure was almost like locusts facing the north of the city.
Is that big array also started?
Lin raised his head and looked at the huge law that hung over the city. At this time, the light was faint and a vast fluctuation emanated from it. Obviously, today, Shangge was already opening a large array to protect the city. In this law, it was shocking to think that even if the death Xuan was perfect and strong, he would not dare to run wild in front of the gate of Tianshangge.
Let’s go, too
Lin moved to the side and looked around in excitement. Mulingshan smiled, and then her body moved and swept away. She also swept away to the north and behind her, and a small blue tail followed quickly.
In the north of the mall, there is a hanging square, which is huge enough to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people, and this square is the auction venue held by the mall over the years
Around the hanging square, a light curtain landed, and the source of these light curtains was the large array of Tianshang Mall to protect the city. If you want to enter the square to participate in the auction, you need to send an invitation letter from Tianshang Pavilion.
Lin stopped in front of the screen, and the palm of his hand turned a purple-black invitation letter, which was now in his hand and then bounced to the screen, shaking it to tear a crack, while Lin Mulingshan quickly swept in.
Just rushed into the screen, there was a deafening noise coming from the flock, which made Lin move his eyebrows slightly wrinkled and looked up at the dark and almost spread to the end of the line of sight. He also shook his head. This is the first time he has ever seen an auction of this scale.
Sit down first. Lin moved his eyes across the vast field, and then he took Mulingshan to the front seat.
Brother Lin Dong, you are here.
Just as Lin was just halfway ahead, he suddenly smiled like a bell. He looked up and then he saw Tang Dongyu’s graceful smile and looked at him.
On this day, how could the mall miss such an event? Lin moved to have a good impression on this Tang Dongyu and stopped at her and laughed.
Tang Dongyu covered her mouth and smiled. She was very beautiful, and her position in Tianshangge was not low. Therefore, her jokes immediately attracted a lot of attention, many of which were examined. Lin set off and swept away, presumably wondering whether people were sacred or not, which made Miss Tianshangge quite popular.
Lin Dong also felt the welcome degree of Tang Dongyu, and those eyes made him slightly less convinced. Immediately, he just wanted to leave first, but suddenly he heard a few rumors behind him, and his eyes glanced at it, and then his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled because it turned out to be an evil wind cave, the little Pluto Xie Yan.
Hehe, I haven’t seen you in winter rain for a year, but it’s getting more and more beautiful. Xie Yan came to the two of them and smiled at Tang Dongyu. The tone was slightly intimate
Miss Tang, I’ll take my seat first.
Lin took a look at this Xie Yan and didn’t want him to contact anything. He immediately said to Tang Dongyu that he was ready to leave.
Hmm. How interesting
Just as he turned around, Xie Yan suddenly smiled lightly and stared at Lin Dong lightly. You are Lin Dong, right?
Lin rotating body deep in the eyes is with a sharp climb Chapter nine hundred and thirteen Opposition.
Lin moved his body slightly for a moment, and then his eyes turned to ponder Xie Yan’s insipid way.
Xie Yan crossed his fingers and stared at Lin Dongdao with interest. I didn’t get the news until two days ago. Our evil old man was forced to be seriously injured by you. Hehe, I’m curious about what a young adult with a mysterious environment can do this step.