Don’t play with Yuan Ye, I suddenly Jiang Xing jumped up like a man stepping on shit, and your roots weren’t there just now.

No, but I still keep my word. It depends on whether you dare to come to Chihu in three days. But if you don’t leave in Chihu, it doesn’t count. I’m going to set up an array in Chihu. Won’t you blush if you don’t fight? Yuan Yewei smiled and disappeared directly.
Bastard, bastard, bastard, four Jiang Xing roared at the same time, desperate to attack the law, and the last big array of stars on Sunday collapsed without a few strong roots.
Yuan Ye thief, if you want to fight me three days later, I’ll catch you now and dedicate your eyes to the three island owners, Jiang Xing. He’s already furious. What a great opportunity. Just now, he didn’t talk nonsense about Yuan Ye. If Yuan Ye’s strength can’t be established for a second, he will be killed by himself. Once Yuan Ye dies, he will become the main object immediately. It’s a godsend opportunity. But he just missed Jiang Xing’s anger and regrets.
Suddenly, the surface of Ximo Mountain roared, and a layer of rock and soil was lifted together with the flowers and leaves of the mountain.
Mijie is here to see how I can find you. Jiang Xing’s eyes are red and red. S light shines from Jiang Xing’s body. Like the flood, the red S flame is almost a blink of an eye. These red S flames have a faint blue S flame and a yellow S flame.
Three s true fire, even the great statue, can’t resist the three s true fire, burning trees into ashes, and the spring water dried up, even the plants of those stones were burned clean, and the stones were burned and cracked, and then they turned to dust.
Destroy Jiang Xing completely. I believe that burning things in this way will destroy them. The only thing that is not destroyed may be a speck of dust, a stone or a wisp of green leaves, but this is the world.
Nai Jiang Xinggen doesn’t know that Yuan Ye moved away from here and then into Chihu before entering Mijie Mijie Root is not in this place.
At this moment, Yuan Ye also felt a little thrilling in the world. I’m afraid I would really be killed by Jiang Xing if I hadn’t delayed for a while just now. At the same time, Yuan Ye was also horrified that he could play with the two robbers by virtue of the law, but the two robbers were better than the three robbers, but there was such a big difference in the face of Jiang Xing’s roots.
One Jiang Xing has enough headaches. When four Jiang Xing come together, it’s equivalent to facing four three robbers and exerting the binding power of heaven and earth at the same time. It’s even more difficult to move a finger than how you fight.
White s seventy-two hn can be three places at once, and I can be black s seventy-two hn. Sooner or later, I will rob the white s seventy-two hn to face the white s seventy-two hn. Yuan Ye is also jealous. That root is a giant treasure that can make you instantly rise four times in strength. Even if it is not comparable to the world, I am afraid it is enough to make most people feel strong. Chapter 177 Tianshi Jing.
Go to Chihu first, and Yuan Ye will make a determined effort. Even if Bai Seventy-two hn can defeat Jiang Xing, it’s not surprising that Jiang Xing came from Chihu that day. Yuan Ye must find out what happened and see Jiang Xing’s terrible strength to deal with four three hijackers at a time, that is, Yuan Ye was very confident at first.
Without too much hesitation, Yuan Ye rushed into Chihu directly from Mijie. He didn’t worry that Jiang Xing would come in, because Chihu is a water Mijie, and a drop of water fell into the bottom. Follow B to chase Jiang Xing, even if it was a big event, he couldn’t find it.
When you go into Chihu, Yuan Ye’s first feeling is the incredibly rich and pure energy. This lake looks like a normal lake from the outside. But once you enter it, you will find that the water is actually crimson and blood. This crimson thing is visible energy. I’m afraid that’s how Chihu got its name.
Tuhuang quarrelling fills the air in the whole body to isolate all the surrounding red lake water, but Yuan Ye didn’t absorb the energy here, but swam directly to the bottom of the red lake after a short pause.
The blood-red lake in Chihu Lake is quite thick, just like blood. The sight here has become extremely short. Even when swimming, I feel a lot of resistance. What surprises Yuan Ye most is the restraint on the control ability of heaven and earth. It seems that I can’t feel that way here, just like meeting those strange fogs in the forest.
However, although Yuan Ye’s ability to control heaven and earth is completely limited, he is not depressed at all. On the contrary, what is the most terrible thing about stealing Jiang Xing is that it is more difficult for four Jiang Xing to join hands to press themselves and move a finger than for everyone to control heaven and earth. Facing Jiang Xing, Yuan Yeran is extremely beneficial and there is no ability to control heaven and earth. You can also find out how to hide people in this world.
The body stopped for a while, thinking about whether to deploy in the red lake or go to the bottom of the lake to find out the fine stones for a day. After a little hesitation, Yuan Ye looked at the bottom of the red lake. It was a kind of creepy feeling to see it because of the obstruction of sight.
First, steal the stone essence and grind your teeth. Yuan Ye’s body moves directly to break the red lake and quickly swims to the bottom of the red lake. At the same time, Zhang Xianghui is also called from the Mijie. But Jiang Xing guards the stone essence together that day. It’s a hundred times faster for him to lead the way than to find it blindly.
Led by Zhang Xianghui, as it gets closer and closer to the bottom of Chihu Lake, the energy contained in the red lake water is becoming more and more rich and pure. Later, even Yuan Ye couldn’t help but stop to suck, but it was only after a try that he found that something special in the lake water seemed to prevent you from sucking, which made Yuan Ye unable to help but sound that the annual YNque Eclipse Day in Chihu Lake could attract all parties.
There are so many strange things about Wan Zunxing that Yuan Yeran knows them one by one. He didn’t think much. Yuan Ye Zhang Xianghui continued to swim towards the bottom of the lake.
This continued for about ten minutes, when Yuan Ye suddenly felt that his body was getting hotter and hotter, and at the same time, he made some light diffuse from it in the mountain on his left, where there was a faint feeling of distortion, and many red lakes were separated like barriers.
The problem there is looking at those distorted Yuan Ye’s eyes, and it is also a bit dignified. He can faintly feel the strength of this thing. If he wants to enter it by relying on his ability, the difficulty will not be lower.
My Lord, Tianshi Jing is there, and Zhangxianghui is also direct.
But go Yuan Ye corners of the mouth smile directly dive in the past.
The strong sense of energy when I came near this distortion made my heart tremble. In front of Yuan Ye, it was like an invisible film blocking everything behind. Yuan Ye clearly saw that the lake bottom water passed through this film more easily than some lake bottom sediment. In the past, this film could not be seen, but I felt the film in front.
Behind this film is a very deep and huge pit, which is 100 meters long in Fiona Fang. It is naturally formed and not black, but it is very dazzling. Because there are many J-egg-sized Grand White Rock in the pit, about three or four hundred of the outermost Grand White Rock occupy 90% of the position, while some of them are red-sized millstones. At first glance, there are hundreds of red-orange double stones. Yuan Ye can see three of them, but now he can’t see them.
At this time, Yuan Ye was also surprised to find that the amount of energy at the bottom of the lake was huge, and the red ocean generally penetrated through the film and poured into it, and finally it was absorbed by all the stones inside.
The energy of Chihu Lake is huge, but such a huge force is sucked by these unremarkable stones, as if it will never be enough, so it keeps sucking.
My Lord, Tianshijing is the formation of heaven and earth, and its formation requires enormous power that makes people tremble. Chihu is the most sacred place in Chihu City. Every year, the eclipse day of YNque in Chihu is a famous event, but in recent hundreds of years, the energy of the eclipse of YNque in Chihu has become less and less, which has caused the duke. I suspect that the two of us have been looking for it at the bottom of Chihu for more than ten years before finding this place. It is even more surprising to find that Tianshijing has appeared in Chihu, and the energy of Chihu has been absorbed by Tianshijing.
Enchi Lake is so big and this place is so secret that it is hard to find Yuan Ye nodded.
Look, my Lord, the white goose, the warm stone, and the stone is the celestial stone. These celestial stones are all inside, and the celestial stone is very small, just like the J egg, but the celestial stone is the size of a millstone. The red stone is the single-color celestial stone, and the red orange is the double-celestial stone. Don’t underestimate the wonderful celestial stone, because the colorful energy it emits is the same as that of the Tianzun source.
So strong that Yuan Ye suddenly began to tremble. That is to say, if you get colorful Tianshi essence, you will have a large number of Buddha sources.
My Lord, Jiang Xing estimates that there are more than 200 single stone essences and more than 10 double stone essences in it. When the stone essence is completed, it should be able to form two or three three-color stone essences. But it is precious that I don’t have an F on Longxian Island. Chapter 1779 The stone group at the bottom of the lake
Can form two or three three-color Tianshi essence Yuan Ye suddenly narrowed his eyes how to form it?
That is, the two-color Tianshi essence at a certain moment absorbs and absorbs energy from other monochromatic and two-color Tianshi essence to form W.
Swallow other Tianshi Jing. This Tianshi Jing is strange. Yuan Ye can’t help but sigh.
It is Zhang Xianghui who nodded his head, and Tianshi Jing has always been formed. It is like life. Monochromatic Tianshi Jing absorbs the energy of heaven and earth and forms many monochromatic Tianshi Jing. Then one will devour the others to form a bicolor Tianshi Jing, which can form a large number of bicolor Tianshi Jing. And so on, multicolor Tianshi Jing is extremely rare, because a multicolor Tianshi Jing needs a hill to evolve, and Tianshi Jing can evolve without any ability. When he needs to evolve, it is only a few large units, such as 100,000 buildings.
So until the end, the monochromatic and bicolor Tianshi essence will disappear here, leaving the best one or several Yuan Ye light tracks.
Zhang Xianghui also immediately realized that this is the evolution process of Tianshijing. Jiang Xingke has been waiting for the final evolution of Tianshijing to be completed, and this day is not far away, ranging from a few months to more, that is, two or three years.
How do you judge Yuan Ye?
The evolution of Tianshijing is very simple. One is that it must be in a fairyland with huge energy, and once Tianshijing will suck up the energy department here, we people have lived in Chihu City for a generation and know Chihu very well. Don’t look at Chihu, which is now very large in energy, but it is actually much smaller. According to the speed of Tianshijing’s absorption, it will be exhausted in a few months to two or three years. Zhang Xianghui sighed and said, I am afraid that the most famous eclipse in Chihu City will never happen again.
After hearing what Zhang Xianghui said, Yuan Ye couldn’t help but look at the scene where a lot of red energy penetrated through the film and poured into Tianshi Jing. This scene now seems to be so shocking.
I didn’t expect such a huge amount of energy in Chihu. It’s terrible that these Tianshi essence can be absorbed in two or three years at most. No wonder it can produce Tianshi giant treasure. Yuan Ye lamented that this should be carefully before you go and then gently press it on the barrier. Suddenly, the film broke out in that shape, and there was a little darling ripple in that area, which directly bounced Yuan Ye’s palm.
How did you Jiang Xing past Yuan Ye immediately frown way
My Lord, we have never been in the past. In recent hundreds of years, there have been hundreds of celestials. So many celestials have been produced for hundreds of years. Of course, because the celestials are still evolving, they have not really produced celestials, but they can still reflect the preciousness of the celestials. The two of us could have passed long ago. Those celestials were all held by Zhang Xianghui, who immediately said with a wry smile. Before leaving, he also gently pressed his hand on that film. The giant treasure of heaven and earth produced the guardian of Turin beasts and spirits. When the celestials evolved, it would also be guarded by
Zhang Xianghui continued, "My Lord, look at this film. If you push it with little effort, it will rebound with little strength, but if you bombard it with great strength, it will rebound with the same strength. If you force yourself to break the truth, you will seriously injure yourself. Even when the evolution is completed, the film will disappear honestly. It seems to be dedicated to guarding against powerful life such as human Warcraft, but it is useless to other storms. My Jiang Xing will also be guarding our current position and waiting for the final Tianshijing to take shape and go in. I will dedicate Tianshijing to the three island owners of Longxian Island."
Is this to guard against powerful life such as human Warcraft? Looking at the surrounding water penetrating the film, Yuan Ye suddenly smiled. Please go back to Mijie first. I’m here.
Zhang Xianghui, an adult, did not hesitate to devote himself directly to his life. Every Yuan Ye signed a soul contract. People talked about what they thought before and what they wanted to sign a soul contract. Then they decided to be loyal in one sentence. This is the terrible world and the greatest temptation for all forces to fight for it regardless.