If you feel uncomfortable, twist your body. I told you.

I want to hear the truth.
Don’t torture me. If I feel red all over my body, I will feel a little sympathy even when I look at the frost. But Shura still stands on her and smiles coldly and doesn’t say yes. Then I will find dozens of able-bodied men to come over. I think they will be very, very interested in your slutty body.
Don’t, don’t, don’t cry out in fear. I don’t want them near me. My innocence is reserved for right and wrong.
Shura raised her feet and left her eyes with cruel and bloodthirsty luster. Hehe, she leaned over and slowly touched her delicate skin and slipped away a little.
Ah, if you can’t bear to put your legs together, your cheeks will get redder. No
The frost is not here. Well, we left in advance. The two of them blushed and their hearts beat and fled. This picture beyond their tolerance is really a test of their heart load.
If you don’t tell me on the count of three, I’ll leave you with no chips left. Shura’s evil sneer
No, I’m not lying to you. If you breathe harder and heavier, the insect seems to be getting worse and worse. That kind of desire makes her almost collapse
one or two
If Xi Xi is going crazy, she shakes her head violently and tears run down her cheeks. I’m not lying to you. My blood is used as a medicine guide.
Really? Shura cruelly raised her eyes and pointed her finger at him. She cried with a sigh of pain, and her eyes were full of tears. After what happened, she closed in despair.
Looking at the deep red shura, it evokes the lips and takes away the medicine. There are different ways to get what she wants. After she gets what she wants, she bows her head. If she takes out a black pill and puts it in her mouth, your method will make you want a man every day. If you don’t want me to escape, you will be tortured to death by sexual desire and find no more men to vent.
Got up and said to her in a feminine voice, didn’t you say Duan had to get along with your jia to detoxify? Hehe, I will make this process beautiful and pure.
Get up and see the naked woman, enchanting and charming, and walk lightly away.
The stabbing pain made Ruoxi wake up. Her eyes were glassy and she was lying in the cold. Why should she do this to me? I want to love him, save him, and take away my dreams.
It’s quiet all around, as if she were the only one left in the world. The soft moonlight will gently soothe her body and mind.
The next day, before dawn, she opened her eyes and looked at the blue-gray day outside. She quietly sat up and put a dress around the bed from Duan Fei’s feet and went out of the house.
She just went to bed and people opened their eyes.
Xiaoxiao didn’t sleep all night thinking about shura’s words, and her heart was like a cat scratching. She came to shura’s room and knocked on the door. Who can’t bear shura’s voice inside?
It’s me, door.
The door was pulled and shura looked at her with a face full of sleep, so she wouldn’t fight. Come on, what are you doing?
Xiaoxiao quickly covered her mouth and went in.
Shuranai rolled her eyes and slapped her hand. Don’t let this be your territory, so you can tell me that I have angered me and set you on fire.
Ok, ok, I know that you are tough and xiaoxiao, and you tighten your eyebrows like a twin and sit next to her bed. Xiaohua, you have never thought that the strange doctor is not dead.
Shura Zheng and then picked his eyebrows and yawned and climbed into bed with his head on his side. What do you say?
Xiaoxiao turned around and sat cross-legged and shook his head. This is the feeling. It seems that this matter is not as simple as it is, and it is necessary to know a little bit about nonhuman people. Everyone should know that he would rather die than be threatened by them to accept it. If he cherishes it, he will have to sacrifice his life and lose his daughter’s happiness.
Shura is lazy and says it’s not easy to tie that bitch up and peel her skin. That strange old man will definitely be present.
Xiaoxiao gave her a dirty look and covered her abdomen. Can you stop talking about such bloody things all the time? It will affect prenatal education.
Glancing at her belly, Shura took a cold look at those two annoying kids in your house and knew that Duan Fei was so kind, and this one in your belly wouldn’t be annoying.
Listen to her as if she were commenting on a breeding pig. She is angry and funny, and then she looks down and says, I bet he’s not dead this time. I’ll try to attract him.
Shura Shuer smiled at Xiaoxiao and looked at her puzzled.
What a surprise! Don’t you think it’s strange that I should have a long talk with you?
Xiaoxiao smiles, everyone is like this, and their identity is changing at any time because of their interests. No one is an eternal enemy.
Well, you can preach
By the way, how’s it going at the Ghost Gate?
Shura pursed her lips and slowly said Duan Xiaoqi, that fellow wants to kill us all. Dream his big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period. Aunt won’t let him succeed. Sooner or later, this Qinglan Dynasty will fall into my hands. At this time, her eyes are fierce and her mouth is cruel.
Xiaoxiao hopes that she will ask you slowly if you are doing this right or wrong. She knows that Duan Fei is the only blood of the royal family, and Shura, a former courtier, refers to her belly marriage. Everything she does is the goal of restoring the country. It is hard to say right or wrong.
Shura closed her eyes and looked unpredictable. Even I don’t know whether I killed him or not.
Hehe, Xiaoxiao smiled, cocked his head and raised his smart eyes. Hey, another question. I’ve always been curious.
Shura eyebrows a pick what?
Xiaoxiao leaned over and wrote a novel in her ear, what shura zheng, and then her face turned slightly red and stared back at her intensely. What’s in your woman’s mind?
Haha, Xiaoxiao laughed and saw her face, otherwise she suddenly realized that Shura was actually quite cute. Guess what Xiaoxiao asked. Hey, hey, evil, evil. Chapter 199 was demoted to ordinary people.